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I Fucked a Guy at a Bar

By: Calista



My boyfriend and I have been talking for a while about the thought of me exploring other men, and he seems more turned on by it than I do at this point. I've been naked for him and done dares but mostly tame ones. Naked outside our house (see picture) once with nobody there, and naked in the house all day (see picture). But nothing with other guys. One day though, we were cooking dinner and thinking of ideas and ways for us to fulfill this fantasy.

I told him I could just go to the bar and find someone to bring home. However, I have social anxiety which stops me from speaking to anyone new in public. He told me there was no way I could and just laughed it off. That sparked something in me and made me want to prove him wrong. So while we ate dinner I was going through my closet in my mind trying to piece together the sexiest outfit I could.

After dinner I went into our bedroom and grabbed a slutty dress I was saving for a special occasion along with a sexy bra and panty set I had recently purchased to surprise my boyfriend with. Once I had everything ready I went in to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup.

My boyfriend was sitting at his computer on a game at this point and was oblivious to what was happening. I looked myself over in the mirror, the red dress that showed off my cleavage and barely covered my ass, my hair that I had just curled to perfection, my Smokey makeup that in a few hours will be covered by a stranger's cum.

I walked back in to the bedroom to grab a pair of heels and a purse. My boyfriend, still oblivious only looked over after I had put my heels on and was getting ready to leave. His jaw dropped and my heart raced. "Where do you think you're going like that?" He asked. I smirked and walked over to him, bent down to whisper in his ear "I'm going to get fucked by a stranger at the bar." I kissed him and with that I left the house and made my way to the bar.

As usual, it was packed for a Friday night. The music was loud and you could hear friends laughing, glasses clinking, a girl yelling for her friends to do shots. Typical night at a bar. But not for me. I was here on a mission.

I walked up to the bar and ordered a drink, a double rum and coke and turned around to face the crowd. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. It felt wrong being here without my boyfriend. But I couldn't just give up. I needed to prove him wrong, I needed to show him that I was the dirty little slut he wanted me to be.

I finally laid eyes on him. He was about 6'2 and just okay looking. Perfect, I thought to myself. I watched him for a while as I sipped my drink, but not long enough for him to notice. As expected, a few guys came up to me complimenting me and saying how beautiful I was.

I indulged them slightly but they weren't him. After my second drink I finally felt slutty enough to make a move. Where he was standing, he was right by the women's restroom so it made it that much easier for me. As I walked to the restroom, I bumped his shoulder slightly.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry. I didn't see you." I lied and grabbed him shoulder. He smiled as he checked me out, his gaze slowly going down my body. "It's okay." He said as his eyes came back up to meet mine. "I'm Derek" he said. "Hi, I'm Calista." I replied with a flirtatious smile.

He offered to by me a drink which I accepted and we sat and chatted for a bit, as I flirted my ass off. Touching him every chance I got and when he made me laugh I made sure to grab his thigh.

"What brings you here Calista?" He asked as his hand rested on my knee. Finally. "I was challenged by a friend that I couldn't fuck a guy in the bathroom." I answered and his eyes widened. "Oh is that so?" He smirked. I nodded and bit my lip nervously.

"I think we can make that happen. Don't you?" I nodded again and his hand slid up to the bottom of my dress, playing with the hem, pushing it up almost to where I could feel the warmth of his hand where I needed it the most. My breath got caught in the back of my throat and he noticed.

"Nervous?" He asked. This is the first time I'm doing anything remotely this risky. Hell yes I'm nervous. "Not at all." I lied. He smirked and kissed my neck. I let out a small moan which made him chuckle.

"Needy." He stated. I nodded and push my hips towards his hand and he let it happen. His fingers immediately went to work, teasing me. Softly rubbing against my soft panties. "You're so wet baby girl." He said as he kissed me. I nodded and tried moving my hips so I could feel more pressure of his hand. "You'll get what you want." He said as he stood up.

I followed him into the men's restroom and we made our way to the furthest stall. Luckily no one was in here. As soon as the door closed behind me he had me pushed up against the wall, his fingers thrusting in and out of my pussy.

"Fuck." I let out as I could feel myself getting closer and closer. He stopped as my pussy tightened around him and he pushed me to my knees. He pulled his cock out of his jeans and my eyes widened in shock. He was at least 6.5 inches and girthy.

My boyfriend also had a similar cock but Derek's was just slightly thicker, but not by much. "Scared baby girl?" Derek asked. I shook my head and licked from the bottom of his balls to the tip of his cock before taking him in my mouth.

He grabbed my hair and guided me up and down his cock before he took over and face fucked me. I sat there like a good slut and took it all. Him shoving his cock so far down my throat I was gagging and choking, becoming a mess of spit and tears.

"Up." He demanded and pulled me up by my hair. He turned me around so my back was towards him and he pulled my panties down before shoving his hard cock into my tiny wet pussy. "You're so fucking tight" he groaned as he thrusted his cock into me desperately.

"I think you should record this as proof for my friend." I suggested. "How else will they believe me." I handed him my phone and he positioned me so I was bent at the waist. He grabbed my hip to keep me steady and he thrusted in and out of me even harder. "Oh my god you feel so good! Please fuck me like a good little slut."

I begged and he slapped my ass with one hand as he was still recording with the other. "Fuck I'm gonna cum." I said and he thrusted even faster. I came all over his cock and once I was finished he spun me around and pushed me to my knees.

I opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out and he came all over my face finishing on my tongue. I swallowed whatever he managed to get in my mouth and thanked him as he handed me back my phone. I cleaned myself up, leaving the cum on my face.

I sent the video to my boyfriend which and within seconds he responded with, "Home. Now."

When I got home I was still covered in Derek's cum and my pussy was dripping wet. I barely even made it in the house before my boyfriend fucked me like he never had before.

It was so aggressive, so hard, so hot. I told him I will definitely be going to the bar again and he seemed happy and wanted me to as well.


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