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It's been a long time fantasy of mine to watch my wife have sex with another guy. I'm not looking to create a "lifestyle", frankly, just to fulfill this one fantasy. I don't remember how long ago it started but, although she's never expressed any interest in it, instead of fading over time (we've been married 15 years) it's only grown stronger recently.

So like a lot of you, probably, I've read the blog and looked at the pictures and continued to fantasize. Eventually, I got a bit bolder and posted some replies to those who posted their wives here. many told me how they found men online and I was curious.

So the next step, naturally, was to reply to some ads of men looking to seduce married women or couples. I was honest from the beginning that she wasn't in any way a "hot wife" or anything like that. In fact she knew nothing about all this and was no doubt going to be resistant.

I also said that as much as I wanted to watch, I knew that that was near impossible and that perhaps a video or hiding in a closet or some other way might be found if she could be seduced. And that, in and of itself, was in my view still highly unlikely.

A few guys got back to me and some of them were clearly wasting time or phonies or simply obnoxious or stupid. Also to be expected I suppose. But a few good ones seemed interested and on the level. And after some back and forth over months, I ended up in a prolonged email conversation with one guy in particular.

He positively gushed over her pictures, unrevealing as they were, and about how he wanted to take her. And he said that he had seduced a few married women before who were not "looking to cheat". And at least one other husband had hidden in his closet and watched his wife that way. He also allayed my fears by saying he'd "stop whenever" I wanted if I felt uncomfortable or just had enough. I didn't really think that through. It just sounded 'safe' to me.

I suppose it's a testament to his seductivity that he in fact 'seduced' me into taking the next step. We agreed on a day and time that I would meet my wife for dinner. She would be coming from work and so would arrive on her own. I would meet her there. But the idea was, I would be late.

"Give me 15 minutes or so and I'll let you know if it can be done. And if I'm into it."

So feeling very uncomfortable, I set it up. At the appointed hour, I rang her cell phone and told her I was stuck in traffic and would be about 15 minutes late. She sounded happy and relaxed and said "that's fine."

I told her to have a drink at the bar and I'd try to hurry. I got a lump in my stomach the size of a basketball when she said "I love you," and hung up.

I drove to the area and parked about 3 blocks away and waited; feeling almost sick with nervousness. Trying to imagine what might be happening was maddening. I watched the clock like a hawk, and, at the end of 13 minutes exactly!, drove to the restaurant and parked.

I walked in and the place was fairly crowded. This allowed me to slip in the door without being immediately noticeable at the bar. But I could see her sitting there at the bar. And I could see him (who I had never seen before) leaning in next to her and talking to her. He was probably in his forties but looked 'mature'. On the older side of 40 one might say, in looks. Nice looking but not pretty. kind of a craggy, rough look.

We on the other hand are both in our early 40's but look much younger. She could pass for late 20's perhaps, 30 at most. Anyway, as I hovered near the door, I could see him look at his watch. He too was keenly aware of the time window.

He leaned in close and said something close to her ear. I could see her lean back, trying to lean away as he talked, and then she shook her head 'no'.

He kind of chuckled and leaned in again. This time as he spoke her head sort of leaned back, her eyes were wide. She didn't seem angry or upset, but also not what I'd call happy. She wasn't smiling. More blank. I might have been projecting, but she seemed to me to have almost a stunned, deer in the headlights look.

As he finished talking he moved to walk away. And it was then that I noticed his hand on her leg; near the outside of her knee and almost on the bottom. As he walked away, just before, he slid that hand up the underside of her leg as if it was going to slide up to under her ass, except that the chair stopped him before he got that far.

I looked up at her and still she had that hypnotized, stunned look. She wasn't pleased, but she also wasn't objecting, at least not that I could tell.

This shook me up a bit. But I had no choice at this point. If she noticed me lurking it would be impossible to explain. He had walked off by then and I realized I had lost him in the crowd already.

I walked up and said "hi" with as much enthusiasm as I could manage.

"Hi!" she said looking a bit startled; she looked around quickly, checking. But I already knew he was gone.

