I Gave My Husband's Old Friend a BJ



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I'd like to share our story if we can. A few months ago hubby & I had a talk. We decided to stop all the crazy sex parties and lay low for a while because things were getting out of hand. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened this whole time till we went to a friends house over the weekend. This friend, Brady, has been living in Oregon for the past 8 years and just moved back about 2 months ago. He rented a room from one of his college friends in town and when he got settled in he invited us to come over for some drinks.

We got to Brady's house and we all went to the patio out back and had drinks & talked. There was Brady, his friend who owned the house, hubby & myself, and a couple of other guys I didn't know. We sat around drinking & laughing for a couple of hours having a good time. Someone mentioned the pool table in the basement and suddenly Brady & I were alone on the patio.

We were drinking it up & laughing, getting more & more drunk. Out of nowhere Brady said that he had heard I was up to some crazy shit while he was out west. I asked him what he meant, and he said someone had told him I had let a bunch of guys watch me masturbate and he also heard that I got drunk & hubby let 4 guys fuck me.

I was a little shocked but not really surprised that he heard those things. He wouldn't say who told him and I didn't push the issue. I told him that I had done a few wild things while he was away, and if he'd heard something it was probably true. I also told him I had stopped doing those things mainly because a lot of people were talking.

Then he started telling me that he had wanted me very badly when hubby first introduced us. He said it sucked he was away & didn't get to join in on the fun. He also said he couldn't believe my husband allowed it all to happen. I told him that hubby knew everything I did. I asked him why he had wanted me so badly when we met. First he said it was the hair thing, then admitted that he had been told I gave the best blowjobs by 2 people. When I heard that, I knew something was going to happen.

I asked him to get his phone out & call my hubby. He put on the speakerphone & set it on the table. When hubby answered I asked him what he was doing. He said they were all playing pool downstairs. I asked Brady quietly if he could keep a secret & he said he looked confused but nodded. I made sure hubby didn't have me on speakerphone then I said "If you don't mind, I'm going to give Brady a good blowjob." Hubby said, "Sure! Make him smile!" then he said, "you can fuck her if you want to, Brady! Just don't fall in love, she's mine!" then hung up.

I looked at Brady & said "Do you want a blowjob?" Of course he said yes.

I told him to get a towel & turn on the patio lights. When he went inside I took my bra off & left my shirt on. He came back with a towel & asked why I wanted the lights on. I told him the lights were for him unless he didn't want to watch. I had him sit on a bench then undid his shorts & pulled them off.

I spread his legs open & got on my knees between them. His cock was average size, maybe 6". The main thing I noticed was how well it was groomed. There was no hair to be found anywhere, not even on his ass. I massaged his inner thighs for a minute then licked on his balls a little. Then I licked my way down very slowly to his asshole, around it a couple of times, then back up to his balls, then up his shaft, which was rock hard.

I didn't hold back anything. I wanted him to know, without a doubt, that I had given him the best blowjob he would ever get! I did every tounge trick I know, licked his asshole several times, a lot of deepthroating, keeping eye contact with him the entire time! I took off my shirt & fucked his cock with my boobs. I even layed on the bench & let him get over me & fuck my throat!

I asked him how he was liking it & he said it was the best ever. I put my hair up, got on my knees & had him stand in front of me. I told him I was going to make him cum but not to cum in my hair because I didn't want the other guys to see it. Then I sucked his cock fast & deep till I felt a squirt of cum go down my throat.

I took it out of my mouth & pumped it with my hand while he came. Squirt after squirt after squirt, he just kept cumming & cumming! I didn't think it was ever going to stop! My face & tits were completly drenched, a river of cum was running between my tits down my belly, & it was still squirting out cum like crazy! I put it back in my mouth & got 2 more squirts down my throat, then pulled it out & got a final squirt across my face & he was finally done!

Luckily I had slipped off my shorts before I got on my knees, or they would have gotten drenched too. I started rubbing it in my face & neck and when my eyes were clear I looked down at myself & was amazed at the amount of cum! I asked him how he did that & he said he always came a lot!

I layed back & rubbed it in my tits & everywhere else I could reach. My panties were all wet from it so I took them off & rubbed the pool of cum that was in my bellybutton & all over my belly down on my pussy. It was more cum than 5 guys normally put on me!

I stopped it there even though I wanted to fuck him soooo badly. I will soon, & get my pussy filled up with his massive delivery and hubby is dying for that to happen!





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