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The wife and I were browsing through messages this past week on AFF and came across one from an out of town business traveler. We normally prefer local guys with the potential for a longer term relationship, but his message was clever, well written and his pics showed a very nice body and a long thick cock (see pic). We responded and exchanged face pics. My wife, who is extremely sexy, is picky when she’s looking for a fuck buddy. She liked what she saw and we agreed on a place for drinks on Sunday night.

It had been quite awhile since she had taken on another guy, so we were both a little nervous as the time approached in meeting our new potential sex partner. When he arrived, he stopped by our table to introduce himself and then went to the bar to get a drink. I was immediately drawn (as was the wife) by his good looks and confident mannerisms.

When he came back to the table, he took the seat next to my wife and proceeded to engage her in conversation- only politely including me occasionally. He was definitely making great progress with her and when she reached her hand out to touch his arm while laughing at something he'd said, I knew it was on.

We finished a couple rounds of drinks and he invited us back to the hotel for a drink at the bar there. It's known as a cool spot that gets more than just the hotel crowd. I dropped them off at the front door and drove up to the parking garage. When I finally made it inside, the bar was pretty crowded for a Sunday night. There were still quite a few people there watching the late NFL game. When I found them sitting next to each other at a table, my wife told me that she ran into a couple of my friends at the bar.

I looked over, and sure enough two guys I'm friends with were looking over at us. They approached to say hello and I introduced "Mark" as a friend of ours from out of town. Which for sure looked shady with my wife's hand on his arm and them sitting close to each other with me across the way. They made no comment and went back to the bar. My wife knew that the jealousy really turns me on, so she continued to put on a subtle show with intimate touches among very flirty behavior for our friends. She suggested that I get another round of drinks and meet them in his room.

So I went to get the drinks while my friends, and anyone else paying attention, watched my hot wife walking with her soon to be fuck buddy to the elevators to go upstairs. My cock was straining in my pants and I had a hard time counting the bills to pay for the drinks. I finally got paid up and was about 10 minutes behind them in getting to the room.

After knocking on the door, he answered with his shirt unbuttoned showing off his chiseled stomach. He led me to the bedroom where my wife was on the bed still fully clothed to my surprise. I took a seat in the chair while they sipped their drinks and I felt like a total outsider. The nervous jealousy of seeing my wife with another guy is something that every cuckold knows... it creates a sexual energy and state of arousal that is hard to even put into words. As they began to kiss and remove their clothes, I pulled my own cock out to play with it and enjoy the show.

I waited with anticipation as I watched her reach in his pants to play with his dick. As she slid his pants over his hips, his gorgeous cock flopped out. She positioned him on his back to give me a great view of her jacking him off and sucking his shaft and tonguing his shaved balls. After a few minutes he made her stop and said he wasn't ready to cum. He put her on her back and removed her bra and panties and went down on her to lick her shaved pussy. Her first orgasm came quickly and powerfully. She loves a big dick and I'm sure after sucking him off she was super horny...

After he made her cum, he got between her legs and rubbed his big head all over the entrance to her wet snatch. Watching him rub her clit with his rod was awesome. He then slowly inserted his cock inch by inch until her had all 9" buried all the way to his balls. After she was comfortable with the size of it he picked up the pace and pounded her for a couple minutes and she came for the second time. As she was coming down from the orgasm, I saw him clench his ass tightly as he unloaded in her. This only extended her orgasm...

A minute or so later, he withdrew his still hard cock and the wife called me over to the bed to get between her legs and clean her cunt. His thick spunk was oozing out and I got quite a mouthful as I continued to lick and suck her pussy. After I'd gotten as much as I could, he entered her again after never losing any of his erection. It was amazing. After the wife came again he unloaded his second batch of cum in her within 5 minutes. Instead of pulling out this time, he continued fucking her. My wife told me to go back downstairs and wait for her there.

As I walked back into the bar, the crowd had thinned, but my friends were still there. I got another drink and they asked where my wife was and I said she was still catching up with our friend but I wanted to get another drink. Nobody called me out, but they knew something was going on. After 30 mins or so my wife got off the elevator and we watched her walk towards us with messy hair and a big grin on her face. She gave me a kiss and set her purse down on the bar in front of all of us.

What I didn't see at first was that she had purposefully left it open and her panties were casually positioned to be partly hanging out in clear view. As we all stared at her lacy thong, she laughed and said they were a little messy and didn't want to put them back on. She then grabbed me by the hand and said we had to leave for home. I was too embarrassed to even look at my friends so I mumbled something and tried to conceal my hard on as we left through the front door.

As we were headed home, she sucked my cock and asked me if I liked seeing her get fucked by his big dick? How did I like eating his cum? Was I jealous that he was so much bigger? Did I kind that she was going to fuck him again tomorrow?

I love being a cuckold....

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