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I was a Bull to my Flat Mate!

Wife was having an Affair - Cuckold Husband

By: Hans


This happened about two years ago. So I was looking for a flat mate for about 3 months now since rent on this new place was really expensive and I was still working a retail job. All my money was going on rent, gym and travel.

Anyway this guy was looking to move in and I let him in. We kept to ourselves a lot sometimes we'd go the gym together but we didn't have a lot in common.

So one day he tells me he's going to the gym by himself and I can go whenever so I went and still managed to see him at the gym but he was with a girl, not any girl, his actual gf. She instantly started looking at me when I was going to greet him and I couldn't take my eyes off her.

She was beautiful looking. He noticed the looks she was giving me and I was giving her so he ended the convo but the whole time at the gym I could notice she was watching me. I usually train with a tank top and I'm very fit so she liked what she saw. He was much skinnier than me.

Don't see her for a month and then one day she pops over to meet him but he wasn't at home so I told her to sit for a bit. She was wearing a crop top and shorts and her tits were bursting out and I couldn't keep my eyes off them.

Anyways we were talking and she seemed cool. She was a grad student and soon the talking went into flirting. About an hour passed and she had already started stroking my biceps, asking me to flex them etc.

Soon I asked her if she really loved my body and then she smiled and told me I like a man who keeps his body nice and strong. At this point I knew her plan and she told me. She knew he wasn't in and she came for me.

I initially was nervous bc I'd never cheated with someone but she got on her knees lifted my top and licked my abs and we started making out but her bf called her and said he's outside and to come down. I was rock hard and she was like a fountain but she quickly went down and said we will finish off again soon and left me her number.

She then texted me and sent me these unbelievably hot pics of herself (see attached) whilst she was with him and kept telling me how she wished we finished off. Anyway for about 3 months onwards we both sneakily fucked and the sex was so hot.

We literally fucked anywhere and everywhere. She was so wild and out of control but at the same time super submissive to me. After sex for like an hour or two she'd massage/kiss my whole body with oil and tell me how I'm so much better than her bf and that I'm the best she's had.

Now for when I cucked him:

How we were caught? The usual. He came home earlier than usual and found her flat on the couch, ankles on my shoulder and toes in my mouth and she was screaming my name. I looked up and all I could see was him in shock.

I quickly pulled away but she shocked me. She told me to carry on and if he tried to stop me to knock him out. He just walked in the sitting room and was staring at us and she just said carry on so I did and he just stared in shock.

I felt a bit weirded out but she said to him that she's been craving a, "real man" for so long and that she's never felt this good with him. We finished that round and he just sat and watched and then after she asked me to flex my muscles.

She then just started licking and kissing my body. Touching me everywhere and feeling all my muscles and saying to him why can't he be like me. I realised that he wasn't going to do anything so I told him if he wants to watch he can sit far back and so he did.

Wrecked her from behind and made her say this pussy is mine and he just sat in the corner and jerked off. He couldn't believe what had happened and nor could I tbh. I knew she was wild but fuck I didn't know she was this crazy.

She'd come to our house in her sexy clothes and would ignore his existence whilst I ripped it off and then fucked. Even on dates with him she'd apparently show him pics and videos of us fucking and the most he'd get is a handjob.

This continued for about 3 more months before he had enough and left her and moved away. Me and her had a little relationship but it didn't work after a month so we parted ways.

That was my first ever experience as a Bull. :)

Hans the Bull

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