Wife was so Loud with our new Friend

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My wife and I had been pretty tame as our lives had been very busy over the last several weeks and months. I had plenty of time for pillow talk and we fantasized several times while making love that she was with a guy, D, we had met a couple of times before. D is white, mid-40's and very thick. He has intense stamina and can wear C out after a long, hard night of fucking.

I told her it was finally time to make things happen again as I was begging for her to fuck him again. I got in touch with D and we decided for the first time to not meet at a local hotel, but to invite him over so he could have my wife in our bed. The thought of a image turned us both on immensely.

D arrived for the evening and we made small talk while having drinks on the darkened porch. He soon was feeling her up and C moved closer so he had complete access to my wife's pussy (no panties). I convinced them to move it inside and made an excuse to grab some more drinks so they could be alone to kiss and feel each other up. We soon moved upstairs and they continued kissing and groping in the bedroom. C wasted no time at getting his pants down, her hands on his thick cock and eventually into her mouth.

They soon were on the bed and let D know that I wanted to take some pics of the action, which didn't bother him. I actually had no intention of really getting involved and sat in a nearby chair while they were going at it on the bed. They were kissing extremely passionately which was turning me on immensely. They were taking times sucking on each other until I practically begged D to fuck her. The only stipulation C made to me was to close the windows as she was planning on being very loud. Trust me, was she ever!

OK, I need to wrap this entire evening up as at the pace I'm going, it would be a novel!! Needless to say, he was making C come incredibly hard all night. He dropped one load into her and C knew from our previous talk that I wanted to eat it out of her. D has fucked her on two occassions prior and cums a ton. Both fucking times before I forget the camera! This time, no huge load, so no great pictures, but I dove in none the less and tasted a nice creamy wet pie. (D admitted privately later to C that he jerked off earlier that day thinking about her).

D only rested for a few minutes and never went soft, it was fucking incredible. He was back on C, kissing, sucking, and eventually fucking her again. He dropped another and I was back in cleaning my beautiful wife up. Well, D eventually fucked her for not only a third time, but a forth time as well!! I couldn't believe the fucking stamina, it was as if he was 22 or something.

I simply snapped the camera throughout. C wanted so bad for me to fuck her and feel his cum inside her, but I told her 'later.' C was completely worn out. She might cum with me 3-4 times and she is done, very sensitive and done, but D must have made her cum 12-15 fucking times. We figured that he was actually fucking her pussy for almost a solid hour including a few minute breaks in between. I was worried she would be too sore for me!

C was so fucking spent she could not even leave our marital bed. I walked D to the door and thanked him and told him it shouldn't be so long for the next time. I went back to C upstairs and we talked about the night in intimate detail. I soon was playing with her wet pussy and she asked me how it tasted and what I thought about all D's cum in there. She is never like this outside of bed, but knew I would get incredibly turned on by talking this way.

I eventually slid inside and it was just like I knew and hoped it would be. C was saying, "you like it all stretched out and wet like that, don't you?" I told her it felt incredible and it was very loose, wet, and silky feeling. It took me no time at all to cum inside her. My wife knows I have these cuck feelings and respects them, but she doesn't know why I want so badly to see her with other men.

On the one side, I am very jealous, but knowing we love each other the way we do makes me trust her. She would never do anything behind my back and it would crush me if she had an affair, but I do have desires for her to go on a date and cum back full for me.

I love to see her very intimate with her lovers, kissing very deeply, screaming his name out while she cums (she did this about a dozen times with D as she knows I want her to do it), having them cum deep inside her (she only goes bare with D), and sitting back and watching her in action. Ahhhh, heaven!

C in Maine




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