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Open Relationship led to Sharing Videos!

Wife was having an Affair - Cuckold Husband

By: Rabbit


My girlfriend is basically my wife, we have been together for ten years and we trust each other with our lives. We are each other's everything. In our early 20s, we decided to try an open relationship for a few months, just because we were curious about it.

We both enjoyed our experiences but we both realised we enjoyed the company of each other more than anyone else. A few years after, my gf got her dream job in Europe. It was a big deal for her and it was an opportunity she had to take. (Shout out to all you art lovers in Europe for giving my gf a chance).

I had family stuff that meant I had to stay in the US. But we were gonna go long distance! Whilst long distance we realised that we both wanted to have sex but a few thousand miles stopped that from happening. So we decided to open up our relationship again.

We both slept with one other person and found that one person was enough. That kinda became the rule! We get to sleep with one other person (only a few times, nothing super routine. And nobody that we consider a friend just to avoid messiness) All my friends asked if I minded that she fucked other guys but I never really cared, we both are soul mates, we trust each other and its just sex nothing more.

She came back to the US for a few months and we were talking about our arrangement, about how cool we are and how much we love each other etc. She asked if I could film the next time I'm with someone. I was shocked but my gf revealed that she thought the idea of me fucking someone else was hot.

I agreed and next time I was with someone, I forgot. After my gf was blowing up my phone asking to see the videos and I told her the bad news. She was a little sad but I hoped to vindicate myself by sayin, "The videos won't be that hot anyway." This throw away line must have stuck with my gf.

Months later, we were video calling. I knew she had slept with someone else a week or two before and could tell she had something planned for the call. In the midst of adorably talking about all the cool paintings she comes across, she brought up the video and was joking with me about the fact I said they wouldn't be hot. She then sent me a video.

Yeah you know where this is going. It's her knelt on the floor, blushing and smiling. She was wearing a black bra. I already knew where this was going. The video opens with her saying, "Hey (my name). You said videos wouldn't be hot and I am about to prove you wrong. I love you Rabbit (her nickname for me)." She then started to suck a guy's dick. Her eyes were just staring into the camera like she was looking directly at me. Periodically, she would stop blowing the guy and nervously laugh and/or telling me she loved me. I was watching this slightly in shock but really turned on.

She asked me if I was enjoying the video. I wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying so I just said, "It's good." She said she was glad I liked it and then went onto talking about something else. (She has a short attention span and can talk about so many topics so quickly and its so fucking cute).

I was not paying attention to what other topic she had moved onto, I was still watching her. She was so nervous it was cute. Then, she removed her bra revealing her bare boobs and then she said, "I hope you're having fun Rabbit." That broke me, it was so sexy. At this point she must have noticed I was not paying attention. She asked me if I was watching the video. I said I was and asked if she had anymore, and she did.

Each video was her addressing me, telling me how much she loved me whilst fucking someone else. I started to jerk off, my gf was shocked. The whole situation was so ethereal, the vibes were just crazy romantic. So I jerked off as I watched, my gf was motivating me throughout.

She was saying things like, "Cum for me Rabbit," and "Are you having fun watching me?" My personal favourite vid was an edit she made of her fucking the guy, like a tiktok edit with music and transitions (Her art degree being put to good work).

I came like a billion times. Even after the call ended I would revisit them. She came back home a few days ago and we have both been laughing at ourselves and simultaneously thinking we're unbelievably hot. I just wanted a place to share it!!


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