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I Finally got to Watch in Person

By: Kelly & Ross

Wife's Side view of her Breast as she likes the Cuckolding lifestyle


My wife and I got married in October of 2022. Shortly after we got married I gained enough confidence to express my sexual desires with my wife that I had kept a secret from everyone for SO long.

My wife is a very sexy woman emotionally. She is very much in tune with her desires and she gives off that vibe when she is flirting or even just walking around. Guys eat that up and all want to be with her in bed.

So now, back to my secret sexual desires that I shared with her, I shared that I had always wanted to watch her get fucked by another man. I was so nervous whenever I asked this that my hands were trembling a little bit. I was scared she was going to judge me or think that I was gay. To my surprise she said verbatim, "I'm okay with that!" What a RELIEF.

A few months past after that and we finally worked up the courage to mutually agree to make her an online swingers profile and get looking for her first hookup. We experienced a lot of flakes during this time, believe it or not it can actually be somewhat hard to find a sex partner that fits the proper mold and is actually okay with being recorded, even if your wife is very into it.

We finally found someone that was suitable and she set up a time to meet him, they fucked, he shot his cum on my wife's back and sent her pussy home to me ready for me to reclaim her.

Whenever she got home I experienced an orgasm like I had never had before and I swear it must have lasted 10 minutes.

She had a few partners between then and now but we can move on to the event that happened TONIGHT.

She met a guy from the site, we can call him Tony. Tony, is a lean guy and only about 6'0" tall but he has a huge penis.

We got to talking to him for a few days but he flaked on us the first time. Tonight, we had a meet set-up for them to hook up alone but he had family come over to stay at his home last minute.

The problem solver in me came out and I said fuck it, let's have him come over and I'll get the opportunity to see this in person for once.

I brought up the idea and Tony and my wife were both okay with it. Whenever they were on there way to my wife and I's home I was insanely nervous. I swallowed that fear and pushed forward.

Whenever they arrived I led them both to the bedroom and let them get started while I waited outside of the door. I was feeling the situation out and I didn't want to put myself in a position where I would be uncomfortable.

Before long I couldn't help myself anymore and decided that I was going to be in the room or it isn't happening at all. When I came in Tony started eating my wife's pussy and I started kissing her.

Soon after Tony and I switched positions and I ate my wife's pussy until she came.

After that she started to suck his dick and choke on it like I've never seen before, even in the previous videos.

I remember feeling so aroused that I thought my dick was going to explode.

My wife then got on top of him and rode him until he shot his cum deep inside of her. The reclaiming sex was incredible. I didn't have an orgasm as hard as the first one but it was one for the books.

Thank you for reading my story. I know I'm not the best writer but this story is 100% true and I felt like adding it to the blog.

I hope you guys and wives like it.


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