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It all started with fantasy conversations while we were at the height of sex. When I asked Meg what turned her on more than anything else, she said she always turned-on by seeing and handling big cocks when she was in nursing school, and that she had never mentioned it because she didn't want to upset me. I told her by reaction and by words that just the thought of her with another man, especially one who was well hung, drove me crazy and I loved the thought.

Meg initially presents herself as the typical prim and proper wife, one that would never be interested in anything sexual except to please her husband. She is mid 40's with a perfect 35C-25-36 figure and legs that go all the way up to her ass, and speaking of ass, she has one that is curvy and ripe. When she walks into a room, every man in the place turns to look at her even when dressed as a conservative wife.

For at least six months after the initial conversation, the topic always came up, and when I bought some video tapes that involved men who were really hung and fucking another man's wife, you could tell she was totally captivated. As time passed, she asked if I had ever shown any of her early photos to other men, and if so what was their reaction. I told her that I had and that many responded either wanting to fuck her in person or in other cases they had masturbated to her pictures, spilling their cum on her. She could not believe men would do such a thing. I told her again that she was a very beautiful woman and every man who had seen her both in person and in photos wanted to fuck her. This seemed to turn her on, especially when I mentioned really big cocks.

With that, I started sharing some of my exchanges with other men about her locally and as I traveled in my job. Her first photo I had shared with other men was of her in a see-thru baby-doll nightie and relaying their comments really turned her on.

As I had hoped, this was about to open another door in our sex life, one nobody would ever suspect who knew us as a couple and her as a prim and proper church going wife who would never considering anything like this.

I asked her if she would be interested in meeting another man if I could arrange to find one who had a little extra and who would like to fuck her. Initially, she said she could not even consider doing anything like that. But, her wet pussy was saying otherwise.

I told Meg about several wife adult dating sites on the web that were devoted to having an extra man. Her response really surprised me when she said, and I quote, "I might, if they are clean, good looking and have what you say." She blew me away with such a response. I could have never imagined such a response! She said, in an added remark, "We would have to do this away from home, and added, do you think the beach would work?

I told her that, of course, the beach would be great. Nobody would know us, and as much as she loved going down to the beach she could enjoy both worlds, the beach trip and getting to meet men who had big dicks, and who answered our "wife loves it big and hard." I also added that we would need some new pictures as the old ones, and I had a lot of them, wouldn't do. She agreed and together, we took and selected the nude or partially nude photos of her to post.

We started the ads with these photos showing her hot body, the responses poured in! She told me to answer the mail and pick out the guys we would meet. She continued to pose for lots of pictures for me to share both in the ads as well as with other men in person.

The first guy I selected for her was a guy who would be at Myrtle Beach on a golfing trip during the time we planned to be there. He was younger, and pictured the biggest dick I had ever seen. Doug was 12" long, had a great curve to his dick when he was hard. Meg was obviously very turned on by seeing his huge dick. In fact, she let me rub her off several times while she looked at him.

Meg went to Victoria's Secret and bought some sexy nighties, some sexy panties and a few bras that had openings so her nipples would show. She was a bit nervous but was going to go through with this. I had to step back and realize really what we were about to do.

I had given Doug our e-mail and he sent a picture that far surpassed the earlier one's he had sent. I also gave him the house phone and we arranged for Meg to talk with him while we were having wild sex. Meg and Doug seemed to get along fine and we arranged to meet for dinner when we were in Myrtle. Doug was a handsome, fit guy, and he gave me the sign we had arranged, saying that he wanted to fuck my pretty wife's pussy.

I arranged for him to sit next to Meg in the booth, and it wasn't long before Doug was holding her hand and placing it on his enormous dick outline in his pants. Meg was like a school girl on her first date and was all smiles as her hand caressed perhaps the biggest dick she had ever encountered.

After dinner, we headed back to the motel and I insisted Meg ride with him. Doug told me later that they hadn't gone a mile before he unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard dick and that Meg didn't hesitate to suck him, although she could only get about three inches in her mouth. To my knowledge, this was the first time Meg had ever performed oral sex on another man. This was a side of my wife that I had never seen before.

When we arrived in the room, Meg excused herself and went into the bathroom to change into one of the hot, see-thru outfits she had bought at Victoria's Secret. When she walked back into the room, Meg was beyond sexy with her see-thru showing every thing, her hairy pussy, tits and ass, not to mention that her legs were beyond sexy.

