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I saw Regret on my Husband's Face!

Wife wanted a Threesome - Cuckold Husband

By: Janice


When I married my husband I knew that he wasn't amazing sexually. I fell in love with him for a million other reasons that outweighed the fact our sex life wasn't that good. He has a 4 1/2' cock, he doesn't give me foreplay and typically cums very fast.

Again none of this was an issue for me even in the slightest. He's amazing in every other way and I couldn't ask for a better partner in this life. I had only 2 sexual partners before him and they weren't much better sexually than my husband either so it's all I had known.

About a year back my husband expressed an interest in being cuckolded and I couldn't believe it. I told him I had no interest in it and I thought it was best that we just stayed monogamous. Over time he continued to bring it up and did his best to try and convince me to give it a try while reassuring me he knew what he was doing and was 100% sure he was into it. Obviously the more he convinced me this was what he wanted more than anything the idea of someone fucking me properly started to sound appealing to me!

Recently my husband found a guy who was attractive, very tall and from what he told me he was very hung but I hadn't seen those pictures. I agreed to meet him but sat my husband down one more time to make sure this is what he wanted! He expressed to me that he even had a humiliation kink so that there was nothing to worry about, he had also expressed to me on multiple occasions that no matter how he acted in the moment that he wants me to continue if I was enjoying myself.

The night came and my husband and I went to the bar early and had a drink before John arrived. He was everything I had hoped looks wise. He towered over my husband and was so handsome. We talked and got to know each other while having a few drinks. As soon as I had a couple and my nerves went away I found myself more and more attracted to John and the idea of him fucking me later in the night was making me ridiculously wet.

He was very confident and talked/flirted with me like my husband wasn't even there. He had his arm around me all night, kissed my neck, and was very handsy whenever he got a moment he felt no one was looking.

My husband asked if we would like to leave and head back to the hotel so we did. When we got into our room John started kissing me passionately as he backed me up to the foot of the bed then laid us down, barely breaking the kiss.

My dress road up my thigh as I wrapped my legs around him. He moved his hand between us, pushed aside my panties and thrust his fingers in my soaking wet pussy! We both groaned totally lost in the moment. He fingered me hard and fast until I squirted all over his fingers. Then he brought his hand to my mouth and watched me suck my juices off of his fingers, while his other hand undid his pants.

John pulled his cock out and it was huge! He was twice as thick as my husband and almost 4" longer! I bit my lip and watched for a second as he stroked up and down on his big cock, I then glanced over at my husband to see him watching us while stroking his tiny dick.

John grabbed my legs and yanked me up the bed until my ass was almost hanging off. He moved my panties over to the side and then spit onto my clit. He then rubbed the head of his cock on my spit and cum soaked pussy before lining up and thrusting deep inside me.

He fucked me so hard and so deep with his massive cock and I was squirting everywhere, soaking his bed. He grabbed my legs and pushed them all the way back, making his already huge cock feel even bigger. He was hitting deeper inside me than my husband ever had, filling up my pussy so fucking full! All while never letting up his pace.

He was dripping sweat all over me as he fucked me until I was seeing stars. I had never felt anything even close to this in my life and I remember looking over at my husband at one point and I could see the regret on his face, I had already confessed to my husband but at that moment I was fully turned on by the look on his face. I had been warning him for almost a year that we shouldn't do this and he kept pushing for me to do it so now here he was watching another man give me the best fucking of my life!

Right as I was having my best orgasm of the night John happened to simultaneously lift the top of my dress down and sucked on my tits causing my pussy to explode. Every stroke inside me I could feel my pussy juices splashing off of us. Next he pulled his cock out of me and asked me to clean it off. I sat cross legged on the bed as he stood over me.

I cleaned every inch of his cock before spending a minute sucking on his balls until he told me he was going to cum. I bent my head back as he started to shoot his cum all over my face and into my mouth. I was covered with his cum as he grabbed the back of my head and moved it back to his cock so that I could suck the rest out.

John started to put his clothes on and I looked over at my husband still looking bummed out. It was at this moment that the high of the night had come down and I felt immediately guilty that he had to watch that. We spoke about it and he reassured me that he had specifically told me not to stop no matter what and me admitting that I was turned on by forcing him to watch it play out even though I knew he was regretting what he was seeing actually turns him on now.

The potential problem for the two of us now is that even if he wanted to stop I absolutely would for him because I would do anything for him. At the same time I literally could not even comprehend the idea of not getting to experience sex like that.

Sex with my husband the last couple weeks since this happened has made me frustrated and I want more!

Luckily my hubby is open to it and next time he just wants pictures/videos so I just want to make it the most enjoyable experience ever for him so I can continue on!


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