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My Girlfriend Finally had Sex with another Man

By: Hall Monitors

My Wife Tied Up by her Dominant Boyfriend


It finally happened! I want to include details but don't want to make this too long and boring so I'll try to just focus on the main parts.

My girlfriend's been spending time with this guy from her school (she goes to university), I'll call him Tony, for about a few months. They hung out once after a make out session and she ended up telling him about me and our open relationship.

She didn't mention that I'm a cuck, just that we have an arrangement where we can see other people. She told him this to make sure he understood anything between them would be casual. She said he seemed understanding at the time, but had been acting somewhat distant since then. We were both afraid that we had ruined things. Then last Friday happened.

I drove over to visit her after my classes were done for the week. We planned to go out for a date night, grab drinks and dinner, maybe watch a movie back at her place. As she was getting ready she got a text from Tony. I could see how excited she was to have him reach out. After a bit of texting back and forth, she told me he invited her over to his place.

She said she didn't want to go because I had just gotten there and it was our date night. I felt like she did want to go see him, but was nervous about it and also didn't want to disappoint me. I had been looking forward to our night together, but I was more excited that this could actually become a reality for us.

Plus the idea of driving 2 hours and having her get ready for out date, only to send her off to fuck another guy was so wonderfully humiliating. So I told her to go.

I decided to wait at her place, and kissed her goodbye as she left to make the short walk to Tony's apartment. She was wearing a denim jacket over a black dress and a pair of blue Chucks. I didn't know what she was wearing underneath, but I later found out it was lacy red panties and a black bra.

I paced around her bedroom in nervous excitement, trying to imagine what she was doing with him at that very moment, and hoping it was going well.

Finally after about 3 hours, I get a text from her that she's left and is on her way back. I wanted to bombard her with questions but I knew I should just wait until she got back.

She had a big smile on her face and seemed much more relaxed than when she had left. I asked her to tell me everything. She was a bit coy with the details, and dodged some of my questions at first. But I think I finally got the whole story:

When Tony answered the door he was wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt. My girlfriend immediately felt she was over dressed, adding to her awkwardness. He offered her a beer and she took one, despite her stomach being in knots at that time.

They were sitting at the kitchen table chatting and she began to loosen up as they laughed, and things began to feel natural. Then Tony put his hand on hers. And she felt a flutter, and realized that this was going to happen.

They leaned over the table and kissed. She said the next thing she knew, he was leading her by the hand to his bedroom.

He sat her down on the edge of his bad and took a seat next to her and they continued to kiss deeply. His hands went from her thighs up to her tits to taking off her jacket and reaching to unzip her dress.

She stood up and let her dress to fall to the floor. Tony responded by pulling his shirt off. She told me she liked his body. He's thin, has a nice chest, is fit and toned but not overly muscular.

They kiss more while standing, her hands in his hair and his grabbing her hips then squeezing her ass. He's a few inches taller than her and she said it was different than kissing me because of this. Then he reaches back and unclasps her bra.

She pulls it off for him and he's staring at her tits as she lays back on the bed. She can be insecure about her body and she told me she was worried this would get in the way of having sex with someone else. But she told me this wasn't a problem, she was feeling really sexy with him.

He gets on top of her, still wearing his sweatpants and they make out some more. Then he lowers himself between her legs, kissing her breasts and nipples as he goes down to slide her panties off.

She spread her legs for him so he could eat her out. She liked his tongue on her but she said he was going a bit too fast on her clit, and it made it difficult for her to get really into it. She mentioned how weird it was looking down and seeing someone besides me between her legs, but she admitted that this was also exciting for her.

He gets up and pulls down his sweatpants and boxers. He walks over to his bedside table to grab a condom, and my girlfriend gets her first view of his cock. She said it looked a little bigger than me. And then he started stroking himself a little and she realized he wasn't even that hard yet.

She shifted over on the bed and reached out for him, taking over stroking his cock. She said it felt warm, thick, and heavy. She slid the tip into her mouth as she moved to lay on her front while he stood watching her.

She felt him get harder as she sucked and licked the tip. She said his girth made it more difficult to suck. After only a few minutes of sucking and him still not being all the way hard, her jaw started to hurt.

She gave herself a rest and used her hand again. She said she was a bit embarrassed she got so little of his cock in her mouth and already had to take a break. She used two and said she could get both hands on it and still have some of the tip sticking out. He still wasn't getting fully hard though, so he told her to slide over and he laid down next to her. I usually get hard fast so she said she wasn't used to having to work so hard to get a cock hard.

