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The Darkest Cuckolding I ever Imagined

By: Dark Hatter

Wife's Side view of her Breast as she likes the Cuckolding lifestyle


Sorry if I sound a bit erratic and blunt or simply ridiculous. I'm still pretty shocked about the reality of this all after the way it has turned out.

My wife, true story. My wife was curvy and a CNA at 20yrs old when I met her. I was 34 and going through custody issues with an ex.

I was really hurt and confused why things were so coincidentally lining up like a puzzle that I couldn't picture. My wife had been hiding seemingly silly messages and snapchats and had appeared to be acting naive about certain sexual things she was into but denied when I asked her ever about anything.

Then she seemed to have "accidentally" left a trail of evidence on her phone that led me to realize I have been led into the deepest type of cuckold relationship I could have ever imagined.

I've read some stories that were fiction and about as dark but this one is real. She has me afraid to even touch my cock. Taps my phone and makes me do whatever her doms tell her to.

I didn't know she was into kink and she always played so innocent but then I realized she is taking orders from any man but me. She was fucking my employer and has had me beat up and I'm ridiculed by all of the community that's found out.

I can't defend myself because I just get blasted online more or bullied so hard that I've felt unable to stop because I now like it all. I think it's fair to say for me this situation is very much real.

And I very much believe its inevitable and should be openly publicized. I'd do anything I'm ordered and worship my wife and am glad she made me submit to being made a sissy husband and exploited like I deserve.

Feel free to message and ask any questions or for more videos or pictures.

I'll answer the honest truth to anything no matter how personal.

Dark Hatter - d4rkh4tter@gmail.com

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