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I've lurked here for a while and posted once or twice. I'm a 41-year-old guy, married to a really hot 39-year-old wife, "Kelly". I'm not sure whether or not people here will like what follows. She had a nice hotwife experience, but it was preceded by all sorts of craziness.

And I'm going to write about that in addition to the sexy stuff. In my life - and I'm sure in other people's too - sex isn't always two (or more) people meeting across a crowded room and then slamming together like locomotives. Especially when it comes to meeting strangers from the Internet, it gets complicated and silly. And I'm sure, being new, we made all sorts of stupid moves. Anyway, here, in all its glory, is our story:

Kelly is a little more girl-next-door than that and she's way out of my league. I'm a little, geeky guy. I'm the nerd that got lucky.

We've been married 13 years, but we didn't start doing anything kinky until about eight years into our marriage. Then, during a trip to Vegas, I asked Kelly, as a joke, whether she'd like to go to a strip club with me. To my surprise, she said "yes." We went and I had the time of my life buying her lapdances and watching her make out with girls. After that, we realized that we weren't exploring enough sexually, and we vowed to try to do something kinky, at least once a month. This lead to several years of playing around on AFF. We started off with pics of her pussy (see attached) and as we chatted with interested men, started to show more.

We met a lot of men online, and a few couples and single women. Some were promising and we were going to follow up with one man Kelly liked. In the interim we had a few experiences at a swingers club where Kelly made out with other wives.

Then one night, Kelly went to a party without me. The next day, she said she needed to talk to me. I gulped and said, "okay." She told me she'd made out with a guy at the party. "Who?" I asked. "Just a stranger," she said. He followed me around all night. My wife thought that was funny, because she'd just had some work done on her face, and she had these two black eyes. She looked like a racoon. But this guy didn't care. He followed her from room to room. She laughed it off, but she was getting more and more turned on by the attention.

Finally, when she was ready to leave, she went to the bedroom where all the coats were. As she was looking for her coat, her pursuer came and stood in the door, watching her. I guess she made some sort of decision, then. She smiled at him and walked down these steps, into a part of the house that wasn't being used for the party. As she walked, she looked back at him over her shoulder. He followed her, of course, backed her up against the wall, and kissed her.

"How long did that go on?" I asked. I was hoping maybe it was a quick peck and that then my wife realized that she shouldn't be doing this. "Oh," she said, "probably about fifteen or twenty minutes."

That was more than I could take. I broke down in tears and she held me, saying she was sorry. I was devastated. I was angry. I felt sick to my stomach. But ... to my surprise ... I was also really turned on. Through my tears, I told my wife how turned on I was. She lead me to the bedroom and we started making love. Once I was inside her, I asked her to tell me everything that had happened with that guy - all the details. She did.

She told me how they'd kissed really passionately for a long time, his hands roaming up and down her thighs and ass. Then he pulled her dress down off her shoulders, exposed her breasts and started sucking on her nipples. That totally surprised me, as I'd thought they'd just kissed, and I came harder than I'd ever come before.

About a month later, Kelly and I were out for dinner, and she said, "You know who I ran into yesterday?" I asked her who. "That guy I gave a blowjob to at the party." I nearly gagged on my food. "You didn't tell you you'd given him a blowjob," I said. "You said you'd just made out." Truth is, Kelly hadn't lied to me. She and I have different definitions of "making out." To me, it means passionate kissing and groping. To her, it means anything except penetrative sex. In any case, I was once again jealous - but with a hard on. We went home and had some of the best sex we'd ever had.

Confused about my feelings, I started searching the web, and that's when I came upon blogs like this.

I told my wife that, although I was obviously turned on by her being sexual with another guy, I was too jealous to handle it. She agreed to stop and that we'd go back to trying to meet with couples and bi women. But once this door had been opened, I couldn't close it in my mind. More and more of my fantasies were about her and other men. The jealousy didn't stop, but it got further mixed up with the arousal. Most people wouldn't understand this, but I'm sure many people here will: being jealous WAS a turn on. It was like a roller-coaster ride. Butterflies in my stomach based on both thrill and risk.

I started talking to Kelly about repeating her party experience, but under more controlled circumstances, where I could watch. After discussing it for a while, we agreed that I'd post an ad online and try to find a hot guy for her.