Doug undressed and Meg smiled at me when his big dick popped into view, upturned, curved, and rock hard. Doug picked her up and carried her over to the bed and within a minute he was kissing her and soon the head of his big dick was at the entry of her receptive, married cunt. He was going to fuck my sweet, prim and proper wife right in front of me and probably send her through the roof with that big dick once he had her legs fully apart.

I just sat across the room and watched. Once Doug started fucking Meg, they forgot about me and he must have made her cum at least a dozen times before he unloaded in her pussy. As he pulled out, he was still hard and it really turned me on to watch him cum leak out of her freshly fucked cunt. She was flushed, red face and all, not to mention her pussy had that "just fucked" look.

I asked her, "How was it, baby" Her eyes rolled back as her hand caressed her still leaking, freshly fucked pussy, and she said, "It was the best I have ever had!"

"Want some more?" She smiled at me and nodded her head. With that, Doug climbed back on her and they went at it again. Meg came quickly, was pussy farting cum bubbles, and cumming so much and so fast that I lost count! I really did not know initially how I would react in having other men fuck my pretty wife, but if this was any indication, I was hooked. Plus, she is in every respect such a prim and proper lady that to see her open up and really become a sexual being for a change was an absolute delight.

After everything slowed down a bit, Doug asked if we would like to have him stay all night. I looked at Meg and she smiled back at me. I knew that was approval, so I told him "Sure, you and Meg can sleep in one bed and I can sleep in the other."

Back in the room, Meg undressed and put on one of the sexy nighties that she had bought, leaving the panties off. Doug slipped in bed with his big dick half hard, but longer than most men when erect. With the sound of ocean waves in the background, I turned out the light, taking a last glance at Meg and this handsome guy in bed together.

In the darkness, for at least a couple of hours, I could hear Meg and Doug whispering, the covers on the bed rustling, and the movements of the two of them fucking. I never dreamed that Meg would be receptive to actually doing such a thing as meeting another man and having him join us, much less her being able to take a dick as large as his was full length in her pussy, but there we were, all three of us, together in the darkness. Meg, naked and eagerly in bed with another man, allowing him to spend the night with us and obviously enjoying this new found sexual freedom!

The next morning, Doug and Meg were still going at it. His big dick was still so hard and erect that I could see the protrusion in the outline under the sheet. Meg was still naked, and this time, after an all night sexual experience, she didn't hide her nudity from me. As I awoke, Doug was kissing my pretty wife, caressing her tits, and all the while humping her from the side, again with his big dick in her pussy. Meg came twice more, and then I watched as Doug really got serious and gave her a third "good morning" fuck, unloading his last bit of cum in Meg's cunt.

Meg rolled over and smiled at me, then said, "How do you feel about this?"

I smiled back at her and said, "When do I get my turn with that freshly fucked pussy?"

She looked at Doug as he rolled his body out of bed and headed to the shower, and said, "Come on, it is your turn!"

I slipped out of bed with my hard cock fully erect and climbed on Meg, slipping in her pussy, and she looked at me and said, "You know, after having Doug in me all night, I can hardly feel you."

"I know, I am finding your pussy the same way. He really stretched your pussy!" Then, without further words, I fucked my pretty wife, came in her pussy and Meg hopped up and headed for the shower. She and Doug showered together and he thanked her and us for a great night and off he went.

"Meg, what do you think? Any remorse?"

"No, not at all. You are awfully sweet to let me do this. I really enjoyed it..."

After we arrived home. Meg seemed a lot more energetic and our sex life certainly improved. The conversation was generally about Doug, the size of his cock, and for Meg how good it felt and how much she willingly admitted she really enjoyed. There was some guilt, but the enjoyment of having Doug confirm for her that size does matter seemed to over shadow the feelings.

During the next few weeks, the ad ran again with the dates we were planning to be in Myrtle Beach and what we were looking for. The mail rolled in, and I let Meg look at all of the pictures and freely gave her comments on how much the individual men turned her on, knowing they all wanted to fuck her. The ad specified that to be considered the guy had to submit a picture of his erect cock. Meg was captivated. Who would have imagined considering her outer prim and proper demeanor that she was consumed with opening her legs to other men, with my approval and continued encouragement!

