My Girlfriend went Skinny Dipping with Another



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My gf has been working at this place for a few years now and has called this guy her work husband and talks pretty openly about how much they flirt at work. She had a crush on him romantically before she met me but says that now she only wants sex and friendship with him. She saw his dick when they went skinny dipping together last year and has been fantasizing about sucking it ever since.

They had a small fling where she grabbed his dick and he was into it but the next day said he didn't want to cheat on his GF (who was already cheating on him). But that's been it besides flirting so far. Until last night.

Shes cucked me before with other guys and recently found out this guy is now in an open relationship. Like last night found out. We've been dirty talking about them fucking recently and him cumming in her, how much she wants his dick. All that fun stuff. Simultaneously she hasn't been letting me fuck her with my dick, only her toys and my tongue.

She was closing with him last night and about a half hour before, asked me if I would mind if they and another coworker went out. I said I kinda did mind but if that's what she wanted to do then she could but please nothing sexual with that guy tonight. She said okay and sent a text about how perfect I am for her and how much she loves me. And that was the last I heard from her.

The three of them went out to the bar and had some shots of tequila. He told her he's been fucking another coworker of theirs and she got jealous. The coworker that joined them left the bar after sobering up and the bar was closing.

He asked my gf if she wanted to sober up at his place and to which she enthusiastically accepted. When they got there he almost immediately pulled down her shorts and started eating her out. As he sat down on the couch next to her he pulled down his shorts and revealed his huge dick.

She says he's 2 or 3 inches longer than me and way thicker. When she saw it she got that shocked porn face (y'all know what face I'm talking about) and said "not to sound like a hotwife but when I saw how big it was I had to suck it."

She was pretty reluctant afterwards even though she had a good time.

When she first told me my first reaction was to be pissed, fuck, I was livid. I found out basically first thing this morning but I had already had a suspicion. But I also found my dick getting hard and I wanted to ask her about her experience and how much she liked it and how much she wants his dick.

And then I realized, I wasn't mad, and if I was then it was a fraction of how mad I thought I'd be. I want her to do it again. I told her I almost wanna ask her not to fuck him just so she can not only fuck him but let him cum in her and tease me about it.

I was pretty quick to tell her that she's allowed to fuck him tonight, and they close tonight too. She was pretty quick to say she already got an invitation. I think it's so hot how she can't resist his dick.

He's not really super kinky but if he knew just how much she wants to be used by him I wonder if he would use her how she wants.

Love the blog btw!




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