I thought this would be way easier than it turned out to be. The tough part was that my wife is really smart. She has a Masters Degree and is accomplished in many areas. She's turned off by dumb guys. She's turned off by guys who can't spell (or use spell check) or use text-messsage shorthand in their emails. She'd rather be with an average-looking smart guy than a un-cultured stuff.

On the other hand, I wanted eye candy. I'm 100% straight, but it ruins the fantasy for me if I have to watch her with an unattractive guy. Also, I'm not really into the humiliation aspect of this sport. I don't want to be ordered around or told how little my dick is. But maybe I have a mild desire along these longs. I am turned on by the idea of seeing her with a guy who is much more good looking than me. It turns the jealousy notch up a bit.

So I was really explicit in my online ad. I said we'd only accept a handsome man who was also smart enough to send a well-written reply. I even gave examples of what not to send us, e.g. "I would luv to meet with ur hot wife," and in all caps I wrote PLEASE DON'T SEND COCK PICS. I certainly didn't want to look at cocks and I knew Kelly wouldn't want to, either. I'm not sure why guys post and send these. I've never met a woman who wanted to see that as her first impression of a guy.

I got about 250 responses.

Then there were all the guys nerdy, obese guys who claimed they were handsome. I really hope I'm not offending anyone here. I'm an extremely nerdy looking guy with some extra pounds. I would not have picked myself if I'd responded to my own ad. I wrote that in the ad, too. I explained what I looked like and said we were looking for the opposite of that.

I explained that we were looking for a conventionally good-looking guy. Someone tall, with some muscle definition and a strong, masculine jaw. Still, I got tons of George Costanzas and Bill Gateses. I'm thrilled for these guys if they have that much self-confidence though. They likely get some good play.

I narrowed the search down to about twenty guys, showed these contenders to Kelly and let her pick the one she liked best: a guy named "Chris." Chris looked like a movie star (it turns out he's an actor), with a sort of Cloony/Pitt jaw. He's 24, and has some definition without being muscle-bound. Turns out he has a thing for older women. He can also write and spell and seemed fairly smart. So we agreed to meet with him.

The idea was that we'd meet him at a bar several miles from our house. I explained to him that I wanted him to act like he was on a date with my wife, and that I was just some friend of theirs who tagged along. I wanted to see them flirt and kiss. Then we'd get a cab back to our place and, as they 'd say in ancient Rome, the games would begin.

What followed was a comedy of errors. Our house was a total wreck. We both work full time and had been particularly busy for the last couple of months and hadn't had time or energy to clean. And we realized that we were embarrassed to have a guest over. We started cleaning, but as the weekend approached (we were supposed to meet Chris on Saturday), we realized that we wouldn't be able to get it cleaned up in time. I emailed Chris and told him that we'd have to postpone. He wrote back and said that he didn't care how messy our place was. Based on the photos I'd sent him, he said he'd happily fuck my wife on top of a pile of garbage. But I explained to him that though, as a guy, I understood that, my wife wouldn't feel sexy making love in a sty. He agreed to put it off for a week.

Then, the following week, Kelly got her period, so we had to put it off again. The week after that, we were all set to go. Then, rushing across a freshly waxed floor at work, Kelly slipped and broke her arm. So we had to cancel again. Understandably, Chris was getting suspicious that we were fakes. I wrote him an email, apologizing for jerking him around.

I said we were still interested, but had to wait for Kelly to recover. And I asked him if there was anything we could do to convince him we were for-real. I figured maybe he'd want to meet us in person or something. Instead, he requested a topless photo of Kelly with her holding up a sheet of paper with the date on it.

This way, he could compare it with the pics I'd sent her and know she was really my wife, and not some pic I'd found on the Internet. Kelly agreed to this and tooka few pics. When he received them, he wrote back and said he was satisfied we weren't lying, and that he'd wait until we were ready.

Finally, the cast came off and we arranged to meet him. Our house was spic and span, Kelly got all dolled up, and we were just about to head off to meet Chris at a bar. Then I got an email from him canceling at the last minute. He said he was very sorry but something had come up and he'd have to do it another week.

