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Feeling the Angst and Stomach Cringe

By: Pat & Jacky

My Wife Tied Up by her Dominant Boyfriend


My wife's bull's name is John and he and my wife went out for drinks last night while I stayed home. They were gone for a few hours before coming back to our place. John walked my wife through the front door, she was holding his hand as she walked him to the couch I was sitting on.

He sat down and pulled her hand guiding her to sit on his lap. We introduced ourselves and talked briefly while he rubbed his hand on my wife's leg. My wife didn't let us talk long before interrupting us by making out with him in front of me. He moved his hand up my wife's dress to play with her pussy while I sat there watching, I was immediately hard. My wife got up off his lap and led him to our bedroom.

I followed behind them and my wife laid John on his back, kissing him and playing with his cock through his pants. I removed my own pants and started to play with myself. She moved her body down unbuckling and removing his pants while pulling his cock out.

I had seen it on the camera last time they met but I had no idea how big he really is. I stood there stroking myself while she sucked on his cock with a level of passion she's never sucked mine with. I understand the aspect of her putting on a show for me but it didn't stop the jealous feelings inside me. Watching my typically shy, innocent, pretty vanilla wife act so primal sexually had me harder and more turned on than ever.

She was making a mess and giving him such a sloppy blow job. John looked over at me at one point and told me, "Your wife's blow job skills are unreal". I caught him look down at my cock for a good second, I'm sure to compare and I felt a lot of embarrassment. Im thin and about 4 1/2 inches while he said he was 7 1/2 and very thick. My wife's previous 2 boyfriends were about my size too and I know John's size was something that really turned her on last time they met.

The sounds my wife's wet mouth were making along with all of the emotions I was feeling caused me to cum all over myself and the floor while she was still just sucking his cock. Although I'm turned on it's caused me to have irrational feelings of remorse, and regret that I'm aware will go away in the next few days, at least I hope so. I watched the next 30 minutes of them fucking with my flaccid dick and post nut clarity. Although it was an exciting adrenaline rush the entire time it also had some rough emotional moments for me that I'm still feeling.

John went on and fucked my wife in multiple positions making her orgasm, squirt and scream like I didn't know she was even capable of. Watching her ride his huge cock felt like I was watching someone else. Seeing her pussy stretched around him looked like a professional porn video.

I could tell this was one of her favorite positions with him from how many times she orgasmed. I think we've had sex with her riding me maybe one time in our entire time together. Neither one of us really tried to do it and for me at least it was because I slip out too much in that position. She was able to bounce so high on his cock and she took full advantage of it like she was opened up to something new.

After she stopped riding she laid on her back ready for missionary. As John was turning over he told my wife he noticed when she was having an orgasm she would remove his cock from her pussy to enjoy the feeling.

He told her he wanted her to power through it and said, "Let me show you what I'm talking about". My wife is very flexible so John grabbed her ankles and pushed them back behind her head, bending her in half until her toes were touching the mattress behind her. It lifted her pussy and ass into the air about an inch and he positioned himself in a V push up position above her.

He then while still holding her ankles down began to let his body slam up and down, up and down, bottoming his cock out inside her pussy over and over. It was obvious she was trapped in the position and I could hear by her moans she quickly had an orgasm. The sounds that came out of her were that of the craziest orgasm ever. She moaned in what can only be explained as between a painful whimper, and extreme pleasure for what felt like a full 60 seconds as he held her stuck in place.

He wouldn't stop pounding in and out of her at that wild angle. She started crying out "baby, baby, babyyyy" in what sounded like desperation and pleasure mixed. I don't know if she was calling him baby or moaning out for me but my heart sank to my stomach at what I had just seen him do to her. That orgasm was out of control.

He would slow down and let her catch her breath before repeating the same move again 3 more times until I heard him ask her where she wanted him to cum. She said her pussy and you could see his body spasm as he came inside her.

She wrapped her legs around him and they stayed there making out with his cock still inside her. When he pulled out I could see his cum drip out of her pussy and she looked like she had been hit by a truck. We talked after he left and she thanked me for allowing her to, "Act like a slut" in the comfort of our relationship because she never allowed herself to have that stage in life.

She told me I was right and we were going to have a lot of fun in the lifestyle. I tried to have sex with her after he left but she said she was too sore and ended up falling asleep next to me. I'm left here writing this and wondering if I've done the right thing allowing this into our marriage.

I am so turned on by it playing out this way but I never in a hundred years thought this is how it would go! My wife had always told me I was the best sex she had ever had out of her past relationships and I know for a fact now it's this guy. I know she would stop if I asked her too but for now I'm just going to ride the wave.

Sorry if this was rambling or written sloppy I'm still a little shook and feeling the rush from remembering that last night!


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