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I Felt Turned on seeing my Husband Struggle

Wife and the Cuckolding Lifestyle

By: Cruel Wife


Well, I'll start by saying that my husband is way too self confident. He is tall and good looking and brags about his body and especially his big dick (8 inches) a lot.

Tbh sex with him is fun but he is not a very good lover. I like his dick but he is just not skilled, takes not enough time for foreplay and usually he comes already after 3-4 minutes... I always try to teach him how to please me but it seems like he is not listening.

He is just not improving... For me, it's relatively easy just to come from penetration. But with him I maybe come 1 out 5 times... but everytime he makes me come he behaves like he is the best lover ever... Outside the bedroom he is not at all that selfish and arrogant and he is a great guy! But when it comes to sex his ego if way too big!

Some days ago he came up with the idea to have a threesome with one of his friends. He told me that the guy had a small dick and told me that he would find it hot to let his friend go first and then fuck me much harder and better while his friend was watching.

At that moment I already thought to my self that this threesome is gonna hurt his ego a lot if his friend is a good lover. But I find that guy cute so I was down for it.

When he came to our place we talked for a while and my husband bragged about how hard he is gonna fuck me. But it didn't look like it bothered his friend. He started kissing me and touched my ass. And I immediately felt like we had good chemistry.

He started to undress me and touched and kissed my whole body and was so passionate! He got this creativity and passion that I miss with my husband. He just gave a 100% to pleasure me and took a lot of time for amazing foreplay!

And then he started to eat my pussy while I sucked my husband's dick and did an amazing job! He made me come 2 times even before his dick was inside me. And then he started to fuck me. But in the beginning always after 2-3 thrusts he pulled his dick out to pound it on my clit.

That also felt amazing! After some time he stayed in my pussy and he really knew how to use his dick! A lot of variations in speed and the angles he fucked me. And he started really slow and then went faster and faster!

He gave me 3(!) very intense orgasms before he came in my pussy and I screamed so loud and my whole body was shaking! My husband probably never saw me like that and never heard me scream like this haha. That guy really knew how to please a woman!

Tbh honest at some point during the sex I just closed my eyes to enjoy. When I opened my eyes I saw my husband and he looked so shocked. He was quiet and his whole body language looked so much less self confident.

He struggled to get hard and jerked his flaccid penis and desperately tried to get an erection. Somehow it turned me on to see him struggle but I still tried to help him to get hard. After some time his friend started touching and kissing me again and I asked my husband if it is ok for him if I go for second round or if that would make him too jealous.

He responded that he is not jealous at all and allowed it. That second round was also amazing! Somehow it made me so horny to see how it crushed my husband's ego. I know it sounds mean. I never felt this sadistic before but somehow it was so satisfying to see him struggle while I have amazing sex. I started moaning his friend's name.

I had another orgasm before his friend came in my pussy another time. Then we hung out for a while. My husband looked so annoyed and after a while his friend went home. After his friend went home he finally got a hard dick and fucked me doggystyle.

It was much better. he went slow and took his time and I was smiling the entire duration until I came again.

Cruel Wife

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