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The Lowest Point in my Life!

Wife Loves to Dominate Husband - Cuckold Husband

By: Chris


My girlfriend Amanda and I have been together for a couple of years. Last year we moved to a new city as soon as we finished college since I found a nice job there. I'm not a very extroverted person so until now I haven't made any friends here. Amanda on the other hand has made a lot of new friends, on of them Alex, a guy I never really liked because he always gave me a bad vibe and was also very cocky.

We had a problem with water tubes in our apartment and we had to move for 3-4 days until they fixed it. I thought we could get a hotel room but Amanda insisted that we could stay at Alex's house since he lives alone, although his apartment has only one bedroom.

It took Amanda a while to convince me but since he offered us to stay at his place I thought maybe he wasn't such a bad person after all. We went to his house on a Friday night and after having dinner together me and Amanda slept in Alex's room while he slept on the couch.

Next day, Saturday we decided to stay home again since I wanted to see the football game as my team was playing an important match. Alex hated my team and all day he was talking about how much of a shitty team it was and that we were going to lose because we were losers. All that situation and those words coming from Alex made me hate him even more.

I decided to fight back and as the match started I was supporting my team even louder. The first half went in my favour which made me really happy and Alex pretty annoyed. In the second half, things took a wrong turn. Not only did that made Alex super happy and made him start making fun of me again, but Amanda, who btw is not a big football fan, joined Alex in mocking me. That was kind of normal because I know she likes to tease me and make fun of me especially when it comes to football.

I got pretty angry and insisted we would still win the game since there were still 10 minutes to be played. Alex said there was no way and asked me if I wanted to bet. I asked him what was the bet and he told me I would sleep on the couch and he would get his bed back. Sleeping a couple of days on the couch was not that bad so I accepted.

In the next minutes every time the opposing team scored, Alex and Amanda would cheer and mock me. I didn't notice until then but as I turned my eyes to see them I saw that Alex's hand was on Amanda's shoulder. She was sitting between me and Alex and was wearing some shorts that revealed part of her ass as she was sitting. In the next minutes I lost focus on the game since every now and then Alex would pull Amanda in, kind of hugging her and also touching her leg sometimes.

At one point he rested his hand on my girlfriend's leg while caressing her slowly. I completely lost my focus on the game. I started to feel angry and also a bit embarrassed. This guy was not only making fun of me but was also touching my girlfriend right there next to me. It's weird to explain but that situation made me a little horny.

The game came to an end and as soon as it finished Alex got up from the couch, pulled Amanda from the couch and they hugged while laughing. For the next 20 minutes they made fun of me and laughed at me. Normally I would be super angry but I stayed there on the couch and took it all. Amanda was enjoying the situation also as she kept laughing and joking with Alex.

After some more beers and a little bit after midnight Alex told us it was time to go to bed. I told Amanda I was sorry for the bet and that it would be hard to sleep on that couch with me. "Who said she would sleep there?" Alex said. I got really confused and asked him what did he mean by that. He told me that I was the loser so I would have to sleep on the couch, Amanda did not lose any bet.

Did this mean what I think it meant? Is he suggesting that I would sleep alone on the couch while he would sleep with my girlfriend? I was feeling so humiliated and the fact that Amanda did not refuse made me feel even more humiliated. The idea of that jerk who made fun of me all night, sleeping with my girl made me feel like a real cuck, but the horny side of me won.

I accepted the conditions and went to the bedroom to take a pillow and some blankets. As I was preparing the couch, Alex and Amanda went inside the bedroom and from the couch I could see Alex removing his pants and lying in bed with his boxers. My heart started to beat super fast, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I wanted to do something about it but the idea that he would be in bed with the love of my life was making me crazy.

Amanda got out of the bathroom and went straight to his bedroom. She said good night to me and closed the bedroom door. In the next minutes my imagination went crazy. I started thinking about them making out, touching each other, or even worse going down on each other.

I felt like a pathetic loser. A guy humiliated me and then took my girl right in front of me. About 10 minutes later I heard music from the bedroom. Looked like they played a playlist because the music was not stopping. It was pretty clear now. The music was there to hide the noises of what they were doing.

I couldn't resist anymore, I took my dick out and started to jerk off. It took me like 10 seconds to cum and after that I felt like that was the lowest point in my life. But hey, what could have I done at that moment? It was clearly too late and I was too ashamed to open that door.

I tried to sleep just so that the night would end but it was impossible. The music was going on now for more than an hour. I got super horny again and decided to jerk off again but as soon as I was about to start, the music stopped and seconds later the bedroom door opened. I immediately covered my self and acted like I was sleeping. I keep my eyes closed as one of them walked past the couch where I was sleeping to go to the bathroom.

After a couple of minutes I heard the bathroom door open and close again. I opened my eyes just enough to see what was going on. Amanda was going back to the bedroom, she had removed her shorts and was in her black small thong. She closed the bedroom door behind her and I started to hear them talk. My dick was hard like a diamond. I jerked off again and again I came in seconds.

It was official. My girlfriend made me a cuckold. Later at night as I was scrolling on my phone since I couldn't sleep I heard noises from the bedroom. Amanda was moaning softly as I could hear the bed creaking.

Feeling super pathetic I slowly, without making noise, approached the bedroom door and slowly jerked off for a third time while listening to Alex fucking my girl, this time without even bothering to hide it.

Chris & Amanda

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