He gave her the Time of her Life



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My wife and I have been married about 15 years. I am 48 and she is 39. Three years ago I started having heart problems which were genetic. The pills the Dr. gave me made it impossible to get a hard-on.

Knowing how much my wife likes to screw, this made me feel useless. My wife is a sweetheart and accepted the fact her sex life was over. Instead of playing like before she got into reading love stories.

I talked with her about playing with another man. She said she was not interested. Over the past year I finally convinced her she needed to have some fun. She said she would considerate it. When she said she would think about it, that's all I could do is think about it.

We talked about it and even picked out people while we were out that she might really like to do. The more I think about it the hornier I get. I got a membership on a adult finder site, and began to search. We found a guy named Pete.

He is a younger man, very good looking and very nice to talk with. My wife has never been with another man since we got married and was a little scared. We set up a meeting on Saturday to see if we got along.

We meet at a fast food place a couple miles from our home. He arrived right on time and introduced himself. Both my wife and Pete were very nervous, but not me, I wanted to see this young man take my wife.

We decided everything was A-OK and headed home. Upon our arrival we talked for a short time, and I said I needed to check my answering service. I told them the bedroom was a quiet place and they headed there. I waited about 15 minutes and peered in.

She had his cock in her mouth. It was the biggest, thickest cock I had ever seen. She could only get the head in her mouth. He watched me as I sat in the corner of the room and watched every movement. He then turned her over, laid on top of her and started kissing her.

They were kissing like long time lovers. It was so hot I could feel my blood pressure rising. He then rolled her over. He was on his back, she was along side him still kissing. He then whispered something to her. She looked at me and then at him and nodded her head.

He told me to come over and give him head. I had never done anything like this before, but the thought of it excited me. He told me again to come over and give him head. Adding the two of us want to watch you suck my cock.

All kinds of thoughts went through my head, but the main thing I thought about was being included in this sex session. I immediately went to the bed, laid down next to them and put his cock in my mouth. The skin on his cock was the softest skin I had ever felt.

His cock was large, very large and I took what I could. They were kissing and watching me as I gave him head. He grabbed my wife rolled her over on her back and with one quick move slid his cock into my wife's wet pussy.

She let out a small cry at first, then a moan but that changed quickly to sounds of pleasure. He then started pounding her harder and harder. I could see his huge cock going in and out of my wife's tight pure pussy.

Then he slowed and gave her one long slow inward heave. He was shooting his cum deep inside her. It seamed to never stop, he just kept cumming and cumming. It was rolling out along side his cock every time he pushed in.

He then stopped and rolled over next to her. They laid there kissing and feeling each other for what seemed like an hour. As they laid there he told me to suck him again. This time I did it without question.

This time I was going to get mine. I sucked and sucked as I began to masturbate him. Over and over, I could feel him start to tense up, but I would not stop. All of a sudden he let loose with another full load.

There was so much my mouth wouldn't hold it all. I started to swallow it, it tasted salty but sweet at the same time. I didn't want to loose any of it, and kept swallowing until I had all of it. It was wonderful.

We have been together many times since then and all play well together. They allow me to clean her up after he has finished spewing his cum inside her. He loves it, she loves it, and I am the happiest man in the world.






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