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I Walked in on my Wife and Another

By: Jeremie & France

Wife's Side view of her Breast as she likes the Cuckolding lifestyle


So my wife and I have been doing this for a long time (7 years-ish) and we've done everything, but this story is from back in the beginning.

The first guy we found was literally perfect and we had about 3-4 "hang outs". Him and my wife clicked well, fucked well, great match. The first time she was super nervous until he started fucking her, them she opened up and lost her mind on his cock but that's another story.

Even though it eas early she knew she could do whatever she wanted.

One day at work (12 hour day with no phone service for me) aroumd 12-1pm my room mate asks If I had any "plans" that day and I can tell he's fucking with me but I had no idea what he meant.

We end up going home and saying hi to his gf who's laughing which is weird. I open my door and to my 10000% shock my then gf (now wife) is absolutely choking herself and drooling on our "friends" massive cock while she stares at me in the open doorway.

We never talked about this beforehand. I expected to just sit down and play cards. Now everything makes sense, my heart drops and I realize that our room mates could hear them and by now EVERYONE we know, knows she was sucking some guy's cock (or so I thought) while I was at work.

I'm happy as can be and say "hi?" Then start helping her suck it for a min or two as my shock settles, then start asking all the normal questions.

I had extra questions since it was still new to both of us and we hadn't talked about it but that made it better lol. I asked how long he's been there and she's like "uhhh, all day!"

I told her I assumed he'd just been there since my buddy asked, when she told me that he's been there since 8 am and fucking her loudly the whole time.

She told me she was bored after I left and decided to fuck him. I was blown away that she went that far without asking. I still have all the pics from that encounter.

He kept casually fucking her for hours while we hung out and drank beers. I helped lick her pussy and suck his cock while he made her cum again and again but I never got anything from her until after.

When he finally finished and left, she let me fuck her but she was so stretched out and full of cum that I lasted less than two minutes.

Since then we've had a million more encounters and I hope this does well on the blog here.


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