My Wife Insisted on a New Relationship



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My wife Donna & I were married young - and both came to marriage having only having sex with each other. That meant she didn't know that a 4 1/2 inch cock was small and I didn't know something that small didn't satisfy very well.

After a couple of years, my wife came home one day and announced that she loved me very much, but she had discovered that sex with me was nothing to her. She announced she wanted to stay married, but she would no longer fuck me. I could eat her, I could masturbate when she said it was OK. Also, I could watch when she decided to have a "real man." She said if that wasn't OK, then I needed to pack up and get out. She would be sad, but she'd get over it. I was absolutely stunned. I had no advance warning (although the frequency of sex had diminished over the time we had been married).

With tears in my eyes, I said, "Your happiness is the most important thing to me because I love you, too. I accept your conditions to stay."

She smiled, then turned her head and yelled, "Hey Doug, you can come in now." In walked a guy who was blond and about 3 inches taller than me. I could also tell by the bulge in his jeans that he was far better endowed. Doug came up behind her and slid his hands over her breasts. She reached up and put her hand on the back of his neck and moaned. Donna said, "Get your clothes off - you'll always be naked any time you're home." I began undressing and noticed Doug was smiling broadly. Once I was nude, Donna threw a small plastic bag to me.

"Put that on."

I opened the bag to find a male chastity device, one that prevented touching of the penis, but left the balls free for punishment. I looked at her with a look of complete shock and opened my mouth to begin to protest. It was at that moment she popped open her jeans and moved Doug's hands between her legs. I knew any resistance would mean I would be on the street. I snapped the plastic device over my small, soft cock and put the small lock through the securing hole. Donna peeled off her t-shirt, revealing a small brass key on a necklace around her neck.

"Now that you are properly attired, I want you to get over here and undress Doug."

I had never undressed a man nor considered it. But I found myself, nude except for my cock cage, shuffling across the room and beginning to unbutton Doug's shirt. I slid it off his shoulders, then knelt to remove his shoes and socks. I stayed on my knees and unbuckled his belt, unsnapped and unzipped his jeans. I slid them down his legs, then pulled them off, leaving him nude, but with a cock loose and beginning to grow.

My wife took Doug by the cock and led him to our bed. Without looking back at me, she ordered me to follow. She sat on the edge of the bed and began stroking Doug's cock. She ordered me to kneel between her legs and lick her pussy. This situation should have caused a lot of different reactions. If someone had asked me, I would have never thought I'd be here. But I meekly walked to the edge of the bed where my wife was sucking on another man's cock. I dropped to my knees and began licking her.

My cock was trying to grow hard. But the restraint was doing it's work - it would get slightly larger and the pain would remind me I had no free will with regard to my genitals. Eventually, I could eat pussy and not get hard. Suddenly my wife planted her foot in the middle of my chest and shoved me to the floor. "Now you can watch as I get the first real fucking of my life."

She pulled Doug's cock so he moved to enter her. He was very thick and about 8 inches long. Donna's eyes got huge as Doug began to slid his thick meat into her pussy. As soon as he was full inside her, he began moving slowly in and out.

My wife looked over Doug's shoulder at me. "Do you know there's a name for a husband whose wife gets fucked by other men with his permission. He's called cuckold, or cucked for short. Congratulations, you're now a cuck. You're going to get to watch me get serviced by a lot of men from now on."

As soon as she said this, she slammed her head back on to the bed and began yelling, "Fuck me harder, I'm cumming! God, I never had it like this! Fuck me, stud, fuck me hard!"

Doug began banging her hard and fast. As he did, Donna yelled out, "get closer cuck, watch a real man cum." I crawled up as ordered, putting my head between Doug's legs, inches from his balls as they slapped against my wife's ass. Suddenly his balls got tight against his cock shaft and he began grunting. He semen began squishing out between his cock and the sides of Donna's pussy. His thrusts finally began to slow and he collapsed on top of my sweaty, spent wife.

He kissed her, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth. She accepted it like a baby bird taking a worm. It had been years since Donna had kissed me with such passion.

She let go of his tongue and he withdrew his penis, gooey and starting to soften. Donna said, "Cuck, from now on it's your duty to clean up. You can start with me. Get busy!" As Doug lay on his back beside my wife, I stuck out my tongue and tasted her inseminated pussy. I had never even tasted my own semen, but I found that it was not bad. I lapped her labia clean, then pushed my tongue into her vagina, sucking gently to get as much cum as possible.

Once her hairless crotch was again free of cum, she grabbed my ears and pulled me up. "Doug, I think you need a clean-up in the middle aisle. Here, you can use him."

Doug laughed and grabbed my ears from Donna. I'd never had touched another man's cock before today, much less sucked it, but I sucked now. Doug pushed as much as he could into my mouth as I sucked and licked the his and Donna's cum from the head, shaft and scrotum. Not surprisingly, my attention caused him to begin to stiffen again. Donna saw this and laughed. "I never took you for a cocksucker, but looks like you have hidden talents. I'll be sure you get more experience. Now get up and get us a couple of beers. Take your time, but none for you. Now stand up."

Just as I stood up, Donna snapped her foot into my crotch. That familiar pain and sick feeling caused me to double over. I shuffled out of the room bent over, holding my balls. Donna and Doug laughed loudly until Donna once again took Doug into her mouth and took up sucking him where I'd left off.

I finally made my way to the kitchen, opened 2 beers and started back to our bedroom. I found the door shut and locked. Not knowing what to do, I stood outside, listening while Donna came multiple times.

When they finished, Doug opened the door, took the beers and began dressing. Donna pointed to her pussy as Doug handed her her bottle. I knelt once again between her legs and began eating what Doug had left. At one point, she drew her legs up to her chest, baring her stretched asshole. I slid my tongue out of her pussy and began rimming her. gently sucking the cum Doug had left in her ass.

When he was dressed, Doug came back to the side of the bed and kissed Donna once again. She flashed him that bright, radiant smile that used to be for me. "See you again some time, stud."

When I'd finished cleaning her asshole, she patted the bed beside her. I crawled up beside her, thinking I might be rewarded for my submissive compliance. But she simply rolled on her side, giving me her back and fell asleep. I laid there, tasting the mix of both their cum juices and bits of her shit I'd sucked out of her asshole with his semen. I pondered what might be in store for me.






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