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Read our first posted story here This happened just recently... We were at a local festival and we only planned on being there for a couple of hours as I needed to get back to work to close up the office for the day and I was going to drop her off on my way back downtown. As luck would have it, when I returned from getting us some drinks, my wife was talking to a very well built and good looking guy. It was a rather dressy affair, so she was wearing a super sexy black dress and looked very hot. She has a great body- big boobs, slender waist, amazing ass and thin but defined legs. And this outfit showed all of those very well.

As I walked up to them, I admired all of the above and noticed her new friend was also interested in how hot she was. She introduced me by my pseudo name that we use when we play around, so I knew immediately that she may want to fuck this guy. And I couldn’t blame her at all. He was average height, but very muscular, good looking and well spoken. As we talked about the event my wife casually mentioned in front of him that she had told him that she was open to dating other men discreetly outside of our marriage.

I knew he was studying my expression to see how this would play out. I looked at him and smiled and acknowledged that this was in fact true that while my wife was free to play, she was very picky. The wife then went on to say that she’s already confirmed the size of his cock in the bathroom. Our new friend looked a little uncertain as we casually discussed this like it was normal for any couple. I turned to him and simply said that if she chooses to have some fun then he would be a very lucky guy. She then gave me the signal that she wanted to stay with him and after confirming that he could get her home later, I would leave and finish up at the office for a couple hours and see them later.

After awhile, she sent me a pic (see attached) of him fingering her pussy in his truck. My smaller than average cock was throbbing as I looked hard at the pic. We’ve had fun with some fantastic partners over the years and it never gets old when she is with another guy. I found out later she sucked his cock at his house and he ate her pussy but she told him if he wanted to fuck her I would have to be there for the fun.

I met them at a bar close to my house and I’d ordered drinks for them before they’d arrived. When he walked in with my wife, he less than discreetly handed me her panties in front of the female bartender who I’d been chatting with and said “Your wife is amazing” with a smirk on his face.

At this point I had no idea what they’d done together and I assumed she’d already fucked him at least once. She leaned in to give me a kiss (the bartender is still watching all of this) and whispered that we needed to get home. I paid the tab and we all three walked out together- he had his hand in the small of her back like they were the couple. My wife said he wanted vodka and to stop at the store and she would ride with him.

When I got to the house, they were kissing on the couch and her hand was groping his cock through his pants. I sat on the chair to watch and took my dick out to play with it while they continued to act like I wasn’t there. My wife invited me to sit next to him and said she wanted to give us both head.

As he undid his pants and lifted his hips to pull his pants down, I was amazed at how beautiful his cock was. While about the same length as mine, he had a very thick shaft and a big swollen head. My wife took a cock in each hand and pulled us both towards her mouth. She swirled her tongue around both of our cock heads and rubbed them together. It was humiliating to visually see how much bigger he was compared to my small little cock.

After a while of this she had him lean back and instructed me to suck his cock from my knees in front of him. I eagerly obliged and loved how his big dick barely fit in my mouth. After watching me suck him off for a couple minutes, she straddled him and I had a perfect view of her easing herself onto his monster dick.

It took her a little bit to fit all of it inside of her, but after a short while, she had him slick with her juices and really let loose as she pounded her pussy up and down until she came. Even after her first orgasm, she was still enthusiastically fucking him like a piston.

As she built towards her second orgasm, I could tell he was also getting close. They continued to pick up the pace and as she climaxed I could see his balls tighten as he unloaded into her pussy. Spurt after spurt was being pumped deep inside of her. When he finally stopped cumming, my wife rolled off to the side. She pulled my face to her cunt. Just as my tongue was reaching her wet slit, his load started to ooze out of her. I sucked and licked until every drop of semen was gone.

She then told me to clean his cock- which I did. Amazingly it started to get hard almost immediately and I could feel it growing in my mouth. I did my job well as a fluffer for my wife’s lover and he fucked her twice more that night before he finally left exhausted.

My wife got fucked good and hard and I got to suck his dick and eat plenty of cum.

It was a good day!

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