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My Wife Dirty Danced with another Man

By: Denis & Wifey

Wife's Side view of her Breast as she likes the Cuckolding lifestyle


My wife and I lived in a large city (Dallas) and there were lots of clubs. My wife liked to dance. I was not as keen on it, but we did go from time to time, usually with a group of vanilla friends. It's way more fun in a group. We would switch dance partners and stuff, not in a sexual way, just to enjoy each other and have fun together. Normal friends stuff. We preferred country western clubs because the music was easy to dance to.

Sometimes the ladies would dance together or even with a stranger or two. Dancing with strangers could get a little sexual. My wife would laugh on the ride home and tell me about the guy who rubbed her butt or grabbed a bit of tit when he spun her. But not anything too wild when we were with our 'vanilla' friends, as most of our friends were.

But the vanilla dancing gave us an idea. We made up a game. We only played it a few times. But it was crazy fun. I will tell you about the time I remember the most clearly.

We went to a club together, just me and my wife. We got a booth in the darkest corner. My wife and I got drinks and started to scope out the single guys. She teased me a little when she commented on a few that caught her eye, suggesting this one or that one would probably be good in bed or a good kisser or whatever she thought was fun to tease me about.

After perusing the possibilities and downing a few beverages, my wife pointed and said, "him". We had concocted a little story for her "target". I walked over to the guy. I told him it was my wife's birthday and she really wanted to go dancing. I didn't want to disappoint her, so here we were, even though I had a really sore ankle. (Just a credible excuse for why I would ask a stranger to dance with my wife. I had a whole back story ready to explain how I hurt my ankle, but it never came up.)

I asked the guy if he would do me a favor and dance with my wife so she could have some fun on her birthday and not have to just sit in a booth the whole time. He seemed surprised, but said, "sure, I'll dance with her." He followed me back to the booth and very gentlemanly asked if she would like to dance. She had a twinkle in her eye when she smiled and accepted his hand. So far, everything was going to plan.

My wife and I liked the plan because I would be there, so I could watch and participate. Fun for me. And she wouldn't have to sit alone and fend off guys she didn't like and hope someone she liked would ask her to dance. This way she selected her guy, and I got him for her. Win, win.

Anyway, they danced two or three songs and then came back to the booth. She invited him to join us. He waved at the two guys he had been with to let them know where he was, and they went on about their business without him as he approached our table.

I was sitting on the outside edge of the booth on my side, so she scooted in and pulled him into the booth beside her, across from me. We talked, with her leaning into his shoulder, touching his arm and stuff, on their side of the booth. He looked a little uncomfortable but I knew she was doing it so he could see I didn't mind her being friendly with him.

After resting a couple of songs and imbibing a few adult beverages, they went back to the dance floor. I could see she was grinding on him, and they moved to the far side of the room, away from me. I knew she guided him, or let him guide her, to a spot out of my sight in order to get more friendly and talk or even make out without me seeing.

The next time they came to the booth, she again slid in on the other side of the booth across from me and he slid in beside her. He immediately draped his arm over her shoulder, pulling her against him like she was his date. Obviously, they had talked. But he was still not completely sure of the situation. He started to ask me a question but hesitated. My wife giggled, elbowed him and said, "go ahead, ask him."

The guy mumbled, "Uh, your wife said for her birthday she can do whatever she wants with other guys here at the club. So, I guess, well, I don't want to get you angry or anything, so, is that true, I mean, like whatever?"

I remember raising my eyebrow like I was embarrassed to answer, then told him, "I promised her that she has a hall pass as her birthday present from me. Tonight only, for her birthday, anything she wants to do with any guy here in the club that doesn't get us thrown out is okay."

My wife leaned into the guy, pulled his head toward her and said, "Like this." She started to make out with him, right in front of me. I saw her slide her hand down, then it disappeared under the table. I knew she must be grabbing his cock over his pants.

That went on a minute or so, but he seemed reluctant. I guess he was still not sure how far he could go with her husband sitting across the table. She upped the action by taking his hand and putting it on her breast. She turned and smiled at me when she did that, then went back to making out. That seemed to convince him.

The rest of the night she alternated dirty dancing with him and then making out in our booth. Late in the evening I left to go to the restroom. It was pretty dark in the corner where our booth was, but when I was coming back and got close, I could still see enough to see under the table. His pants were unzipped, and she had her hand inside his boxers playing with his cock.

By now, he wasn't shy either, and had his fingers in her pussy. I decided that if I could see it, others could too. I moved to their side of the booth and motioned for them to slide over. That way I was on the outside and they were partially hidden behind me.

After moving over, they ignored me like I wasn't there. She moaned a few times as he fingered her. Not long after that, our waitress came by. Even with me blocking them, she heard and saw what was happening.

The waitress tried to be discreet, so she leaned over and whispered that they had to tone it down or we would all be asked to leave. She was leaning right over me as she whispered to all three of us.

As she whispered, I saw her glance at my hand on the table right below her. Of course, she saw my wedding ring. She looked at my wife and saw her rings. The guy she was making out with did not have any rings. The waitress looked back at me, smirked and made a little humph noise.

She was letting me know she had figured out that the hot young wife getting felt up and fingered by that other guy was my wife, not his. She raised up, shook her head knowingly, then walked away. I think she may have seen something like this before.

After the warning from the waitress, my wife separated from her new boyfriend and laughed. He zipped up and she smoothed her tight skirt. I don't remember the exact words, but she said something like, "I guess I've gotten everything I'm going to get out of my birthday hall pass."

We left shortly after that. The sex when we got home was fantastic. She was on fire. I was too. I kept thinking about her playing with his cock and hearing her moan from his fingers in her pussy. She told me in great detail about his cock, about rubbing the precum around and then licking her fingers. She told me they had bumped into the two guys he came with. Of course, the two buds saw them making out on the dance floor, so they stopped to talk a minute.

He stood behind her and grabbed her boobs to pull her into him in front of his buds, then nibbled on her neck. He blew into ear and as she shivered, he pointed at her ring and bragged about scoring with another guy's wife at the club.

My wife shrugged her shoulders and smiled coyly. His friends gave him high fives before he told them he needed to take her back to her hubby for a bit. When they turned to leave, he added, "Not to give her back, just to let him watch." They all laughed.

She said it was crazy hot to do all that with me right there and in a public place. I told her about the knowing look I got from waitress. We both laughed about the waitress realizing the lady making out, playing with another man's cock and getting fingered right in front of me, was my wife.

And yes, my wife did regret not getting her new friend's number. So did I. Next time if we try that scenario again maybe.


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