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I am a Cheating Cuckold

I am a Cheating Cuckold

By: Cheating Cuck


My whole life I was the "Good Guy". Or at least I tried to be. Exactly 7 years after my marriage, my wife had an affair which devastated me and completely changed the trajectory of my life. The accuracy of the 7 year "Itch" is astounding.

I got over it years later, when our roles were reversed. She became a workaholic. Sex was very infrequent because there was just nothing left of her when she got home. I got desperate after a couple of years of talking to her about slowing work down, but it fell on deaf ears.

I was at that age when your life flashes before your eyes and you take stock of how you want the rest of your life to unfold. I was done being the "Good Guy". I was done finishing last. That's when I stepped out. I had my own affair. It was amazing. It started out with sexting. Omfg! Wtf was this???

It was so Hot! I had no clue how fun a woman could be sexually. I finally fully understood and sympathized my wife and her affair which was phenomenally therapudic. I felt horrible about it but life was unbearable without sex and intimacy, and I realized I could no longer live without it regardless of the consequences.

My group sex kink only got stronger over time too. So when my affair partner wanted to find another woman to join us, I was all in. Unfortunately/fortunately we parted ways when she got divorced and found a full time bf.

I was heartbroken but happy for her. So I immediately messaged one of the prospective women we were talking to and asked her if she wanted to meet. She said yes at the same time a random couple messaged the swinger profile my affair partner posted. You can see the pics (attached) that she used for the profile too.

So I ended up in a 4 some with 3 new people, lol. 2nd craziest/funnest sexual experience of my life. And that's where I met my 2nd affair partner. Our 4some spontaneously started out as a 3some the night before with me and the two girls and lasted all night.

None of us were committed, and the sexual chemistry between me and the woman from the other couple was on a level I had never experienced. It was as if our bodies knew each other from another lifetime AND it was mutual. She was stunned and had never experienced that level of intimacy either.

At one point she was laying on her stomach and asked me to fuck her ass in front of my date. Oh fuck! She was sooo unbelievably sexy and beautiful I couldn't believe it. It was completely surreal. My date was loving it too and encouraging and helping us. It was crazy. I told both of them I was a virgin when it came to anal. That only drove them both crazier. Turns out she loved anal as much or more than regular sex. Was she real??? I could not believe it.

We had a crazy passionate affair and also met with other couples. She told me she wanted to have another single guy join us for a MFM. The thought of it made me nauseous. Some other guy all over her, ugh. I was super anxious and insecure about this for some reason as we had been with couples.

But this was different. So we shelved the idea. Then one day when I bought her some lingerie, I told her "I have a surprise!". She got this EXTREMELY excited look on her face and said, "You found a guy to join us!!!???". I was floored, my heart dropped.

I had no idea how much she fantasized about this. So I bit the bullet. I wanted her to experience every fantasy she ever dreamed of. So I found a great candidate and we met with him 3 days later.

OMFG!!! To my COMPLETE surprise, it turned out to be no #3 on the list of the craziest hottest sexiest sexual experiences I've ever had. We were all nerves at first. Our guest was super fit and hung. After the awkward small talk wound down, she got up and started kissing him.

I joined in shortly after. Fuck. She was sooo beautiful it was breathtaking. Seeing her from a third party prospective was completely eye opening and a turn-on beyond my wildest imagination. We ended up doing EVERYTHING. I came 3x, he came 3x, she came 22x (I counted, lol).

She stroked then sucked his cock, then mine, then both cocks at the same time. She 69'd him on top and came 3-4x while she was alternating between sucking his cock and kissing me. Then we got her to roll over onto her back and spit roasted her. I fucked her first.

Then she got on all 4's and he began fucking her doggie. She came several more times. Finally he had to stop for a min because he didn't want to cum. After a short rest, she reached back and inserted his cock into her ass. She cums twice as hard when she is getting her ass fucked. She came several more times. All while sucking my cock. That's when I had to leave the room to get some water. I told them to keep having fun.

I know I said "Keep having fun" while I was gone, but I didn't expect to come back into the room to find them in the craziest state of frenzy fucking like wild animals. She later told me that the minute I left the room he instantly grabbed her aggressively and started to fuck her like a rag doll like his life depended on it.

She completely submitted and told me it was super hot to be forcefully taken like that. When I came in, he had her pinned on the bed on her side while he was on his knees holding one leg over his shoulder and straddling the other and was fucking the shit out of her off the bed. This is the deepest penetration position in my opinion.

She was gasping for breath. I was totally overwhelmed at how incredibly sexy and beautiful she looked. By that time, her orgasms were a continuous daisy chain of blissful ecstasy. I walked up to her and she immediately grabbed my cock and started sucking. Fuck! Finally he pulled out of her pussy and came on her back. She loves cum (something completely foreign to me), so I know she wanted it but couldn't reach it.

Then She wanted to try DP, so we obliged. I started on the bottom. It was awkward at first because positioning is very strategic for maximum penetration. This was a learning experience for all of us. After a minute or two, I knew we figured it out when she let out this moan/sigh/gasp of primal pleasure/ecstasy as his cock began penetrating her tight ass while my cock was balls deep in her pussy.

Omfg, it was sooo fucking sexy. I recorded it. She came the first time 20 seconds after he penetrated her ass. Then again at 1 min. Then a third time at 2 min. By this time is was so easy to make her cum that she could just by touching her nipple.

Then we switched positions with me on top and him on the bottom. She came twice while we both pumped her. Then she wanted to try DVP. So we said sure! She was sitting on him reverse cowgirl. Once he was good and balls deep inside her pussy, she pulls me in and guided my cock into her pussy. Fuck! It was soo tight. She was so beautiful and turned on that the cock/cock contact was lost.

It just felt like I was inside her extra tight pussy while she was moaning with extreme pleasure. We tried that for a few minutes until she was exhausted from cumming. We turned her around and tried DP while she straddled him. She was having so much fun I could not believe it.

I pulled out and just had to stand back and watch her fuck him. I told her to cum for me. As she lowered herself onto him. She said "Deal!". She started to rock those beautiful hips aggressively grinding his big cock deep inside her. OMFG, what a sight as she started to cum sitting on his balls trembling and shuttering. It lasted a long time.

I was surprised how long. Then without pausing, she got up turned around and guided his cock into her ass reverse cowgirl style. She fucked him like this while I kissed her and massaged her clit. It was hot to be with her fucking but not be the one completely out of breath for a change! lol ??

And I had the best view! After that, I switched places with him. She climbed on top of me reverse cow girl guiding my cock deep into her ass. We were on the edge of the bed. I found it so insanely arousing that she had my cock deep inside her ass while facing our guest spreading her legs wide open inviting him to plunge his thick hard cock in her pussy. The vulnerability and eroticism of that moment. It was indescribable.

Then she pulled him in and we all began pumping with every last ounce of energy we had. I came for the 2nd time and he came for a third time.

I never imagined in a million years how insanely sexy both she could be and this experience was. The reclamation sex was indescribable where I came a 3rd time and she came for her 22nd time. I've never felt closer and more ONE with a women in my life.

For the record, I know I am a cheating cuck. I would do anything to have this with my wife. But I don't regret it.

It's safe to say MFM is now without question my fantasy of choice.

To be with, have sex with, and watch your partner fucking another man is indescribably sexy.

Cheating Cuck

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