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My Girlfriend had Sex on our Break

By: Cloaked & Elsie

My Wife Tied Up by her Dominant Boyfriend


My girlfriend slept with someone else while we were on break. Once at his place and once in the apartment we had shared that I was still paying rent on. That evening ended with me unknowingly outside the front door dropping off flowers for her while he was still inside.

We have since gotten back together and haven't really talked about it. Since I heard about that story I really haven't been able to get it out of my head and I finally asked her about it more directly. She was reluctant at first but eventually gave me a rundown of what happened in detail.

She told me that it was after their second date that she made up her mind that she was going to sleep with someone and it was going to be him. This was around the time that she told me that we needed to officially breakup, at least for a little while. I think it was her attempt to keep things from getting any messier than they already were.

At this point they had been on a few dates and he had invited her to a Friendsgiving that he was hosting at his place, about an hour from our apartment. She agreed to go and because of the distance was planning on staying the night.

The morning of the Friendsgiving he came by to pick her up and they started flirting on their way over to his place. Somehow the topic of road head came up and though neither of them acted on it my girlfriend said she did notice a growing bulge in his pants while they continued on driving.

The Friendsgiving was pretty uneventful though it sounds like the sexual tension was building throughout the day. At one point he grabbed her ass while no one was looking and later he slid his hand up her thigh under the table. They both knew where this was headed and so did I even though I was an hour away having my texts ignored.

After the last of the guests had left they found themselves alone in the kitchen and the dam finally burst. Right there in the kitchen my girlfriend - the same woman who didn't give me a blowjob until 7 months after we met - got down on her knees and started to unzip his pants.

When she had the zipper and button undone and yanked down his pants and boxers his hard dick bounced out and hit her in the face which she said made her giggle. She described him as "about 7 inches and fat" and she said that for a minute she just sat on her knees staring down the barrel of the first new dick she had seen in 6 years. For reference I'm about 6 inches on my best day and pretty average thickness so he had me beat in both categories.

She was a little nervous but put it in her mouth and started sucking it while she jerked his shaft with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. She went on like that for a few minutes while he groaned and ran his hands through her hair until finally he picked her up, put her on the counter, slid her panties to the side under her skirt, and jammed his cock into her.

At first the stretch surprised her but she started to melt as he kept plowing away, throwing her arms around his neck and moaning as he continued to give it to her hard. Eventually he pulled out and started leading her to the bedroom, clawing off the last bits of clothing they were each wearing along the way.

In the bedroom he threw her down on the bed and got on top of her. Her legs were over his shoulders and in the air while he continued to pound her. At this point her legs started shaking and she had her first ever orgasm from penetration. She said all she could do was grip the sheets and scream while he kept fucking her.

Evidently this was all working for him too as he came not long after. She said he sort of froze for a second, kissed her passionately, then she felt "6 or 7 hard pumps of hot cum inside me." She also said that she put her hands on his ass and held him inside her. They both passed out soon after. The same woman who made me wear a condom for the first year and half we were having sex just let a guy she barely knew fuck her raw and dump a load inside of her. I was shocked.

The next morning she woke up alone in bed and found him making coffee in his underwear in the kitchen. They each grabbed a mug, sat on the couch, and started talking about how much they had enjoyed their night together. At this point she noticed that he was getting hard again and since she was feeling turned on by how slutty she had been she decided not to let it go to waste.

She looked across at him and said, "Well since you enjoyed last night so much why don't you take me for another ride." He smiled and pulled his cock out out. She smiled back and took her top and thong off, crawled across the couch too him, laid her head in his lap, and started licking his shaft from top to bottom.

She said every time she got to the tip should feel it throb and giggle a little bit. Eventually she started really sucking him, forcing herself to fit as much of it as she could in her mouth which made her gag a few times. A few more minutes of that and he got up, laid her flat on her stomach and entered her from behind. She said something about his girth and the angle drove her to orgasm almost immediately but since he was just getting started she came two more times before he dumped another load in her.

They took a shower together and then spent the rest of the day strolling around his town, visiting shops, getting coffee, etc. She had to head home in the early evening so he offered to drive her. About halfway through the drive road head came up again - this time it wasn't a joke. My sweet girlfriend leaned over, unzipped his pants, and started sucking on his fat cock for a third time in 2 days.

She said it took about 10-15 minutes of sloppy, slobbery head before he came and she swallowed. She came up for air smiling, tits out, cum and spit dribbling down her chin. They both laughed and then spent the rest of the driving making plans to see each other again soon.

When he finally dropped her off my girlfriend went up the stairs into the apartment that use to be ours knowing that soon she would be sucking and fucking another man in all of the places that I used to be. Maybe I'll share that story in another cvc blog post.


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