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This began two years ago. I had encouraged my then 37 year old, very attractive, wife to have sex with another man for almost a year. She finally agreed. I had been searching online on dating sites for the right guy for a few months. We live in a university town, and she said she would prefer a younger guy.

My wife is very attractive. The personals ad in the M4M section that appealed to her was a 19 year old, very good looking guy with an 8 inch penis. I'm only six, and the idea with that much of a difference excited her, although he is 1 inch shorter than my wife. We met him at a restaurant and my wife invited him to follow us home.

She led him to our bedroom. I watched and slowly masturbated a few feet away as they kissed passionately and shed their clothing. He mounted her. I gasped as his long member entered the mouth of her pussy. My knees buckled and I fell onto our corner chair, intently following their wild love making.

She moaned, "I love your big cock!" Perhaps too soon, he groaned in orgasm as his seed spurted into her love channel.

He continued visiting us each weekend and spending the night for about a month before telling her that he had told his best friend about us. His friend asked whether she would mind being with two guys at the same time. My wife asked what he looked like and, satisfied, said, "Sure. Why not?" They swapped whispered comments I couldn't then hear but would find out the following weekend what they discussed between them.

The next Friday night, both arrived in her boyfriend's car. This time, his friend fucked my wife first while her boyfriend and I stood nude a few feet from the bed. He stared at me and commanded me to kneel. I hesitantly complied. He gripped his long penis and guided it to my mouth, forcing it to open with his finger, and driving it in as he turned his head to watch his buddy pound my wife.

She turned to watch me and said, "Do him good, honey. Make him hard for me."

My tongue lathered his dick as my head bobbed against his groin. I couldn't get it all in. He was too large and long for that. I gagged, but he pumped into my face.

My wife stared at us as she was being fucked and cried out, "Oh gosh, I'm cumming!" Her new friend increased his tempo and groaned, "Me too!"

Their mutual cries of orgasm filled the room. Her boyfriend looked down at me and said, "Your wife and I just knew you'd like this." He pumped furiously and said, "I'm cummin' too..."

He withdrew and followed his friend and my wife to the shower. I lay exhausted on the carpet when they returned to our bed. They took turns throughout the night. The next morning the three of them agreed that each would return separately on alternate weekends, one on one with my wife. She eagerly agreed and said, "I'm sure my husband doesn't mind."

Occasionally my wife will make me suck each of them before they go to the bedroom. Sometimes, she tells me to sleep in the guest room for those nights and sometimes they let me watch. It didn't turn out as I had thought it would for those reasons, but I eventually began to enjoy the sessions.

I often thank each of them for their service before they leave the following mornings.





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