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My girlfriend Nicole and I have a unique cuckold relationship. Every few months, I get to arrange a guy to hook up for her at a hotel while I watch. Nicole is very shy and submissive so she wears a blindfold during the meetings.

She enjoys the mystery of not knowing who the guy is, especially because she also has a rule that the guy has to be a friend or acquaintance of ours. She doesn't want me finding strangers online and feels safer with someone we know and stay in contact with in general. As a result though, Nicole is always second guessing which of our friends have hooked up with her and it really turns her on.

  Nicole is very attractive and I have no trouble finding guys who are willing to fuck her. Most are just surprised that it's an option in the first place. I sometimes have to show them photos of her playing with other guys just to prove that the offer is real.

Over the years, I've arranged about a dozen different friends and acquaintances to hook up with Nicole. A few of them have been aggressive and dominant with her, others more teasing and playful, and some more passionate and loving. She enjoys the variety, both in their playstyles and body types.

They aren't allowed to talk to Nicole while playing (so she can't identify them by their voices) but otherwise everything is pretty much on the table. Nicole likes to be surprised and used in different and unique ways. And they aren't allowed to talk about it afterwards with anyone else besides me.

  To the disappointment of several of our 'close' friends, Nicole and I had to move away for new jobs. We didn't know anyone in our new city though so we had to work to make new friends. And I had to sleuthe to find new guys who would potentially hook up with her. I played it safe for a while as we got our bearings but we were both eager to set something up after a few months.

One difficulty was that the small group of people around our age that we did meet was tight knit and a bit conservative. I had no doubt that some of the guys would gladly fuck Nicole but I didn't trust them to keep secrets and it would be a lot of drama for Nicole if any of the other girls in the group found out.

  I expanded my search and eventually found a potential candidate. His name was Tim and he was a neighbor in our apartment complex. Nicole was sunbathing on our balcony one day and I caught Tim checking her out. I wasn't quite sure how to approach him though.

He was older than us and I didn't have many opportunities to interact with him naturally. Luckily, I ran into him in the laundry room one day. As I was pulling clothes out of the dryer, a pair of Nicole's panties fell to the ground.

Tim laughed and asked if they were mine. Somewhat embarrassed, I explained that they were my girlfriend's panties. I told him what apartment we lived in and he quickly recalled seeing Nicole around the complex. He congratulated me and said Nicole was very attractive. I thanked him as I pulled some more of Nicole's panties and bras out of the dryer.

As I put them in the hamper and prepared to leave, I left one of Nicole's thongs 'accidentally' on the table. I then exited the laundry room and waited around the corner. A minute later, I saw Tim exit holding Nicole's thong in his hand. He looked around and then slid the thong into his pocket before heading back into the laundry room.

  After that day in the laundry room, I knew Tim was interested and a good candidate to hook up with Nicole. I just had to figure out how to break the ice with him. In the past with other friends, I usually just told them straight up during a drunken evening together and I didn't have that opportunity with Tim. To my surprise though, Tim approached me.

As I was walking through the complex, I ran into Tim and he said he had something for me. I followed him into his apartment and he had Nicole's thong on his table. He explained that I had left them in the laundry room and he wanted to make sure some random perv didn't take them. He had a slight grin though and I could tell he was up to something.

I thanked him and said Nicole might actually like that. Tim was confused initially but I explained that Nicole was a bit perverted too and enjoyed wearing a blindfold and being used by unknown men. I said I could arrange a meeting between Nicole and him. Tim was interested in the offer but skeptical that it was real. He said he needed proof from Nicole first. He told me to take the panties back to Nicole, take some photos of her wearing them, and then bring him back the panties and photos as proof that Nicole really did want to meet. I agreed and left his apartment with Nicole's panties in my pocket.

  When Nicole came home later that day, I told her that I finally found someone to play with her. She was excited. I explained that I needed to take some photos of her to show the guy first though. Nicole agreed and quickly stripped out of her clothes. I handed her the panties and she put them on. We had a polaroid camera and I took a couple photos of her posing topless while wearing the panties.

