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My Wife's First new Cock

By: GoodFive & D

Cuckold Wife in T-Shirt who wants to Play


I have an average sized cock -- somewhere between 5.5 and 6 inches in length and average girth, and up until a year ago I was the biggest my wife had ever had. Before that she had always been relatively well sheltered. She didn't watch porn and was a virgin when I met her. All in all she was just relatively inexperienced when it came to sex.

The first time I saw her with a bigger cock was after a night of drinking games with another couple who we are good friends with, Dave and Kara. We spent the evening drinking like we were still in college so by the time it was midnight we were all pretty drunk. As things started to wind down at the end of the night we got to talking about sex and who liked what in the bedroom . That's when Kara said she could only be with someone with a big cock.

"I've tried smaller guys but they just don't get the job done for me -- I just need something BIG." And as she said this she smiled at her husband and playfully grabbed his crotch.

My wife, always my biggest supporter quickly chimed in with "Oh me too!" And she shot me a smile as I blushed, knowing full well that I was as average as you could be.

But Kara didn't let it die there. "Oh really?! How big are we talking?" She asked with an eyebrow raised in my direction.

I opened my mouth to give a vague answer about being "big enough" but before I could get any words out my wife blurted out "5 and a half inches!" With such pride it was obvious that she believed this was as big as they came.

Kara literally laughed out loud as if she had just heard a joke before realizing my wife was serious. My wife looked at me uncomfortably and squeaked out "maybe closer to 6?"

Kara nodded slowly and said reassuringly "Yeah I mean that's probably as much as will fit in someone your size" while winking at me to ease my pain.

And that's when things took a turn.

My wife, while embarrassed for me, was also obviously curious. She looked at me for a long 10 seconds before turning back to Kara and asking "Well what's big for you then?"

Kara smiled at her husband and asked "8 and a half inches or so, right baby?" And Dave without missing beat added "9 on a good day".

To say that my wife squirmed in her seat was an understatement. You could practically see her mind trying to understand that cocks could be so big. She would tell me later that she thought they were joking.

"Seriously?" She asked. "I can't say I've ever seen one that big," she admitted with a guilty look in my direction.

Dave and Kara looked at each other and grinned before turning back to us. "Would you like to see?"

Again my wife shifted in her seat as she nodded eagerly. Kara reached for Dave's crotch and asked me "is that okay?"

Let me tell you if you have never experienced something like this. There is no experience that compares to having another woman ask you if she can show your wife her husband's big cock as your wife practically drools with expectation. I honestly wasn't sure at the time if I wanted it, but it was so painfully obvious my wife needed it that I said "sure, let's see it" as enthusiastically as I could manage. And truthfully, I would be lying if I said I wasn't also just a little curious to see such a big cock in person.

So Kara reached down and unbuckled her husband's belt and undid his pants. He shifted his hips to help her slide his pants down a few inches and then Kara reached her hand into his briefs and pulled out his cock for us to see. And she wasn't lying -- it was big. Only half way hard it was already longer than mine, but what was really surprising to me was the thickness. It was big enough around that Kara couldn't get her fingers to touch her thumb as she stroked him to full attention.

Nobody said anything for 30 seconds or so. We all just watched as Kara worked her hand up and down Dave's cock to show us. Finally my wife leaned forward to the edge of her seat and said "holy shit" half panting as if she was out of breath. Kara beamed and looked from my wife to me and back.

"What do you think?" She asked, still grinning.

And yet again I was surprised with a question that nothing in life had prepared me for. My innocent little wife, who up until 5 minutes ago didn't know that cocks got any bigger than mine, looked back at me and asked "can I hold it?"

I didn't know what to say. Watching Kara continue to play with her husband's cock had made my pants tighter and the thought of my wife replacing Kara's hand with hers was only making me harder. But I knew this was the point of no return. If I said yes, I knew it wouldn't stop there. So I paused for a moment before answering. It must've only been for a second or two but before I could even answer I was interrupted.


My wife was now begging for my permission to touch another man's cock. I knew then that there wasn't a point in fighting it and I settled back to enjoy what was coming.

"Yeah go for it baby," I told her. And before I had even finished saying it my wife was getting up out of her chair to move closer to Dave. There was a spot on the couch on the other side of Dave, which was where I thought she would sit, but instead I watched as my wife kneeled on the floor between Dave's legs. Dave moved his hips closer to the edge of the couch and suddenly his 9 inch cock was a foot away from my wife's face at eye level. Slowly she reached out a hand and firmly gripped the shaft near the base.

"Oh my god," she said under her breath.

She then reached out her other hand and gripped the shaft higher up. She now had both hands around his cock and still more than 2 inches was visible. My wife looked like she was in a trance. Later the next day she would tell me that she now understood what the term "cock drunk" meant. She sat there with his cock in her hands for what felt like minutes, though it was probably only 15 seconds.

