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My First Experience with an Older Girlfriend

By: C Nate

My First Girlfriend in her 30s topless


My first girlfriend was older than I. I was 22 when I was a student, she was 33 and a PhD student. We had known each other around the department but had never spoken much. One day when out with friends at a local cafe, she was there sitting alone drinking coffee.

After my friends left I stayed and walked over to say hi. We sat and had a coffee which turned into drink after drink. We walked home and on the way home I was a little drunk, and as we said goodnye and I leaned in to kiss her, and we kissed passionately. I suggested to go back to her place but she said she had to sleep so we left it there.

A week later we met up for another drink. After a while, went back to her place and sat talking until late in the evening. She was stunning, wearing a short sleeve blouse and jeans and sat next to me on the couch in her living room.

Her cleavage was showing and as we talked I couldn't help look at it. I desperately wanted to kiss her, but I was too shy. She noticed me looking at her cleavage and when she went to get us another drink from the kitchen, I noticed she had unbuttoned one of the buttons on her blouse.

In hindsight I know it was to tease me but at the time all I could do was stare more there. I was getting hard on my jeans and she kept glancing down there licking her lips. At some point she looked at me and asked whether I wanted to kiss her.

I instantly got even harder, and in a quiet voice I said yes and nodded. She pulled me towards her and we kissed. She unbuttoned her blouse, and unhooked her bra and took my hands and put them on her breasts. After a short while she stoop up and led me by the hand to the bedroom.

"Undress" she said. Shy, I reached in to kiss her again. "I said, Undress now!". With that I slowly took off my clothes and put them on the nearby chair. I reached in again for a kiss and an embrace. "No, stand there so I can see you, hands to the side".

I stood there, embarrassed, naked and completely hard in front of her while she looked me up and down. "Now undress me. And be quick". I took off the unbuttoned blouse, got on my knees and unbuttoned here jeans and took them down. She was wearing lace panties and I could feel the wetness.

I took them off to reveal her beautiful mound, nicely trimmed. "Now lie down on the bed". I lay down and she moved to my face, with my head between her legs as she kneeled over me and lowered her wet pussy and cunt onto my face.

I burried myself in there and licked her until I made her cum. "Good Boy." She said and moved down to my cock and lowered herself on to me. I thrusted forwards and she pushed down with her hands and said "don't you fucking move! I'm in control here" and lowered and raised herself on my cock, slowly.

I moaned feeling I could cum soon and she withdrew my cock and held my throat and said "slowly! No cumming until I tell you. You will do as I say!". She put my hands behind my head with one hand, and with the other took me back inside her and rode me, touching herself as she did. She came and I came too. As I came she looked me in the eyes intensely.

After that we started seeing each other more. Each time we would have sex, should would insist on me going down on her first, sometimes as she lay on her back but mostly with me on my back and her sitting on my face, or he standing and me knowing in front of her. She would always take the lead and always force me not to move while she fucked me.

Outside the bedroom she also started to become more assertive, telling me what we would do rather than asking. It even got to the stage where she would order for me in restaurants or bars without asking. We lived a few miles for the beach and would cycle there.

I would make and pack a picnic for her and we would find a secluded spot In the sand dunes and she would make me go down on her while she sipped champagne and ate, occasionally letting me fuck her missionary style. One time I stopped by when her male friend was over, hoping for a romantic time, and she said "oh look! He made us a picnic" and went off with him, leaving me at home. That was when things started to change.

I was in love with her and would've done anything she asked, and I did. She started seeing other men and I was jealous. She told me she was my girlfriend, which meant I couldn't see anyone else, but somehow that rule didn't apply to her.

Once after she spent the weekend with a guy her age, I confronted her on it and asked whether she had sex with him. She just said, "Why would you ask me that!? And anyway, don't you want me to be happy?". I asked her again and she said she did.

I was so angry. She kissed me and touched my thigh and asked whether I was really jealous or just excited . I was hard and it was showing through my jeans. "Get undressed!" I took off my clothes and she asked me to sit down.

She grabbed my hard cock and stroked it gently, and said, "See, you want me to be happy. I see how turned on you get with me fucking other men". She kissed me and started telling me everything she did with the guy that weekend. My heart was racing and I was so jealous but she spoke lovingly, and kept touching me as she did, looking into my eyes and affectionately kissing me.

Eventually I came and she collected my cum in her hand and stroked my face, saying, "See I know you like making me happy". She put her cum soaked fingers to my mouth and made me lick them all up before kissing me and lying down and hugging me.

After that she would still fuck me but everytime after she had someone she would ride me and tell me what she did. She started fucking me first and then after I came make me lick her. It didn't take long before she would come home after fucking someone and make me go down on her, always describing in detail the other guy while she did it. I was so in love I would've done anything she asked, and I did.

The relationship continued after that for a while but eventually I got a job in another country and she didn't want to join. I was heart broken but I eventually got over it.

It taught me a lot about myself and relationships, and since then I knew I always wanted to be with a stronger woman who took the lead and put her pleasure first. I haven't found one yet, but I do have these (photos] as a keepsake from our time together.

C. Nate

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