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My Wife Cuckolded me on a Train

By: Vince & Colleen

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A few years ago my wife Colleen and I decided to take a short break holiday in Scotland. At the time we had no car so it was either coach or train, knowing what the road journeys can be like we decided to go by train from London.

We hadn't been married that long, she was 23 and I was 26, we had a pretty normal sex life or so I thought being both mildly experienced when we married. Colleen still is a very lively person, friendly, and will talk to anybody whereas I tend not to say to much to people I don't know, so I didn't realize that I wasn't particularly well endowed being around 5" when erect (I didn't even measure it till after this event).

We got on what used to be called a corridor train where a corridor went the length of the train and had compartment with sliding doors, they could seat 8 people I think. The train was crowded with passengers standing in the corridors but we managed to find 2 seats in a compartment that was full of men off on a holiday to Inverness.

As I said Colleen would talk to anybody and found that all the lads as she called them where of on some outward bound event, there where 30 of them altogether that's why the corrridors where full. As the journey progressed Colleen became more and more friendly, laughing and joking with the lads cracking all the jokes you've heard about big ones and working men.

She had quite a few offers to try them out for size which looking across to me she laughingly refused. Colleen's face was quite flushed and I noticed her summer dress had ridden up a bit showing quite an expanse of thigh but she made no attempt to cover up.

"Why dont you go and find the refreshment carriage?" Colleen suggested "Could do with something refreshing" at which they all laughed, I was concerned but said, "Well if you think you'll be alright here I'll go but I believe the carriage serving drinks is right up near the front of the train so I may be a while".

One of the lads said, "Take your time we will look after your wife," at which they all laughed again. Well I was a long time by the time there was a line at the servery so it took about 45 minutes or so. The packed corridors slowed me down and I was a short distance from our compartment and I could see that the shade in the windows where pulled down but I just couldn't get back to my wife.

The lads outside the compartment blocked my way engaging me in mindless conversation just to delay me. I could hear squeals of delight from Colleen and cheers from the men inside of the compartment but no way could I reach them.

Eventually the cheers died down and I managed to get back to my wife. As I slid back the door they all scurried back to their seats. I look across to Colleen and she was red faced and breathing quite heavily, her hair was a mess and lipstick was smudged across her cheeks. "Welcome back Darling I missed you," she said and gave me a sloppy kiss. Her mouth had a strange taste sort of bitter sweet, I couldn't quite put my finger on it???

Colleen took the drink I had bought and downed it in one shot. "Now I need to go and freshen up" she said and got up to find a convenience. One of the men a big 6 footer said "so do I" and followed Colleen out of the door.

I stayed behind and talked to the rest of the lads, Funny suddenly I was their best pal and how lucky I was to have such an accomodating wife?? I didn't quite know what they meant but agreed anyway. Colleen and Jackson the big six-footer returned after about 30 minutes saying that I was right about the wait, they had to wait to "relieve themselves" they said but Colleen couldn't look me in face. The pair of them sat down together her hand resting on JJ's thigh.

Our journey was soon over and we made our way to our hotel. The room we had was lovely with on suite shower and bath, "Just what I need," Colleen said and took off her dress. It was the height of summer and Colleen didn't wear any tights or stockings but I didn't know she didn't have any panties on either, funny I could have sworn she had those little blue ones that I like on when we left home??? I also noticed that all the tops of her inner thighs where red and sticky as she dashed into the bathroom.

Like I said I am a man who doesn't say much or ask too many questions and put it down to the hot and sticky compartment we where in. We had a lovely holiday and Colleen said that she would love to go again and I said ok maybe next year! "Yes maybe we will meet JJ and the lads on the train again," she said with a far away look in her eyes????

Maybe it was just me but I guess she found them pretty friendly. Okay, yes, I know what happened. But I told the story from how I saw the situation back then. I didn't want to see but am rock hard ever since then when we have sex. Here are her pictures and I love the blog btw.




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