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We have been somewhat open for a long long time. What started for both of us as whenever, wherever with whoever, changed to an obsession of seeing her with others whether I was there or not. I completely lost interest in other women and had full focus on my wife. That's not to say I didn't find women attractive, just rather see her with another man.

We have had "FWB's" on and off. Amazingly enough, no one night stands, but rather friends that dropped in from time to time for a good fuck. Worked out great.

Over time, people moved, things changed a bit and before we knew it, we had nobody to play with.

One FWB was still local, but work was eating all his time and what little time he had, he spent it with his wife. He made it clear he loved her, but it was a very conditional relationship. She was cute, he had the hots for her hence why they were together but there seemed to be a whole lot of conditions attached to the relationship.

We would keep in touch talking periodically and I was always open about him having carte blanche to take my wife; they always got along well and he let the freak out with her that he could never do at home. He had a great cock for her and liked her attentions. She is sometimes shy and sometimes not, depending on her mood and is like that with oither men as well.

On one of our recent conversations, he was bitching about the hours he put in and the travel. He had taken his wife once or twice, but usually was alone. I again offered the wife up, he said there was just no free time. This got me thinking. . . . I will just send her to him. She gets a few days vacation and I get to know they are fucking. Of course I get photo updates, a call or 2 but they get to play. I asked him his thoughts. . . he paused. Then made mention of expense. . . kind of half heartedly feigned interest, but did not shut the idea down. From knowing him, he was interested, just had logistics questions and maybe the atypical guilt associated with what I was asking.

A little side note. . . the fact he is married has always turned her and I on, and knowing he has gone 11 years with no oral sex from his wife is perfect for us. My wife lives to suck, so its a win win.

We finished up our chat and told him I would be in touch. For some time after the call I was noodling how to make it work. I guess that's all a part of the lifestyle. . .the chase itself. That night I spoke with my wife during sex. Without hesitation she agreed it could be fun. I told her I needed to work the logistics out. We had some spot on sex that night discussing the possibilities.

Fast forward a few weeks later and she is laying out her birthday plans/wishes. Our birthdays are very close and I had already planned a getaway, but let her think she had some grand idea. She then asked about what I wanted. . . .sex of course. I had not had anything for several years simply due to schedule and the fact I didn't really need anything. I quickly spouted, "Go see our friend on one of his trips, fuck your brains out and come back and share it with me."

"Thats it?" she replied. "That's all you want". My response was that basically yes, but there would be some caveats. She literally said, "I get his cock, your caveats should not be an issue".

That weekend I laid down the rules if it were to happen. She liked the idea, but knows I can push her to new places. As she is usually a little timid, I wanted things changed up some. She was also aware that while I wanted to hear it from her, he would tell me anything I asked.

Conditions: 1. She had to be the instigator as much of the time as possible. No sitting back waiting for him.

2. She should grab/rub his cock whenever she could - the ride from the airport, elevators, hallway at the hotel, table at a restaurant, not all in a row, but she got the point.

3. As she loves head and he does too, when they enter the hotel room, she should drop at the door and get his pants open. This is every time the opportunity presents itself.

4. While he can cum wherever they see fit, she should ask where he wants to cum, or tell him where to unload.

5. Photos are a must.

6. There will be points awarded for special effort based on a list I provide - it's my birthday gift, I decide what I want to see, redeemable for a special trip on her return. The more points the better the trip.

While she agreed, she has not seen the points list yet. Now to arrange the trip.

If she send me pictures, I'll try to get her to agree to post them. Now for the waiting, this is going to be long.

Thanks for hearing me out, I need something to distract myself while I wait. I almost can't bear it.





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