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Hey. I'm a hotwife but technically a girlfriend and not a wife. My boyfriend has had a cuckolding fetish since he was a teenager I think. We started dating in our mid twenties and I've indulged his fantasy more over time. We're almost thirty now.

I've always been on the kinky end of the spectrum but I never really imagined becoming a hotwife when I was younger. In terms of actually hooking up with other guys since I started dating my boyfriend, I've only done it a handful of times.

The first couple times were threesomes with my boyfriend and another guy friend that had a power dynamic that veered into cuckold territory. And the previous couple times before my most recent experience were on vacations when I met strangers at bars and clubs and then hooked up with them afterwards.

Far more commonly, I've explored my boyfriend's cuckolding fantasies by interacting with random guys online. He loves it when I go on a video chat site and show my boobs or butt to a stranger. I also correspond with a few different folks who give me kinky dares and ask me to share naughty photos of myself. Often my boyfriend will be looking over my shoulder at my laptop and jerking off while I chat with these guys online.

  I'm not very good at it but I've started to tease my boyfriend more recently. He really loves it. I made him wear my panties, for example, and then laughed at how silly he looked while he licked my pussy. I also like to compare his tiny cock to pictures of giant cocks online. One guy was jerking off while watching me on a video chat and I gushed about how big his cock was and opened my mouth in front of the camera to simulate sucking it.

  Through these experiences, I've explored the depths of the internet and found some sketchy places. I found a guy who got photos and information of girls and then posted them online with their permission. He called them 'websluts' and their photos and videos got me really horny. One night when I was a bit drunk, I worked up the nerve to send him an email and ask if he was interested in doing something with me.

  Fast forward a month, my new online 'master' had acquired an assortment of my naughty photos and he also had me make an audio recording calling myself a slut, talking about where I lived and places I went to often, and begging for guys to find me in real life and hook up with me. I knew it was dangerous but it turned me on like nothing else. Even before he published the video with everything edited together, I was on edge thinking every guy I encountered in public could know my secret.

  This whole time, I didn't let my boyfriend know about my 'master'. It was so exciting that I wanted to keep it to myself. And if it resulted in me hooking up more often with other guys down the road, my boyfriend would be even more excited than me.

  With a big gulp, I gave my 'master' permission to publish everything I had sent him. I went to his sites and literrally masturbated while watching a video slideshow of my own images and info that was now public for anyone to see.

  I was a nervous and very aroused wreck the next week thinking that an army of men would soon descend upon me. Unfortunately, nothing happened and the thrill I felt slowly dwindled over time. Nearly five months went by. I had honestly lost hope and didn't think anything would ever happen. And I was so surprised when it finally did last week.

  So, I was sitting at a coffee shop that is within walking distance from my apartment. I had mentioned the coffee shop in my audio recording and said I went there a lot. I was minding my business but noticed a guy walk in and seemingly recognize me though I had never seen him before. He was a bit older and a little overweight. He kept staring at me and I started to think that he might have seen my stuff online.

  As a test, I picked up my coffee and walked outside into a small park area. I sat on a bench far away from anyone else. The man then got up and followed me. He ended up leaning against a railing twenty feet away from me. He looked at his phone several times and then back at me. I was nervous but also very excited.

It was warmer out that day and I was wearing a t-shirt and skirt. I didn't make any obvious gestures but I tried to adjust my clothes a few times and subtly show off while he watched me. My pussy was soaking wet and my mind was racing thinking about everything that could soon happen. I was only half done with my coffee but I couldn't take it anymore. I got up, threw out my coffee, and walked by the stranger, nearly brushing him as I passed. I continued walking to the cross walk and he followed behind.

  I crossed the street and headed to my apartment complex. Instead of going through the front gate, I walked down into the parking garage underneath the apartments. I knew there were some folks moving that day and the door down would be propped open. I saw the guy following down the parking ramp as I walked inside. I went straight to the elevator and got inside. The elevator doors closed in front of me but I didn't press any buttons so the elevator just stayed there at the lower level.

  It felt like an eternity but it was probably only a half minute before the guy hit the elevator button and the doors opened. He walked in and stood behind me without saying a word. The doors then closed and we stood there silently together. I didn't know what to do. I initially thought my apartment complex was a good idea but quickly realized that I shouldn't bring this stranger into my apartment. Doing anything in the elevator was risky too.

  I pushed the button in the elevator to take us to the first floor. The elevator went up, I got out, and the guy followed behind me. I then made a b-line for the pool area. The pool had a bathroom that I knew would be empty at that time. I entered the bathroom and closed the door behind me without locking it. I then sat on my knees in front on the hard tile and waited again for what felt like an eternity.

The man then entered the bathroom and locked the door behind him. I looked down submissively as he stood in front of me. He asked if I was a slut and I meekly said yes. He then told me to stand up. As I did, he reached out and groped me. I didn't recoil and let his hands wander across my face, neck, boobs, and waist. He then stepped back and told me to strip. I quickly took off my shirt and skirt and stood in front of him in just my underwear. He then told me to strip completely and I removed my bra and panties too.

  He proceeded to grope me again and worked his fingers into my wet pussy. I spread my legs and moaned as he started to finger me. With his other hand, he held the back of my head and guided my lips onto his. We started making out and I orgasmed ever faster than my boyfriend could.

  He stopped fingering me and I fell to the ground. I reached up and touched his bulge with my hands. He told me to be a good slut and I started to unbuckle his pants. I then pulled down his boxers and his cock shot out. His cock wasn't huge, maybe just five inches. That was a good thing though cause he immediately shoved it into my throat and started fucking my face balls deep. I struggled a bit but managed to take him fully into my mouth without gagging. I felt so used and tuned on at the same time.

He continued to fuck my face for several minutes, only giving me a few brief chances to catch my breath. I eventually felt his cock tense up and I knew he was close to cumming. He pulled his cock one last time out of my mouth and asked if I wanted his cum. I said yes and begged him to feed me. As he jerked his cock inches from my face, he asked if I was a dirty whore and I said yes. He then made me say it full 'I am a dirty whore'. I repeated the words and inserted his cock back into my mouth just seconds before started to erupt.

  As he came, he told me not to swallow. I did my best to hold all his cum in my mouth but it was a huge load and some of it spilled out of my lips. He eventually eased up and stepped back. I remained completely naked on the floor with a mouthful of cum. He then made me open my mouth and show him his load. He held out his hand and told me to spit it out.

I did so and then he smeared his cum across my face. As he did, I stuck out my tongue and cleaned off the remaining residue from his hand. Some drops fell onto the floor and I then got on my hands and knees to lick them up while he watched. I couldn't believe I was doing these things but I felt so submissive and depraved at that moment.

  The man picked up my clothes and I thought he might leave me completely naked in the bathroom without them. Instead, he took my panties in his hand and threw the rest of my clothes to the side. He put my panties in his pocket and then exited the bathroom. I quickly got up and locked the door behind him so no one else would come in.

  I washed off my face in the sink and put my clothes back without any panties. I then left the bathroom and looked around. The guy wasn't there anymore. I walked back to my apartment and immediately got into the shower.

  I don't know if that guy or another random guy will find me again in the future but I'm hoping to have more encounters like this one again. It was seriously the most turned on I've ever been. I haven't told my boyfriend yet. I think I'll leave out the part about the online master and just say it was a random guy I met at the coffee shop. 

BBJam - bb33jam@gmail.com





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