Then WE got suspicious. We'd send this guy topless photos and yet all we'd seen from him was one pic that he could have found on the web. Was he really a 14-year-old boy? A 300lb, 67-year-old man? A bunch of frat guys having a joke. I wrote back to him, saying that I understood that shit happens - obviously it had for us - but could he please send us a similar "date" picture to the one he requested. I said it didn't have to be naked, but it needed to be the same guy as in his original pic, holding today's paper or something else with the date on it.

I didn't hear back from him for a week until he wrote back saying that he was ready to meet with us that weekend if we'd take a chance.

At this point, we figured the most we had to lose was going to a bar, having a few drinks, and then going home after he didn't show up. Or maybe he would show up and we'd go forward with the plan.

That night - which was this Sunday night - Kelly put on this stunning red dress, and we took a cab to this bar. It's one of those places that is full of sofas and armchairs, with all sorts of dark, hidden-away little nooks. I really wanted to get there early, before Chris, so that I could find us a place to sit where I could watch the action. I suggested Kelly sit on this sofa, so that Chris could sit next to her, and I sat in this armchair across. I enjoyed myself eyeing Kelly's legs, which peeked out from a slit in her skirt. We had time for a few drinks, which is good, because Kelly can go from being a bit conservative to wild based on the amount of alcohol in her.

We'd worked out a signal. She was supposed to tap me three times, on my hand or my leg, if she decided she didn't want to go through with it. She would then excuse herself and go to the ladies room, and I would have to explain to Chris that were were backing out. As we sat there, I found myself having mixed feelings. On the one hand, that would be really embarrassing.

After all those false starts, I dreaded facing the guy and telling him we were going home without him. On the other hand, I was starting to feel more and more jealous, and in a way it would be a relief if Kelly gave me the taps. And, of course, in its usual confusing way, the jealousy was turning me on.

Then Chris arrived. He looked as advertised, which was a relief - and scary. He sat down next to Kelly, and looking at them I had to admit that they made a really beautiful couple. made much more sense, visually, than Kelly and me.

Chris turned out to be a bit cocky and self-centered. He's not the sort of guy I think either of us would have chosen as a friend, but for the matter at hand, his confidences seemed like it would do the trick. He was exactly the sort of guy that had always intimidated me: good looking, knowing he was good looking, a ladies man, a charmer.

As he sipped a beer and chatter, he put an arm around the back of the seat, behind Kelly, and I kept waiting and dreading seeing his hand come down on her shoulder. But it never happened. I also kept waiting to feel three taps on my knee, but that didn't happen, either. Kelly seemed really into him. They were making eye contact, joking, flirting, and more and more it seemed like I wasn't there. But there was still no physical contact.

After about half-an-hour of this, I thought I would explode from tension, so just to do something, I asked Chris if he wanted another beer. He said, "How about if we go back and chill at your place, instead?" My voice quivered a bit, but I said I'd get us a cab, and we all walked out to the street.

I hailed a cab. I got in first, and Kelly got in after me, sitting in the middle. Chris got in last, sitting next to Kelly. With three of us in the back, their thighs couldn't help touching, but they kept their hands to themselves. I knew it would take about 20 minutes to get back to our house. I wasn't sure how I would last.

After a minute or two of banter about the traffic, Chris said, "So how do you see things going when we get back to your place?" Kelly turned and looked at me. I just said, "It's your show."

Chris said, "Well, what do you like? What really turns you on?" He seemed to be talking to both of us.

There was a silence, and then Kelly said, "You know, I'm not even sure you like me?" And it's true, he hadn't given her a single compliment. He'd been flirting and looking right into her eyes, and he had suggested going back with us, but he hadn't told her she was sexy or beautiful or anything. I could tell he wasn't the type to do that. I thought he was turned on by her, but I didn't think he was going to be lavish with the compliments.

He said, "Of course I like you," and he took her hand. It was such a simple gesture, almost non-sexual, but after all that tension, something turned over in my stomach. Kelly smiled at him and put one leg over his thigh. They started whispering to each other and I saw his hand move up her leg and rest on her thigh. He said, "You have such smooth skin."

