My Husband set me up with a Married Man

Mary B


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This happened last Fall on Halloween evening. My husband Jerry arranged a trick or treat for me. I had no idea what he was up to and had the candy laid out by the front door for the neighborhood kids when the doorbell rang a minute or two before six when the trick or treating was to have started.

What a surprise ! There at my front door was Dan the guy we had met at a local club a week or two ago - nothing had happened but when we did meet him he was with his wife and he and I flirted heavily without anyone minding. At the end of that night we exchanged numbers for a get together for the 4 of us. So now I am standing at the door and he says, "Trick or Treat", and stepped inside to give me big hug. 'Where is your wife Lynn?' I asked and he looked shocked and wanted to know if Jerry didn't fill me in on the evening. 'No, he didn't tell me anything,' and then I looked over at Jerry who had a big smile on his face.

'You two go on into the bedroom', and I'll take care of handing out the goodies to the kids. Well- - not that I was opposed to having some quality time with Dan, I was just not mentally prepared. 'The bed has been turned down and the KY jelly is on the side table,' Jerry instructed, and off we went.

I should tell you that I didn't get around to telling the story of our first cuckolding experience that happened at a hotel bar. I was nervous and we picked up a nice man and I ended up having sex with him in the backseat of the car while Jerry drove. It was over quickly but it was overall a fun night all around. Months had passed to this point and so I wasn't really ready for what Jerry set up but just went with it.

Dan is around 6' and 180 pounds of solid muscle, especially the one between his legs and does he ever know how to use it.

When we got to the bedroom I noticed that everything was ready and even noticed that Jerry had his video camera up on the top shelf facing the bed and the little light was blinking. I then remembered that he had said last week that he would sure love to get some hot video of Dan and me, and I guess this was his way of doing it.

We undressed each other almost tearing our clothes off and the with a deep soul kiss, Dan softly laid me down on the bed and began to eat my pussy with his talented tongue. I could hear the doorbell in the background, but my mind was definitely elsewhere at the time.

Dan slowly licked me up and down and side to side sticking his tongue in and out with a slow rhythm until I was pulling him by the ears and getting a screaming orgasm. I guess the kids at the door thought it was all a part of the scary Halloween scene, but I was immediately ready for another as I am most often multi-orgasmic and I wanted Dan inside of me badly. Now Dan is about 6' long and I would guess pretty thick as he fills me like almost no-one else has done.

Dan began spreading the Ky jelly on his dick when I grabbed him, wrapped my legs around his waist and drew him down on me because I couldn't wait any longer. Now Dan knew I was wet and ready, but he began to swirl his dick around my labia, over my clit and back again until I begged him to bury the thing!

Slowly, ever so slowly he sank his hard dick into my pussy inch by inch until our pubic bones were grinding against each other and our trusing motions were in sync. Again, I had an orgasm, and Dan thought maybe I was finished for the evening, but not so. I never let him out, he never went soft and we must have fucked for at least an hour.

When he finally filled my pussy with his cum and rolled to the side, we both looked up and there was Jerry with Lynn by his side. 'I turned off the porch light and the kids will now have to wait for next year,' he said as he and Lynn undressed and joined us in our king sized bed.

The rest of the night was a night to remember. We replayed the video for the 2 of them and stroked them both as they watched. Dan and Lynn left after having breakfast and I was a little sore, but really satisfied and pleased with my loving husband. After we took a shower we watched at the video together and relived the evening.

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