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The Bull took all of my Wife

By: Troy

Wife and the Cuckolding Lifestyle


My wife and I started off like most people with a fantasy and curiosity. It started off with her finding the right bull and went from chatting and masturbating to each other to her being his absolute no holds bar submissive. Yes my wife likes the idea of big dicks. Ok no problem she's a bit of a size queen. Yeah she likes muscular men ok that's normal I'd say.

So I figured like anybody that I was gonna see my wife suck a big dick, get fucked and having great orgasms with another guy while I watch. I figured I can deal with that and we went for it. And of course that's what I got. My wife likes to fuck and she gives sloppy BJs so she did all that and her pussy got ravaged.

All good I expected all that and it was hot and we were having fun. Over time it progressed.

I knew my wife had a freaky side. I always knew that. I always knew she was kind of a size queen too. Never did I expect her to become a slave for his big dick though. He started being dominant with my wife and I knew she likes that a little.

Fucking her throat and pulling her hair face down in the bed when he fucks her. Stuff like that. Then he ends up making my wife lick his asshole. My wife has neveerrrr done that to me. That progressed into him asking her to do that asshole everytime they met. She developed a fetish for rimming him!

Next up he takes her anal virginity, he fucked my wife in the ass soooo hard whenever he wanted. And she took it and liked it. He fucks her throat sits on her face and fucks her ass. And cums wherever he wants to. I ask my wife what made her like all this stuff and she admits she has a fetish for being a slut for her bull. It fucking progresses.

With all this happening I just have to sit and take it because my wife is loving it and I can't stop now or it makes me look weak. One day her bull takes my wife into the shower and he cums on my wife's face. Her bull turns her into a cum slut. And he came on her whenever he felt like it.

So I had to deal with my wife coming home smelling like his cum all the time. Think about that. He would always talk dirty to her and say degrading things to me. Would make her kiss me after she sucked him. All of this turned my wife on sooo much. So what the hell could I do but let it continue. It progressed.

He ends up mfm-ing my wife. He has 2 friends that fuck my wife and give her her first big bang. They gang fucked her on multiple occasions and she sucked all of their cocks and did everything they told her. As you can imagine I've seen my wife come home soaking wet leaking cum with cum still on her because her bull told her not to wipe it off.

Pussy and butthole sore always. She has been fucked and used to the max. But being a slut like this is a huge turn on for her.

Again I figured she would fuck a hot guy now and then and we would fuck and it would be a "normal" cuckold experience but we unlocked a hidden desire neither me or my wife knew existed. I opened the bottle and I couldn't put the genie back in.

She doesn't get off on my dick when we fuck. She's admitted it's too small. She has to finger herself or get off when I eat her. The bull didn't just take my wife's pussy he completely took my manhood.

When a guy sits on your wife's face and your wife's lips are wrapped around his cock or his butt and she's soaking wet and your reluctantly jerking off, that guy owns you both.

I'm sure she's reading this and laughing lol.


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