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I've been reading this blog for years but never posted anything until the last couple of days when I decided to write this up. I don't know what made me do it but I think I want people to know that I'm a sissy cuck.

So I thought I would tell my story in case people were interested. I am married to the love of my life. She is everything to me and I want her to be satisfied.

We met in high school and she had a boyfriend, I had a girl friend but we were hot for each other. I ended up getting dumped by my gf for another guy and I was very emotional and went to see my now wife. We kissed, we made out and then she mounted me. My wife having had a long term boyfriend and multiple partners before was way more experienced then me and she didn't know I was still a virgin. I probably didn't last 2 minutes before I blew my load in her.

I was a little embarrassed and she said it was ok and then proceeded to have me eat her out. Now I had been eating my own cum for years so I didn't think twice about it but she thought it was gross and hot at the same time. When we were done she told me this was a one time thing and that she still had a bf. I begged her to break up with him but it would be 2 more years before she actually would.

In the next 2 years I experimented with other girls and boys but no intercourse. She would let me come around and eat her out or give me a bj but no sex after that first time. We finally got together our last year of high school and I was on the fast track to sexual education.

Fast forward to college and we are living together and we now had sex on a regular basis; anal, oral whatever she wanted. I was just happy to be having sex. Well she also lived with her best friend who was in to hung guys and a bit of a whore. There were many nights that we were all having sex in the same room and acting like we didn't know the other was doing it. One night though we came home drunk from the bar and her best friend and newest fuck buddy were making out. We started making out and then her best friend pulled her guys pants down and the guy had the biggest cock any of us had ever seen. I watched her and my wife look at each other and gasp. Then she proceeded to drop to her knees and start sucking him and it grew even more.

They got in bed under the covers and started fucking like crazy, no more soft moans or trying to hide it just fucking, squirming and moaning and ball slapping. My gf (wife) at the time and I start going at it and she wanted to be on top. We were fucking for awhile and I noticed my gf wasn't looking at me but at her friend whose blanket had been shed off the bed and she was now taking it doggy and the whole time my gf is watching this guy's cock. Needless to say it was so erotic watching her in pure bliss, tits swinging, he's pulling her hair and smacking her ass. I'd never fucked my gf like that nor ever thought I could.

Needless to say I came first so I started to clean my wife while they were still fucking. They both just laughed at me and my wife's best friend proceeded to have like 3 more orgasms while I licked my cum up and gave my gf an orgasm. I was embarrassed now she knew what I did, that I ate my own cum.

I had to get up and go to class in the morning so I left and when I came home they were all still there. Now no one has ever admitted it to me but I'm 100% sure they had a threesome while I was gone.

Life moves forward and we get engaged, she always tells me I have a big enough cock until one day she didn't cum so she broke out her vibrator. She then had an orgasm like I hadn't seen in a long time. Then she starts toying with me with the vibrator and asks if she can fuck my ass. I happily agreed and had the biggest orgasm I probably have ever had.

We got married had normal married sex and kids, so not much happened for a number of years. Some pegging, cum play etc but nothing extreme.

Then I found out through conversation that her and her best friend still talk about that time in college when I cleaned her pussy and she told her friend about our pegging. While I was embarrassed I was also emasculated but turned on at the same time. Turns out her best friend had been pegging her husband and having him clean her for years.

Since it was all out in the open we would then joke about our casual encounters with each other. I've known her best friend for years, I've seen her get railed by the biggest cock ever. Why not share our secrets.

Through one of these conversations her best friend brought up cuckolding. I'd never really investigated it but after looking on line I was hooked.

Since then it's basically been all about it. Except my wife still hasn't fucked a man. In three years I have used progressively bigger dildos on her and she's had orgasm after orgasm. While talking about my little cock. While I've been locked in chastity, she's pegged me more times then I could count. I've grown to love wearing panties and becoming a submissive sissy to her.

I receive hand jobs on occassion, I mostly masturbate after she's finished and then lick my cum from my hand or occasionally she let's me cum on her ass.

To the world I am a 38 y/o father, with a very good job and make lots of money. No one besides my wife and her best friend would know that as I sit here and write this in my office I have on a pink chastity cage with a pink thong on. Currently on day 10 since my last release.

I hope one day to see my wife ride a cock like that guy's in college but I'm at her will. So until then I'll tell my stories on here for your pleasure. And my wife and her best friend will keep our secret.

This is 100% true about my life and I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm a caged, panty wearing, sissy, sub, cuck. Enjoy.

Wife Windsor




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