And then they were kissing. Kelly and I have been married for years, and our kisses usually are the quick "see you tonight, dear" type. These were long, deep passionate kisses. Kelly seemed really hungry, like she couldn't get enough of him, of his mouth on hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held his head. His hand when up and down her thighs, then it roamed up and he cupped her breasts through the fabric of her dress. Oh my God, the sounds her their kissing! The sight of his hands on her skin! Her moans. I knew there was no going back now.

I saw him slip one of his hands inside her dress, and I heard her gasp. They kept kissing and whispering to each other. I didn't catch most of what they said, but at one point I did hear him say, "you're so wet!"

Her hand was rubbing his cock through his jeans. She said, "You feel really big." He said, "I hope that doesn't bother you." She just smiled and kissed him again. In between kisses, she would lay her head on his shoulder. It wasn't just like they were going to fuck. It was like they were lovers who really liked each other. And when they kissed, it alternated between being rough and hard and being tender. I was invisible.

I spent my time watching them and trying to remember to direct the cab driver, who must have had an eyeful through the rear-view mirror. He didn't say anything, but of course those guys have seen it all. When we got close to our house, I told Chris and Kelly that they'd have to knock it off for a minute, just so that we could get inside without the neighbors seeing anything unusual. Reluctantly, they pulled apart. I paid the driver and we hurried inside.

I unlocked the door and they rushed in. I was still fumbling, trying to get the key out of the lock, when while I watched Chris back Kelly up against the wall, his mouth on her, his hands touching her everywhere, her hands gripping his back.

She said, "Come on," and took his hand, leading him upstairs to the bedroom. I followed. I sat down in a chair and watched as they moved close to the bed. He pulled her dress off, over her head, and then removed her bra. Then he turned her around, kissed her some more, and then bent down and suckled her nipples. I started stroking myself, but I knew I had to be really careful. I was so excited, and I risked coming too quickly. So I had to keep stopping.

He took of his shirt and Kelly felt and licked his chest. Then he lay down on the bed. Kelly unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. She pulled out his stiff cock, which was at least two inches longer than mine. Then she wrapped her mouth around his cock and moved up and down on it. He lay back and closed his eyes, a huge smile on his face.

After a few minutes, she stopped sucking his cock and said, "You know what I like?" He said what? She said, "I like it when a guy comes in my mouth, and I like to swallow." Which is true. It's her favorite thing. And it takes me a really long time to come from a blow job. I love them, but sometimes I can't finish, and I know that frustrates her. But Chris was delighted with this news, and he said it would really turn him on to come in her mouth. I was a little concerned that if this happened, he'd be unable to fuck her, but I wasn't about to object.

He started to give her directions. "lick my cock slowly, from the bottom to the top. Good. Now go as deep as you can. Good. Now use your hand on the shaft and lick the top. Move your hand faster. Now go up and down with your mouth. That's it. All the way, up and down." This must have gone on for fifteen minutes. I was actually glad to see that this 24-year-old had as hard a time coming from a blow job as I did.

Kelly actually does it really well. Chris and I just are slow comers. I think, like me, he had developed some delaying skills, to make the fun last longer. Once you do that, though, it's pretty hard to go back. You can't force yourself to come quickly. I wasn't about to complain, though. Kelly looked more beautiful than I'd ever seen her. I loved seeing the shape of his cock poke through her cheeks. And I loved hearing those wet sounds.

Kelly was totally ignoring me, intent on her task, but every once in a while, Chris looked at me. He told me later that he really got off on being watched. He also would pull her hair aside, like the guys do for the camera in porn movies, so that I could get a better view of her sucking his cock.

And then he arched his back and moaned that he was going to come. He gripped the sides of the bed with his hands. His face turned read, and he let out a long ahhhh! Kelly swallowed, giggled, and then cuddled with him on the bed. As in the cab, when she put her head on his shoulder, they looked like a really comfortable, loving couple. They lay in each other's arms for a while, and I wasn't sure what was going to happen next.

Then Kelly said, "I know this sounds really dumb, but I love 'The Simpsons.' Would you be opposed to going downstairs and watching it with me?" Chris laughed and said he was a fan of the show too, and that it would give him a chance to "recharge." So we all went downstairs to the living room. Chris and Kelly sat cuddled up on the sofa, watching the show and laughing. I sat in a chair, some distance away, watching them.

