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A Man Paid me to Cuckold Him

By: Derek

Wife's Side view of her Breast as she likes the Cuckolding lifestyle


I have a profile on an adult dating site looking for couples and I was approached by the male of a married couple living not too far from me. As I'm an active bull and up for anything, he asked if he could pay me for a while, as I degraded and humiliated him with the fact that I'm more man than he could ever be.

His wife was also often part of this fetish. He had sent many pictures of her and I even made him do certain tasks for my amusement with her.

Eventually, he asked me if I was interested in fucking her while he watched. When I declined at first, he offered me a large sum of money, which made me reconsider. She was attractive enough as you can see, although she was already in her mid 40s.

He had always told me that his wife knew about his cuckold & femdom kinks, but I never fully believed him.

Now though, things had changed, as they verified their interest by taking a video together, confirming their wish for me to visit.

So I agreed. They paid up and also covered the Uber expenses.

I don't believe in treating my cashslaves with respect at any point, which is why I made him kneel immediately upon entering their house.

As his wife entered from what appeared to be the living room, I kissed her on the lips, which caught her by surprise, in a positive way. She clearly wasn't used to this level of dominance & masculinity from her husband, who was still kneeling next to us, like a pet.

We didn't waste much time and went straight to their ( rather large ) bedroom. I sat on the bed, together with his wife and instructed the pathetic hubby to undress himself in front of us.

When I saw the chasity device locked around his little dicklet, I wasn't surprised, as I was the one who made him wear it for the past few days. I think the exact tone was, "No touchy touchy until I've fucked your wife."

As he stood there, fully naked in front of his wife and me ( both clothed ) I took my sweet time, enjoying his utter degradation. Eventually, I told him to go kneel in the far corner of the room, until he was needed.

When he was in the desired place, I turned to the middle aged woman and started to make out with her. It was a passionate kiss as we undressed ourselves. At that point, she only wore her panties, while I still wore my pants.

She went on her knees, undid the fly and pulled them down, her hands shaking quite a lot ( which I found cute ).

Her surprised expression made me assume she hadn't seen my 7 inches before, which made the moment so much sweeter.

Inexperienced with such a dick, she struggled to get it far into her mouth, but did her best, clearly not wanting to disappoint the first real man in her life. She wasn't used to anyone bigger than 5.

She eventually managed to get me hard. "Good girl", I told her in a proud voice as I pulled her to her legs to give her another, long kiss. As I pulled out my tongue from her mouth, I shouted "Boy, get over here."

Just when he wanted to get up, I corrected him in a stern voice: "On your hands and knees, boy. At your social level." He immediately lowered himself and crawled his way towards us.

This is when I told his wife to lay on the bed.

Lowering myself between the woman's legs, I kissed her thighs, slowly making my way up to her pussy. In a quick motion, I pulled her panties off and started to spoil her with my tongue, only breaking off for a second to stuff her used panties into this losers mouth, making him gag.

I took my time, knowing that this woman's husband was watching me give her the kind of pleasure he never could.

This is when the fun began. It started very passionate. Two lovers making love. I was sliding in an out with deep, long thrusts for a couple minutes. Her face was priceless. It could've been the first time she ever enjoyed the act of sex.

If she was with someone like me, she wouldn't have to use the old "pretend to having a migraine" trick every day.

Looking back at this little shrimp dicket loser, I suddenly switched her over to fuck her from behind. I took a while to get her into the right position, with her back arched nicely and her head pressed into the mattress.

Slow and easy time was over. It was time to get rougher.

I pumped into her dripping pussy, which, at that point, turned into a sloppy mess. The wet sound of my large, massive cock filling her up again and again filled the room.

"Loser, get those panties out of your mouth and get your face over here."

As he got onto the bed, he lay behind me, clearly not sure what to do. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and twisted his head down. He now lay on his back, his head between our legs as we fucked in the doggystyle position. He got a firt row seat of seeing my cock enter his beloved wife's pussy over and over again.

I also noticed more and more drops of pussy juice and precum landing on his face. "Open your mouth, tongue out", I commanded. He immediately did as we was told and did his best to catch any fluid dripping from the spectacle in above his face.

I only withdrew to either make out with his wife of to spit in his mouth. It also helped me to last a little longer.

"Lick my balls, slave", I yelled. Lifting his head slightly, he did a pretty decent job down there, pleasuring the two testicles who were about to flood his wife's hungry pussy.

"How does it feel to lick the man's balls who's currently fucking your wife, the woman you love", I asked.

"It feels great, Master. Thank you so much, Master", he answered submissively before getting back to licking, helping me build up a big load of cum.

After, I had him lick his wives pussy for a bit. with each thrust, I felt my ( now wet ) balls slap against his face.

For the finale, I had him kneel behind me in order to lick my ass.

There I was, fucking his wife in a rough, passionate and erotic way. Sloppy sounds filled the room. Their bedroom. The bed they shared each night.

And yet he was not just accepting it. He also wasn't just kissing my ass while I did it. He was literally licking my asshole and I finally flooded his wife's inside with massive streams of cum. I took a good minute before I withdrew, all while kissing the woman once again.

We were both a sweaty mess as my large cock made a sort of pop sound while sliding out of her drenched pussy, long threads of body fluids still connecting us.

"Time for the cleanup, dicklet boy", I said as I slapped him behind his legs. A large grunt was followed by the required "Yes Master" answer.

I left to clean myself up in the bathroom. When I returned about 5 minutes later, he was still kneeling between his exhausted wife, eagerly sucking out and swallowing all the cum I'd dumped in her.

They recently requested me to come by for another visit. And I might go for it.


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