Feeling Helpless Listening to my Wife Orgasm



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Spring last year my wife Sally & I spent 10 days holidaying in Denmark; a farmhouse holiday, this being a smallholding owned by a middle aged couple who had, amongst numerous animals, a Golden Retriever 'bitch' (this is not about dogs).

Neither of the 2 could speak any English, & she was trying to tell us something, but which we could not understand.

On our very first day, in walked this young blond guy with his Golden Retriever male dog; tall, handsome & charming was he, & I sensed that Sally on seeing him sort of took a 'double take'!

We reckon it was obvious what was about to happen. The lady told this blond guy Niels something, & which he translated for us; but we already sussed it out---the dogs began copulating there & then on the patio!

Niels told us that they were breeding puppies for re sale! Niels was not a farmer, (well only a bit-part one!), but had his own successful business.

It seemed kinda strange, the 5 of us watching this animal copulation take place, & Sally for sure seemed embarrassed; but for the others, being Danish, AND farmers it was no big deal. The lady then giggled, & said something in Danish!

Niels laughed & asked if we wanted to know---well even HE found it difficult to tyranslate, but essentially what the lady was saying that the 2 Golden Retrievers were pedigree dogs, golden & blond, & like them so were Niels & Sally---blonde the pair of them.

Sally blushed violently, the implication obviously being that maybe Niels & Sally ALSO copulate! Well, Niels was no slouch---with the dogs hard at it, he moved over to Sally, & with hardly any fuss, took her in his arms, & brought his mouth down onto hers; correct, she did not flinch; instead she opened her mouth & I watched her entertaining his tongue!

I wtached as she brought her arms around & held his blond head, & pushed her OWN tongue deep into his mouth. The middle aged couple had this broad grin on their faces, maybe smiling at my helplessness.

Things moved fast. Niels led my wife inside, into a little side guest room the couple had. In next to no time, I could hear what they were doing---& believe me, they were NOT doing crossword puzzles! After an initial silence of a few minutes, the sounds of love making filled the room, as I heard Sally enjoy herself on Niels's blond Danish dick!

I heard her moaning, & then a crescendo of sound, as she orgasmd, again & again. I was so so helpless.

Then the lady made a gesture, indicating a bump on her tummy---this time I FULLY well understood what she was suggesting, as she KEPT up this gesture over & over again; but I pretended I didn't understand. So she went indoors, & brought out this Danish-English-Danish dictionery. Pointing to the word 'pregnant', she said 'Sally, Sally', obviously telling me that my wife was being impregnated in the next room! AND the middle aged couple only laughed!

When the lovers emerged, Sally looked embarrased, & didnt say anything. That evening, the stud was BACK with his dog, & once more on the patio, the dogs started mating----EXACTLY the same thing that Niels & my wife did in the room just inside.

The middle aged lady again said something in Danish, & this time I was clueless---genuinely. So once more the dictionery came out, & she pointed to me, & pointing to the word 'cuckold'! She was telling me I was a cuckold. In a strange way, I found that exciting!

Now Sally & I had made fairly detailed plans as to what all we would do when there, but these plans 'went for 6', as life thereafter revolved around those mating Golden Retrievers, & the similiarly 'mating blondes'!

Next day? The same.

And AGAIN, something said to me in Danish. AGAIN 'lost in translation; AGAIN out came the dictionery, this time with a box of kleenex tissues! AGAIN, pointing to me, she turned up the word' masturbate', giving the box to me! They knew I was turned on!

What was I supposed to do? EXACTLY THAT! So on the patio - the middle aged couple got up and left - I began tossing off to the sounds of my wife having orgasms with her blond stud, as in within a few seconds I lost it and came all over to her sounds.






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