I'll spare you the details.

We went and sat and had a fairly normal dinner, although she seemed a bit distracted at the very least and I was a bit weirded out to say the least.

But normal as could be expected.

So it was about an hour later when we'd finished that I asked if she wanted anything else. She didn't so I suggested we just leave.

"No, you like to have coffee. Why don't you have an espresso? I need to use the bathroom anyway."

So I ordered the coffeee and didn' think anything of it as she went down the stairs to the loo. I still didn't think much about it when she returned about 10 minutes or so later.

"Line for the ladies' room," was all she said.

We got the check, paid, left. That night we had terrific sex. She crawled into bed and as soon as I got in, she turned on her side and pushed her ass back at me, wanting to get fucked from behind. I thought for a moment that she wanted to 'submit' in some way, but whatever. It was amazing.

It was the next day that I got the email from him. "Now I REALLY want to fuck her. Call me, but not from your home phone." and his cell number.

Naturally, I needed to hear this.

It was weird hearing his voice for the first time.

"So when we were at the bar, I really didn't think she'd go for it. And being that timid about it I thought maybe it wasn't worth the effort. I mean she's attractive and everything but not the only fish in the sea."

"Yes, well I told you I didn't think..."

He interrupted me, "Yeah, well anyway, that was at the bar. Once I got my hand inside her panties and felt that little pussy I changed my mind. I'm guessing she's a nice tight fuck and now I really got to find out."

Well this threw me for a loop.

I must have just sputtered, "h-h-hhow? When..?"

He laughed a bit, rather snottily, I thought.

"I told her at the bar to meet me at the bathrooms at 8:30. I got there about twenty after and waited and although I wasn't sure she would, she showed up at 8:35, five minutes late just to test me I'll bet!"

Again, he laughed that obnoxious full of himself laugh I was getting know.

"I took her into a bathroom and got my hand right up in there. Nice little cunt. And so tiny! Man, I really want to do her now. Nice legs too, just like you said. Even better than the pictures."

"So, what now?" I aksed, unbelieveably,

"Don't know, dude. I gave her my number at the bar. She'll either call or not. But you're going away for the weekend or something huh?"

This freaked me out even more. Obviously she had told him that. He went on, "so she'll either call or not and we'll see. I told her to call me when you're away and she can talk."

"And then what?"

"Well then I fuck her, if I can, obviously."

"But what if I don't want that? I mean I said I wanted to watch, not just for you to fuck my wife."

"Dude, the best way is for me to do her first if she'll go for it and then the next time you can watch. Or maybe I can tape it for you if you want. but if she's ready I can't say no, that'd fuck it all up. And anyway (another smirky laugh) I've got to have some of that pussy now."

So now flash forward three days. I'm 3000 miles away in a hotel. I started calling home at about 6pm her time and no answer. Now it's 11pm for her and we've just hung up. She says she went out to a movie and the dinner by herself for the evening.

But I'm feeling a bit panicky as to what might have been going on.

It wasn't until the next day, despite my many calls!, that I heard from him.

"Oh man."

That tone said way too much. But I still didn't want to believe it.

"So want to set it up to come over and watch me fuck her on the couch next week? Like we talked about?"

"What makes you think...?"

"Dude, where do you think she was last night?"

After my silence for a minute, he continued. "She called me just like I thought she would, and she said "I am not going to let you fuck me" which was music to my ears! I knew, once she said that, that she'd been thinking about it and I'd be slipping into that nice cunt soon. I told her to come over anyway just to talk, and she did. As soon as she walked in, I pulled her panties off and fucked her slippery little pussy, right on the couch. Man, she's good. Even tighter than I thought, and at her age. Wow. You're a lucky guy."

I didn't feel so lucky just then. What had I done?

It's been two weeks now.

I haven't had the nerve to ask to go the next step and at the same time, although he swears he isn't, I have no way to know for sure that he isn't fucking her behind my back anyway.

And what about her?

I set her up. How mad can I be?

And yet, it's awefully hard to just act like nothing happened. I don't know what to do but will update you all if I find out anymore.




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