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I told my Husband my Cuckold Fantasy

By: Lilly

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Hello my name is Lilly and I am a married woman who is 28 years old. The following story is one of my many fantasies that I have been having recently involving cuckolding my husband. Usually it's the husband who introduces the subject to his wife but in this case it was the other way around.

While stroking him in bed one night I thought I'd take a chance and nervously started describing what one of my fantasies were. It was the one below:

I had been out all afternoon running my various errands in the poring rain. I picked up our dry cleaning, worked out at the gym, I paid the bills at the bank, filled the car with gas and picked up some groceries to make dinner for my husband and myself. Lucky the rain stopped as I pulled into our driveway, I was exhausted from working all morning then running errands all afternoon. I walked into the house soaking wet, my hair a complete mess, my baggy sweatsuit hung loosely on my body as I stumbled inside and set the groceries and dry cleaning on the counter, all I wanted now was a warm bath and take a little nap before I had to start dinner.

I yelled out to my husband that I was home and wanted a little time for myself but dinner should be ready in a couple of hours. He didn't respond at first and I began to wonder where he was. A few moments went by and I heard our backdoor slide open and my husband padded towards me. He told me that he had a great first few days at his new job and he had decided to invite a few of his co-workers over to our house to relax after work and use our hot tub outside, he insisted I come meet them!

I smiled at him and said he should of warned me we were having company over because I was absolutely exhausted and looked drained from the day and I just wanted to go upstairs and relax. He looked very upset when I told him this. In fact he insisted that I be a good hostess and not embarass him in front of his new co-workers and come outside and meet them. I sighed but agreed.

As I walked outside my husband's four co-workers were sitting inside our hot tub (it is designed for two people to sit comfortably in it so the four co-workers were quite cramped together). My husband brought me over to them and introduced me. I made small talk for about 10 minutes then politely explained my situation and excused myself. No sooner that I had walked back inside our house my husband came right in behind me yelling that these are his new co-workers and how could I act the way I did. He insisted that I go upstairs and change into a bathing suit and come back down and spend some time with them.

I wanted to say something to him but I was just too tired to argue. I went upstairs and changed into a black one piece bathing suit that had a shawl around the waist and the top area was quite loose. I wrapped a towel around my waist and went back outside.

When my husband's co-workers saw me they didn't seem too impressed. Sensing this I explained to them that I really had no idea we were having company over tonight so please excuse my appearance and next time if my husband gave his wife a little notice I would be more prepared. As I said this my husband's co-workers started teasing my husband. Saying what kind of employee would he make if he didn't even know to tell his wife when he was having company over. My husband turned red at this and jumped out of the hot tub and pulled me aside.

He told me that I should go upstairs and fix my makeup and my hair, and put on something less casual for our guests, he suggested a bikini.

I told his co-workers that I would need a half hour or so to get ready so please bare with me.

I went back to my room and instead of doing my hair because I had no patience for that, I tossed on one of my husbands baseball caps. I smeared deep purple lipstick all over my lips and coated my eyelids with blue eyeshadow. Now for the hard part. I took my old thong bikini and squeezed inside of it. I strapped on the bikini top and adjusted it so that my tits just spilled out everywhere, only my nipples were covered by the already small tanning style bikini top.

I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I looked ridiculous, like a complete slut. If I went back outside like this I would embarrass my husband even more by making his co-workers think I was a tramp!

I went back outside.

Everyone's eyes widdened as they saw me in the bikini. When we first met me my clothes were hiding my body completely, now what I was wearing were accentuating them. Everyone started cheering and saying now I was starting to be a good hostess. Everyone but my husband that is, he just started at me from the hot tub with a stunned look on his face, I think he was starting to regret making me get all dolled up for everyone.

The attention really encouraged me and I pouted, saying there's no room in the hot tub for me! And its cold outside dressed like this! So the co-workers started after my husband, telling him to let his wife enjoy the tub for a while, my husband reluctantly agreed and got out of the tub giving me a scared look. I began to climb into the hot tub asking the guys to make room for me, I lightly spanked my exposed butt cheeks warning them that I have quite a big butt so I need room. As I squirmed down inside the only way for me to fit inside with them was sort of scooting down in the center of the tub as the four guys surrounded me.

I saw that the co-workers were adjusting their pants and making lame attempts to "accidently" brush up against my body, my husband was stunned, standing shivering outside of the tub. I told my husband to go inside and make us some drinks, I could entertain the guys for a bit. My husband reluctantly agreed.

I started teasing the guys, telling them if I was a good hostess would they agree to let me go back inside and relax for a while. They did and I told them I would give them the tightest, most intense blowjobs ever if they would be so kind.

So they stood up and surrounded me as I began to suck their cocks, my husband couldn't see me when he returned and the co-workers were ignoring him now that my mouth was busy sucking their cocks. In fact my husband started commenting about what all the weird noises were and I started giggling saying that its the hot tub's motor and he shouldn't have invited guests over to use it if it was broken and my husband's co-workers started laughing saying he is lucky he has a wife who is such a good hostess!

As I finished sucking their cocks and they came all over my body, I climbed out of the tub, cum all over my hair and tits, my tits popped out of my bikini top. I just casually walked past my husband who was in complete shock and told him I was going to relax and take a bath now, I hope none of your co-workers mind!

As I told him this he got harder and harder and became very fixated on what I was going to say next. I knew then that I had him and know now that I can control our sex life and direct it however I please. I will be working on it and will follow up with what happens when we do invite a guy over.




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