They would kiss deeply, like they did in the cab. And then suddenly he told her to lie down on the sofa. He pulled off her panties and started licking her. What came next was a huge education for me. I'm pretty good at going down on a woman, I hope, but he did all sorts of things I'd never done, and it was clearly driving Kelly wild.

He alternated between licking her and fingering her; he did this sort of humming thing, which Kelly later told me felt really good, like a vibrator; he even bit her a little, which I never would have done. But it really turned her on. Kelly has a very hard time coming without a vibrator. I didn't know how I would feel if Chris could bring her to orgasm. I can't generally do that.

The only thing odd about the scenario was the sound of Bart Simpson in the background, so I swtiched off the TV. They didn't seem to notice. He was deep between her legs, she was gasping, her hands in his hair.

Then he stopped, reached for his jeans, which were on the floor, pulled a condom out of his pocket, and asked her to put it on for him. She did. She then lay back down and he entered her. He lay on top of her hand fucker her slowly at first, every now and then leaning down for a kiss. Then he started pumping faster and faster. Kelly was moaning, "Oh baby! Don't stop!"

He turned her over after a while and fucked her doggy style, every once in a while slapping her hard on the ass, which made her squeal with pleasure. Then I heard him ask her what position she likes best. She told him she likes being on top. So he lay down on the sofa and she climbed astride him. They fucked like that for a long time, his hands cupping her breasts. Every once in a while, she would lean her head down really close to his and they'd whisper stuff to each other between gasps. I couldn't tell what they were saying.

I sat in a chair nearby, playing with myself, again trying not to come. It went on and on. I realized that he was recharged enough from the blowjob to be hard, but that he was going to have a difficult time coming again. Which actually worked out well for Kelly, because she got to fuck him for about an hour, in all sorts of positions. But finally, he pulled out and said he was loving it, but he didn't think he was going to come again. She said she understood.

We talked for a little while longer, and then I called him a cab. He asked me how long it would take for the cab to get to our place, and I told him about ten minutes. "Good," he said, and he grabbed Kelly and started kissing her again.

Then he lay her back down and put his head between her legs. He sort of went crazy, licking her all sorts ways, stopping to kiss her thighs, moving up to kiss her nipples, and then moving back between her legs. He fingered her really fast and hard while licking her clit. Kelly was moaning and screaming, and then I saw it happen. Her eyes went wide and she let out this huge gasp. He stopped, and she lay there on the sofa, completely limp, like a rag doll.

Chris and I chatted awkwardly for a few minutes while Kelly lay there, smiling, in her own world. Then the cab came and Chris started to go. Kelly leapt up, ran to him, threw her arms around him, and kissed him. They stayed there, by the door, clinging to each other, mouths locked, while the cab driver honked his horn. Finally, Chris wrenched himself away, said he'd had a great time, asked us to keep in touch, and left.

Once he was gone, Kelly and I sat down on the sofa together. I still hadn't came, and I wasn't sure what to do. I was thinking of suggesting something, then Kelly said she was starving. She went into the kitchen and made herself a big plate of ice cream. This is unusual for her, since she normally watches her weight. But this night wasn't about restraint. I sat next to her on the sofa, watch her eat spoonfuls. Her lipstick was all over her fact. Her hair was crazy. She looked lovely.

After a while, she turned to me and said, "Did you like that baby?" I told her I did, but that I was still really horny. She said, "I'm sorry, but I don't think I can handle any more tonight." I told her I understood. So she finished her ice cream while I sat there, playing with myself.

When she was done eating, she turned to me and asked me to lay my head in her lap. I did, and her thighs felt so warm against my cheek. I moved my hand up and down on my cock, burring my face in her lap. We started to talk over the evening.

I asked her what she thought of Chris. She told me she thought he was really, really hot and that he made her feel super sexy. She told me how much she loved swallowing his come. That he came really hard and long in her mouth and that it tasted great. She told me he was the best kisser, and that she could have kissed him forever.

And that was it. Laying with my head in her lap, listening to her talking about kissing this other man, I came really hard.

Kelly's Cuckold Hub

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