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He gave my Wife a Cervix Orgasm

By: D & L

Wife's Side view of her Breast as she likes the Cuckolding lifestyle


My wife and I have been married for 9 years and we have two children. We are both professionals in our late thirties and we are in an open relationship. My wife takes a very long time to orgasm from sex, from 15 to 30 minutes.

I, on the other hand, have issues finishing and sometimes don't orgasm, but this "problem" allows me the right endurance to get her off. We are a good match and I love bringing her pleasure. Part of bringing her pleasure is allowing her to have sex with other men. My wife has a very high sex drive and enjoys playing with other men while I watch. Most guys can't make her cum, but the few that can usually have big cocks and great endurance.

So a few months ago we went to a play party and she met a very well endowed man. The two of them had great chemistry together and were flirting like crazy. They started kissing and she went right for his cock and started rubbing it which got him excited.

Things progressed very quickly and we went to a bedroom. Within minutes, the clothes came off and she grabbed the base of his shaft and sucked his large cock with her soft luscious mouth. He had a very large and thick cock and she even said something like, wow!

They laid down on the bed in the missionary position and it took him a while to get his cock all the way in. She had her legs spread wide and he kept rubbing her pussy with his shaft pushing his dick in little by little until it was all the way in When he fully entered her, she started moaning with each stroke.

It took a while for her to loosen up, but eventually they got their rhythm going in the missionary position. He moved her feet to his shoulders, and he was pumping his big thick cock in and out of her wet pussy hard and deep. They were going at it quite a while and moved to the cowgirl position where she took control.

She had all his cock in her pussy and gyrated her hips back and forth where her pussy was gripping his cock tight as she gyrated. His cock was moving more side to side than in and out of her pussy and she was moaning and enjoying every inch of his shaft. This went on for quite a while and occasionally, he would take over and pump his cock fast and hard in and out of her pussy making her moan.

They then switched to the doggy position and my wife cautioned him with his huge cock not to smash her cervix. When this has happened in the past to my wife, everything shuts down and no one ends up "happy". So, he tried to be very conscientious with slower rhythmic strokes while in the doggy position. He kept checking with her on how it felt, and this made her feel safe with him and she would reply with moans and oh yeses.

On this night, her body seemed way more responsive as he was riding her from behind. She was throwing her hips into him, and he looked like he was going very deep. Their bodies were slapping together, and she was moaning with each stroke. The build was growing more intense, and moans turned into grunts.

She was reaching from behind grabbing the back of his legs and thrusting him deep into her. He changed his pace being led by her hands to faster and deeper. Hearing his balls slapping her ass was loud and her passionate moaning was getting loud and intense.

She arched her back in a way that allowed deeper penetration and was now screaming with each in stroke but still guiding him with her hands at a hard and fast pace. Their hips were mutually crashing into each other as his huge cock was driving deep in her pussy. Finally, her ass cheeks clenched, and her vagina started to contract and spasm like never before.

He held his cock deep in her pulsating pussy receiving the most fantastic penis massage ever as my wife is moaning out of control. Then suddenly one of her contractions forced him out. He reentered his dick, and her pussy was still quivering like crazy which made him moan as he held his dick in her vibrating pussy and he kept yelling Oh God.

She laid down on her stomach and he rode her prone bone. He put his hands on her shoulders and while grinding into her and held on tight as his dick was in her pussy and her hips were gyrating all over his cock. Her hands were tightly gripping the bed sheets and her nipples were fully erect as her whole body was quivering. He then started grunting and pumped his dick in and out of her pulsating pussy a few times and then finally tightened his ass cheeks thrusting his cock deep in my wife and held it there pumping cum deep in my wife's vagina as she was cumming hard on his huge cock moaning out of control. My wife was quivering and spasming all over her body.

My wife's orgasms usually last between one and two minutes. This orgasm was different. Her pussy kept cumming with spasms and contractions. She kept flapping her hands and said she felt tingly all over. This frightened her a little because the orgasm was lasting so long and felt different than any other orgasm in the past. Her legs felt wobbly when she got out of bed, and she needed to hold onto the wall to walk. She continued breathing hard and moaning for a full ten minutes. Finally, it subsided, and she felt really tired, fully spent for the night.

She spoke to her doctor about what she experienced, and he said she likely had what is called a Cervix Orgasm. My guess is it is uncommon, at least I have never heard of one before. I believe if you tickle the cervix the right way in the doggy position, you can give someone a cervix orgasm.

Now my goal is to ride my wife in the doggy position and give her a cervix orgasm so I can make her squirm and spasm for ten minutes. She said it was amazing but a little scary. As much as I want to give her another cervix orgasm, she is not in a big hurry to experience it again. Well, it is a goal and I hope it happens for us.


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