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My name is Hanna. I'm in my mid-30s, and I've been with my husband, John, since university. I go to the gym regularly. Without trying to sound full of myself, guys often try and chat me up or ask for my number or my snap when we go out to bars, or even in regular public spaces. I think it's fair to say I'm attractive.

I've been hooking up with other guys for about 8 years, ever since John admitted he had intense fantasies about sharing me. It took me a while to believe he wasn't just setting up a trap. When we finally pulled the trigger and I slept with a guy from AFF, we both absolutely loved it and haven't stopped since.

John's best friend Cam is married, and he, his wife and us are all close friends. A year ago we finally told them about the kind of stuff we got up to. They were surprised, but surprised us in turn when they told us they had discussed opening their relationship but hadn't done anything yet.

Long story short, after a ton of discussion between the four of us spanning weeks, we agreed that Cam and I would try hooking up. Friends were usually off limits, other than one past exception. There was already mutual attraction there, as he's quite tall, blonde, and in good shape. He was also quite dominant while I'm more on the submissive side, so our kinks aligned well.

My first time with Cam was incredible, and if there is any interest I can share a longer story about that, but the pictures you see are from that first time with me waiting for him to arrive, looking like a slut. To keep things short though, everyone was happy, and Cam and I hook up every few weeks. To be honest, it would probably be a lot more often, but they live about an hour away.

Whenever he comes over to hang out with my husband for "guy time", this is what typically happens on those days. I get dressed up in a more revealing outfit than I usually wear (he's a big fan of tennis skirts and thigh high socks) and do my makeup in a way he likes. When he arrives, Cam sits in a comfy arm chair and John will sit on the couch and they'll get going on watching sports or playing video games.

When they're settled, I come out with a cold beer for Cam. I hand him his beer, then sink down to my knees between his legs, pull out his dick, and get to work. I give him what I call "full service head". I take my time, kissing up his shaft and licking his balls.

I swirl my tongue under the head of his cock. I deep throat him all the way to the base until my nose is pressed against his pubic bone. I edge him with my hands and mouth, slowing down whenever I feel him getting close. Usually I can make it last about 25 minutes before he cums, but I've made it last over an hour before. When I try for speed, I can make him cum in 5 minutes.

While I'm sucking him, Cam acts very casually. He'll keep playing games or watching TV while sipping his beer, though he usually starts losing whatever game they're playing. He'll wrap his hand in my hair as I noisily bob up and down, and tell John how good I feel and what a slut his wife is, like I'm not even there. I get super wet while I'm sucking him. John gets rock hard every single time without fail and fucks me senseless as soon as we're alone again.

When Cam cums, I let him do it wherever he wants. Sometimes he blows on my face, but most often he'll cum in my mouth or directly down my throat. I swallow every time because that's what he likes best, and his own wife isn't a fan. I think she's missing out, he tastes better than most. I lowkey get off on pleasing him better than anyone else.

When he's done, I lick his cock clean, put it back in his pants, and then go make them snacks. From there, I head over to a girlfriend's place to let them have their guy time for the rest of the night, since I know how important it is for them. We save actual sex for other occasions we plan separately.

I've casually blown Cam like this about 15 times now, and I'm so glad I started fucking my husband's best friend. It's the safest and most relaxed I've felt compared with any other guy, and I love the mutual trust and respect already being there. I also love that his wife knows and is in full support, and asks me all the details when we see each other. I imagine she gets very wet too. Then there's my husband, who can't wait to fuck me when Cam leaves. It's just sex all around lol.

Hope you like this.





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