Finally she lifted her eyes to look up at Dave's face and at the same time started stroking his cock. She started slowly at first before building up a bit of a rhythm. Dave let out his breath in a grunt as my wife worked his cock. Using both hands at the same time meant that she needed to use her body to keep the momentum going with a higher pace.

As she moved her body in rhythm her tits swung back and forth in her tanktop, giving Dave a great view from the couch. After a minute of watching , he leaned forward, reached down into my wife's tanktop, and squeezed her bare tits briefly before pullIng them out to let them swing freely.

That was all the permission to continue that my wife needed. She looked over at me smiling, her bare nipples hard with his touch, before turning back to Dave and bringing her mouth to the base of his cock. She kissed the lower half of his cock repeatedly, moving around it slightly between each touch of her lips. Slowly she worked her way to the top where she kissed the very tip at the same time looking up into Dave's eyes. She lingered in that position for a second before returning to the base.

At that instant, she licked from the very bottom of his cock up it's entire length until she was almost back to the tip, where without pausing or breaking the contact with her tongue she brought her mouth back down around Dave's cock until it was as deep as it would go in her mouth. My wife's mouth was stretched wider than I'd ever seen it and she paused with the tip of Dave's cock touching the back of her throat while again lifting her eyes up to meet Dave's stare. Dave let out a held breath in a moan, never breaking eye contact, which my wife again seemed to take as permission to continue.

She brought her head back up, letting her lips come back together with just the top of his cock still in her mouth before plunging it back down again as deep as she could take it. Just like she had with her hands she began to build up a rhythm. Every time Dave hit the back of her throat she let out a small gag, obviously not used to having her mouth so full.

I just sat there, watching my wife suck his huge cock. After a minute of listening to my wife gag I couldn't help myself and pulled out my own cock to stroke as I watched. I will admit at the time I was embarrassed to be stroking my cock in front of Kara and Dave. It's one thing to have them know that I was no match for Dave's size. It was another thing entirely for them to see me playing with my little cock while watching what my wife was doing. A full on admission that Dave could give my wife something I would never be able to. And that it turned me on to watch him do it. I'll always believe it was in that moment I became a cuckold.

For the first time since we started I looked over at Kara, who was already watching me. Her eyes flicked down to my cock and back up and she grinned and raised her eyebrows. She stood up from her spot next to Dave and came to sit next to me. When she sat down she leaned over and said to me "your wife is great at sucking cock, you're a lucky guy".

A half-hearted "thanks" was all I could muster. There's something different about another woman complimenting your wife's ability to suck another man's cock while you sit there with your own cock in your hand.

At that moment my wife's head stopped bobbing and she stood up. She looked back over her shoulder at me and Kara and smiled. Turning back to Dave and his big cock she unbuttoned her pants and in one smooth motion pulled them to her ankles and stepped out. Without missing a beat she pulled off her tank top over her and and before I realized what was happening she was standing in front of Dave with in just her panties.

She stood there for just a second before turning again to look at me, her back now facing Dave who was stroking his cock to the sight of my half naked wife. She looked in my eyes, still smiling, as she began pulling her panties down. Bending at the waste and showing Dave her bare ass. I looked lovingly into my wife's eyes while Dave got an eyeful of her tight wet pussy. The moment stretched in time. Finally I saw Dave's hands on her hips and she forgot all about me. He guided my now naked wife to the couch with him while I watched with my cock still in my hand.

This was the moment of truth.

She began to straddle him. She reached down to position his cock putting it at the entrance to her pussy. With the tip pressed against her opening she paused.

Kara put her mouth to my ear. "Are you ready to see your wife's pussy filled?" She asked in anticipation. I nodded slowly fearing that I would miss it. I shouldn't have worried.

My wife slowly sank down onto Dave's cock, letting out a held breath as she did. I watched as inch after inch of Dave's impressive girth disappeared into my wife. First it was just 2 inches, then 4 and my wife was still sinking down. Now 6 inches of Dave were inside her and she paused, inhaling again for the first time in what seemed like minutes.

"That's the deepest you've ever been inside her" said Kara. And I wasn't sure if my wife could take more. We had never really played with big toys so I honestly didn't know what her limits were, but I was sure that Dave would exceed them.

But she had no such concerns. She lifted her hips an inch back up before lowering herself the rest of the way down Dave's shaft. My wife let out a moan of pure ecstasy and leaned in to kiss Dave with only his tight balls visible below her spread pussy.

Kara was obviously impressed. She whispered in my ear again.

"Now he's been farther in your wife than you've ever been."

"Than you'll ever be."

And it was true. I had fucked my wife a thousand times over the course of our relationship, but that last few inches of Dave just met a virgin part of my wife's pussy.

My mind reeled with this realization. It was one thing for another man to know how the inside of my wife felt. It was something else entirely for him to know better than me. I'll live with that knowledge the rest of my life. That the deepest part of my wife belongs to another man.




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