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This past Friday, the wife texted me at work and asked if I'd be ok with her meeting up with my friend around 6pm and then meet me for dinner around 8. She's been fucking my friend of 15 years pretty regularly for the past 7 months, so it's become fairly normal for her to meet him once or twice a week.

You can see from the pics attached that he has a very nice cock - she especially loves the width and how hard he pounds her. He makes her cum at least once (usually multiple times) when they fuck and I rarely am able to get her off.

I told her that I'd be excited to meet up with her - knowing that she's being satisfied by him and knowing that she'd bring me a tight and wet pussy full of his cum.

I got to the restaurant around 7:45 to get a table and settled in to wait with a glass of wine. She texted me a little after 8 and said he wanted to fuck her one more time and if that was ok? I told her as long as she was being fucked properly she could take her time lol.

She finally got there around 9:15 and looked amazing. Hair was a little messy, but what could I expect. She sat down and gave me a kiss and I could smell sex on her breath - and she knew it. After getting a glass of wine, she enjoyed telling me about how they fucked, how many times they both came, etc...

She was massaging my little cock under the table and she knew how horny it was making me. He texted her the pics in this story of my wife sucking his cock while we were eating. Very sexy...

As soon as we finished with dinner, we ducked into the bathroom on our way out of the restaurant and locked the door. I bent her over the sink and got on my knees behind her and pushed her dress over her hips and slid her panties down so I could bury my face in her pussy and licked out as much of my friend’s cum as I could.

Following that, I unbuckled my own pants to free my throbbing little cock and buried it as far I a could reach... she was slick with her juices as well as his cum so I easily slipped in.

Per usual, I lasted less than a minute before I dribbled my little cum drops inside of her.

I love my wife.

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