Her right hand was stroking him as they kissed and he reached around her to grab her ass. He then moved around and slid it between her legs to her clit which caused her squirm and break their kiss. They laid making eye contact, using their hands to pleasure each other. After a few minutes he commented on how wet she felt. She could feel he had to be close to fully hard. She looked down and was impressed by his size but also worried about it fitting inside her.

He put the condom on and told her to get on top of him. She straddled him and felt his hard shaft resting against her pussy as they kissed some more. Both of his hands grabbed her hips and he ran them along her curves. When I asked her later about the differences between him and me, she mentioned because of his height and big hands he could reach down lower and grab more of her ass than I can when we're kissing.

Then he reached between their bodies and she made some room for his hand to guide himself into her. She said as soon as he found the right angle his head slipped right in. Only the second cock ever inside of her. As he pushed in more the thickness of it hurt her slightly. It was a new feeling. Then he slid deeper and deeper, and the pain got a little too intense so she told him to go slower. He did, but little by little he was moving his hips into her faster, and as she got used to it, she began to do the same.

She said they were having trouble finding a good rhythm with her on top so she got off him and on her back and had him get on top. He slid back in and went slow for awhile, and she said she enjoyed the challenge his cock provided her.

He started to go faster and faster, maintaining a good pace. She didn't know how long it was but she said more time than I usually last. She was enjoying the constant rhythm of him sliding in and out of her, and she could feel her orgasm starting to build. She reached down and started rubbing her clit as he started fucking her fast.

And then she came on his cock. It was intense for her to orgasm with something so thick and deep in her. She says she was probably loud but wasn't thinking too much about it at the time. He slowed down and held himself deep inside her as her orgasm faded.

Then he pulled out and asked if she wanted more from behind. She loves doggy so of course she said yes. She got on all fours and he lined up behind her. He was able to slide in deep easily now. He grabbed her hips and started fucking her, building up to a fast pace quickly. He reached around and grabbed her bouncing tits and squeezed them as he fucked her from behind, something else I can't really do. Then he spanked her a bit and reached up into her short hair and grabbed on. She said he didn't pull it, which she doesn't like, just sort of held onto it.

After a few minutes she was already getting a bit sore but she could hear him grunting and knew he was close. She put her face down in the pillow and arched her back. He grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her all the way onto him as he grunted and twitched, saying "fuck" a few times as he came into the condom.

He cleaned himself up a bit and threw the condom away, then left to get a towel for her. She then remembered I asked her to get pictures if she could so she grabbed her phone and took a picture of the condom in the trash as well as a post-sex selfie, the only photos she had of the night, which I loved seeing.

He returned with the towel and then laid down next to her, both still naked. They were touching but not really cuddling. After they caught their breathes he asked her about her open relationship with me. She said this made her very emotional and she almost started crying. When she told me this I gave her a lot of reassurance that I love her, that I love that she did this, and that I love hearing about it.

She was able to compose herself and told him what she said before, that we are long distance and have an open relationship. He said he couldn't imagine letting his girlfriend sleep with another guy, and asked how she dealt with the jealousy knowing I was sleeping with other girls. She didn't know how to respond to this so she just said she doesn't think about it too much, and that they both trust each other.

He asked her if she wanted to shower together and stay the night. When she said no he looked a little hurt, so she said it was just because she had to get back because I was waiting for her at her apartment. It felt humiliating knowing she told him this. I wonder what he thought knowing I was waiting for him to finish fucking my girlfriend. So she left and came back to her apartment and started telling me about it.

We were both pretty emotional so we actually didn't end up having sex that night. But once we woke up we spent the rest of the weekend fucking with her telling me every detail, and answering all my questions. I could see the hesitancy leave her as we talked about it more. I think she finally can see how much I love this and how good it can be for our relationship.

It was hard leaving her to go back to school on Sunday night, but it was exciting knowing anything could happen between her and Tony. I know they already hooked up again after that, this time at her apartment. I haven't gotten too many details of this experience because I haven't seen her in person yet. But when I get them I can write about that too if people are interested.

I realize this is pretty long but I don't have anyone besides my girlfriend to talk about this with and I feel like I need to get this out somewhere.

Hall Monitors

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