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By: Seth & Megan


Me and my girlfriend Megan are both 25. We have been experimenting with threesomes and sleeping with other people for around a year now. A couple of months ago we meet an older couple in a club. The man, Tom was 54 snd his wife Jennifer was 46. We had some drinks with them and decided to go home together. We went to their home and after some drinks there we started to get horny and ended up having sex all together.

Tom, the older guy, although my height, so around 6 foot tall, had a cock twice my size. We started with the girls blowing us and switching dick from time to time. Then after Tom told my gf Megan to spread her legs in a doggy position. He got behind her and after rubbing his dick on her pussy lips he went in. Megan started moaning very loudly as that was the biggest cock she ever tried.

I on the other hand was getting my dick sucked by the older woman Jennifer although my mind was on Megan and Tom. I came in about 10 minutes. It was hard not to while watching Megan scream like that. Tom kept fucking her for another 40 minutes. Megan came pretty hard. And then After Tom also was about to come. She made her turn around and came all over her boobs.

We kept drinking some more and after fucking again later that night we called an uber to go home. Once we were home we discussed about what happened and Megan told me it was the best sex she ever had. She said that his experience played a role, but the fact that his dick was probably 9 inches made a big difference. We made sure we exchanged contacts before leaving so that we could meet again.

After our first experience with Tom and Jennifer we met them a couple more times even tho we shifted more to them fucking Megan and me watching since that was the most exiting thing to me. We always had a lot of time with them since they were very nice people.

One day Tom invited us to have a coffee with him. He proposed an idea to us. He told us that a couple of his friends would love to have a gangbang with Megan and that if we liked the idea we can consider that. He reassured us that they were nice people and that they would not do anything that Megan or I didn't want.

We told him we needed some time to think about it and that we would inform him. Tom also added that he would like to give a small gift to Megan if she accepts. Later that night we thought about that proposal and decided to go for it. I told Megan that she can quit whenever she wants and that if she doesn't like it she doesn't have to do it.

We told Tom we agree and he told me he would pick up Megan that Saturday. I told him I would like to take her myself and that I would wait for her. That night Megan did her makeup, wore a slutty pink dress, heels and put her perfume on.

The location was in a nice neighbourhood. I left her at the door of the apartment where Tom picked her up. I decided to go have a beer while waiting for her. I sat at a bar nearby and ordered a beer. I waited there for maybe an hour and a half thinking about everything they could have been doing to my girlfriend.

I was super horny imagining everything but also a little bit worried. I texted and called Megan but no response at all. I decided to walk a little to calm myself but as two hours passed by I decided to go there. I went to the apartment building but as soon as I arrived there my phone rang. It was Tom's number.

He told me he saw Megan's phone and my missed calls. He invited me to go upstairs because he understood I was worried. I went straight up to the apartment. Megan opened the door and gave me a kiss, then told me she didn't hear the phone cause they were keeping her very busy. I went inside and met all the guys. They complimented me on Megan and after having a drink with them me and Megan went back home.

As soon as we were alone I asked her to tell me everything. Megan told me the guys presented themselves and were actually very nice, polite people and that that reassured her. Then they drank some wine all together, they slowly started to touch her and then they started making out with all, all checking to see if she was okay throughout. She told me it was very weird at first but they were very gentle. She told me they started to finger her and then one of them started to eat her pussy. She told me she was soaking at this point. After that they told her to get on her knees and the three of them pulled their dicks out and she started to suck them. Then they fucked her in different positions.

She told me the other guys were also very big and that they stretched her pussy. They started slow but then things became pretty hardcore. The men fucked her pretty hard and she enjoyed that. Anyway she told me she came a couple of times. At the end they brought her back on her knees and started to jerk off until they all came on her face, mouth and boobs. She said that was such a turn on.

I never had that much cum on me, Megan said. She then took a shower and then is when she saw the phone and Tom called me. She told me also that tomorrow gifted her a beautiful gold necklace that looked really expensive.

Seth & Megan

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