I put the photos on the table and as they developed, I told Nicole to write notes on them. She used a sharpie and wrote 'Fuck me please' on the first photo. As she did, I took another photo as proof that she was the one writing it. And on the second photo, she wrote 'I'm a slut'. I again took a photo of her writing it.

Then I had Nicole sit on the table and masturbate by rubbing the front of the panties against her pussy. She was super horny and came quickly as I took a couple more photos. She then took off the panties and I put them in a small bag with the photos.

  The next day, I brought the photos and panties over to Tim's apartment. He was surprised that I actually came back. I handed him the bag and he emptied it out on his table. He was shocked to see the photos of Nicole and exclaimed that she really was a slut. He asked how I would set up a meeting and I explained that I'd get a hotel room, she'd be blindfolded, and then he could come in and do whatever he wanted with her. Tim was cool with the plan and we arranged to do it the following weekend.

  On the day of, Nicole was excited. Once we arrived at the hotel, she quickly jumped into the shower and shaved completely. I texted Tim the room number and he confirmed that he'd arrive soon. Nicole dried off and then nervously kneeled in the middle of the room completely naked. She looked incredible. I put the blindfold on her and she told me she was ready. I then texted Tim again and said we were good to go. I unlocked the door, sat in the corner, and Nicole and I both waited anxiously for Tim to arrive.

  A couple minutes later, the door slightly opened and Tim walked in. He gestured towards me and then turned his attention to Nicole. Standing in front of her, he touched her face and called her a slut. Nicole was surprised because the guys didn't say anything in her previous blindfolded encounters. She didn't know Tim's voice though so he was still a mystery man to her.

He told her to stand up and Nicole quickly obeyed. He reached out and groped her body, squeezing her boobs and twisting her nipples. Nicole moaned at his touch. He then walked behind her and caressed her butt before telling her to bend over. Nicole leaned forward and put both her hands on the ground. Tim separated her legs slightly and admired her pussy and asshole for a few seconds before giving her a hard spank on the butt cheek.

  Tim then pushed Nicole back down onto her knees. He walked in front of her and took off his belt. He pushed his pants and boxers to the floor and his dick was already rock hard in front of Nicole's face. Tim asked Nicole if she wanted his cock and she meekly said yes. He told her to beg for it and Nicole then said please give me your cock a bit more loudly. Tim wasn't convinced and said he expected a slut like Nicole to be more enthusiastic. Almost shouting, Nicole said she was a slut and needed his cock and would do anything for it. Tim smiled and guided his cock into her mouth.

  Nicole sucked his dick for several minutes with brief pauses to lick his balls and catch her breath. Eventually Tim pulled his dick out of her mouth and pulled her by the hair onto the bed. Nicole laid on her back and spread her legs open for him. He fingered her already soaking wet pussy, first with one finger, then two, and then three.

He then pulled his fingers out of her pussy and shoved them into her mouth. Nicole eagerly sucked her juices off his fingers. Tim then positioned himself in front of Nicole's pussy and pushed the head of his penis in slowly. He teased her and made her beg again. Nicole screamed for him to fuck her and he oblifged by slamming the full length of his dick into the back of her pussy. She moaned loudly and orgasmed twice before Tim flipped her over and fucked her doggtystyle until she orgasmed once more. After her last orgasm, Tim pulled out and threw Nicole off the bend and onto the ground.

He then straddled over her and jerked his cock with one hand while holding the back of her head with his other hand. Without prompting, Nicole begged for his cum and opened her mouth wide. Tim then started to orgasm and shot his load all over Nicole's face and mouth. After he was finished, Nicole took his dick into her mouth and sucked it lightly for half a minute to get every last drop.

  Tim got dressed while Nicole remained on the floor covered in cum. He called her a good slut and asked if she wanted him to fuck her again. Nicole said yes and he looked pleased. He gave me a wave and then exited the hotel room. I then removed Nicole's blindfold and she cleaned up while gushing about how great the experience had been.

  Since then, I've arranged three more blindfolded meetups between Tim and Nicole. Tim is fucking her about once a month now and there is no sign of them stopping. 

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