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So, as things normally go, I become more and more intrigued with the thoughts of having a Bull (but this story will not revile this yet). I had watched so many porno videos of white wife w/ Bull and it was such a turn-on seeing their huge black cocks dominate the women, fucking for hours and with such power and vigor. I started talking to my husband about my sexual desires of a Bull, how fun and sexy it would be fucking a black cock, the thought of being impregnated by some black seed, the nasty feeling of being used by a black man for his sexual pleasure and beating up my pussy as often as he wished.

Day by day, the thoughts continued to burn into my mind and desires as I played with my new big black dildo that would stretch and fill my pussy with screaming crazy good orgasms. Every morning, I was working my big dildo (A Mr Hankeys -BeefCake XL) into my pussy shaking with nasty lust of having a big (huge) black dick. My husband complemented over the course of the next few weeks how loose and wet I had become as I explained and told him of my wishes and need for a Bull.

I knew how to excite him over the idea by explaining to him; "When you leave for work, I'll text my Bull to come over", "the neighbors will see this strange black man visiting our home several times a week and start to quickly question what's going on, am I cheating with a black man?"

We played with the nasty ideas and actions that could happen and I loved seeing his excitement and hearing call me a "Nasty Black Cock Whore", He took pleasure in fucking my loose, excited pussy as I moaned to him how I wanted a big black cock using my pussy, hitting me deeply and pumping thick cum deep into my whore pussy. My husband would watch in amazement as I would slide my big black dildo into my greedy pussy with more and more ease as I pushed it deep inside me hitting my Cervix. He would hold his hand over my lower stomach feeling the massive rubber cock slide deeply moving my inside as I would have ripping Orgasms as we both moaned out what a fucking nasty whore I was (I truly love being called a slut-whore-white trash-Puta).

I was going out to the casinos in the evening (at husband's requests) seating at the bars just seeing if anyone hit on me or if there were any black men visiting. At the Atlantis, the Bartender thought I was a prostitute and didn't charge me for my drinks. Maybe strange, but I loved the feeling of her thinking I was "working". My husband would let me know what I should be wearing, and it was pretty much always the same, short black skirt, black loose top showing my cleavage and side view of my tities, my anklet and my toe ring with the word "WHORE". He enjoyed seeing me dressed sexy and loose and I have become to welcome the attention and the nakedness feeling.

One night, seating drinking my long island texting my husband my nasty thoughts and filthy desires as he responded with excitement about my slutty comments and letting me know how proud of a whore I was and encouraging me to be his dirty slutty wife. 2 older guys seat down beside me and quickly started introducing themselves and talking, buying me a couple more drinks. I was horny from the nasty husband texts and adjusted my legs exposing a peek of my naked pussy. The guys were in town for some sales convention and looking to have fun as one of them ask the question: "so, are you staying here or working here?". My stomach got cold with excitement as no one had every ask me if I was a prostitute!!!

I smiled and told them both that I was "working to have fun" and that broke the ice letting them know I was pretty easy to fuck. They moved in closer and started stroking and rubbing my smooth legs freely as I texted my husband what the guy asked me and telling him I was pretty horny. He texted back asking me if I was going to fuck one or both? I paused, and then texted back both!

The men were looked like they were in their early to mid-50's, decent shape and one was black so that was big plus. They seen me texting and ask if everything was ok? I teased them by saying, I have other "appointments" tonight and asked if they had a room at the hotel?

They both were nervous and like little kids asking me, well how much? How long?. I calmed them with my confident voice telling them, I'll give you a "two-fer" deal and just said some ridiculous amount of $. They talked to themselves and then handed me some cash! I pulled a $100 bill from the cash and passed it to the bartender smiling for her kind jesters and free drinks.

We all three got up and made our way through the casino as I walked in the middle with each holding their arms around my hips. I felt so sexy, slutty, nasty and it all made me feel warn inside as my pussy throbbed, my nipple erect and hard as the man guided me towards the elevator, I looked as men looked at me with surprising excitement of my nasty actions and women looked at me with disgust! As entering the elevator, my heart was racing, and the liquor was making my head light with nasty needs. The men both started kissing me, their hands exploring my titties, nipples and finding my wet pussy as I moaned and stroked through their pants feeling the stiffing dicks.

We exit the elevator and reach a room where the guy is aggressively opening the door. Walking into the room, I strip off my little skirt and top laying on the bad as the 2-men start licking every inch of my body. As they remove their business clothing, I have one dick in my mouth as the other licks my pussy like a pro making me squirm and moan. They trade off several times as I sucked each one enjoying their darting tongues inside my wet hole. The older black guy rolls me over as I continue sucking the other man. I felt his warm pre-cum coating my pussy as his pushes in me with quick strokes pumping me fast and hard sending good pleasure through me.

They switch off fucking my pussy several rotations feeding me wet sticky dick to clean and suck. I wasn't ashamed that they both gave me 2-great orgasms before they one by one cum inside my pussy. We lay on the bad, recovering and then the white man crawled between my legs and started licking my wet cum filled pussy as the black man leaned over my face for me to suck his balls and long black dick. I had always wanted to lick a man ass and with my excitement and deep lust of how fucking filthy I was acting, I flicked my tongue on the black man’s asshole as I stroked his dick. He moaned out and settled his ass lower on my face as I flicked and licked his black hole making him cum a load on my tittes and belly.

We continued switching positions, sucking and fucking, licking ass and filling the room with moans and the musky smell of sex. After over an hour, the men were exhausted and I was ready to exit the room by putting my small skirt and top over my sweaty, cum coated body.

The man both gave me nice and sexy comments about the great time they had with me and they would never forget this night. I was grateful that I planted a lasting and nasty memory for them and I knew they talk, think and jerk off about me for years to come.

I stopped at the bar for a water and to text my husband, he snuck up behind me giving me a big hug and feeling my sticky body and messy hair. We talked and I let him know of my nasty, prostituting actions, teasing him about what a fucking whore he married. As we got up to leave, my husband said he got us a room and quickly guided me through the casino again to a room to fuck my used pussy like a good slutty whore wife I am.


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