Again, as I suspected she would, Meg picked a younger guy for the next guy to meet. He was about 6' tall, worked out and had a nice build, but more of all, Steve had an enormous cock. Meg didn't hesitate to pick Steve for the next encounter after seeing his picture...and his dick.

Again, we talked at length about her willingness to meet him and the fact that he most certainly would fuck her if we clicked when we did meet. He exchanged several direct messages with Meg and by the time our planned trip date arrived, just for the weekend, she was more than ready, much to my pleasure and surprise.

There was no doubt in my mind that this younger guy was probably going to give Meg another fucking to remember. He certainly had the cock to do it with, measuring, like Doug, a rock hard 12".

Steve gave Meg a kiss when we met at the Olive Garden and in the process gave her ass a squeeze. She was all smiles, and I could tell she was going to end up getting her second large cock. I also wondered if there was an addiction coming, as she certainly was very receptive to our first two guys.

During dinner, Steve kept the conversation low key, but with them sitting side by side, I could also tell initially they were holding hands, and eventually hands were doing much more than just being held. Steve had quite a "work out" toned body, and he was obviously appealing to Meg in more ways than one. She looked at me and smiled, giving me the sign that he was acceptable. Soon there after, we headed back to the motel, again...Meg rode with him and I drove ahead of them watching my cute, pretty prim and proper wife snuggle up next to a younger man with a huge dick that was soon going to fill her pussy.

When the motel room door closed, Steve took Meg in his arms and held her tight while he gave her a big kiss. She melted. I could say a little here about seeing Meg in the arms of a younger, very handsome 6'1" hunk with an extending dick that was now pressing against her and his hand were exploring her curvy ass. After the kiss, Steve wasted no time in unbuttoning Meg's blouse and unhooking her bra, then kissing her again, as he bent down to sucking on her tits, he placed her hands on his bulging dick, and then as she caressed him, he unbuttoned her skirt, unzipped it, and let it drop to the floor. Next, as she unhooked his belt and unzipped his pants, he slipped her panties off, exposing her very fuckable hairy pussy.

Meg turned and looked at me with a smile. The prim and proper Meg had vanished and she was about to get her second big dick with the encouragement and totally approval of her husband, me! Steve now had Meg on her back and his huge dick was pressing against her pussy lips, and in a slow, forceful movement, he slipped into my pretty wife's pussy full length! It was again confirmed that Meg loved and could take a big dick deep in her juicy cunt.

Steve fucked Meg for a couple of hours, and finally, after he had made her cum about a dozen times it seemed, he could hold off no longer. He looked over at me and said, "I'm going to fill your wife's pussy up with cum!" With that he drove it deep into Meg's pussy and grunted a few times as his dick shot a load of cum into Meg's more than ready cunt! She grabbed the sheets, came along with Steve and then they both lay there naked, his dick still in her pussy, his cum leaking out around the edges! After such an event, Steve dressed and was gone. It was my turn, and again we joked about how stretched and juicy her pussy was.

With all of the invitations that had come in by email, and with two more days at the beach, Meg and I went over the next likely guy and she selected this one.

Frank obviously had a big cock, noting in his email how long and thick he was and how he could cum endlessly. That caught our eye right off, and I made a call and told Frank where we were staying. We made arrangements for a lunch meeting the next day as Meg was once again more than ready. I shook my head as she was still leaking cum from Steve's fucking.

The lunch was very enjoyable, and dressed as she was, Frank could not stop looking at Meg. In her mid-40's, and with her 35C-25-36 figure on her 5'3" curvy body, she was something to behold. She could always turn heads when we went anywhere. On the surface, to our friends, she was just a prim and proper MILF, but underneath, she had become a the real definition of a "hotwife."

I asked Meg if she would enjoy having Frank come by the motel and she gave me one her sexy smiles. Frank agreed to return to the motel and to let Meg have an afternoon of it. As before, I let Meg ride with the guy who was going to join us so they could get comfortable with each other.

When we arrived at the motel, and entered the room, Meg said "Excuse me..." and went into the bathroom. Frank and I made small talk and he mentioned to me that when he really gets turned on, his cock actually leaks cum. He asked if it was okay to "be with" Meg without a condom considering his condition. I told him that it was fine since he had shown me the paper from a recent STD check.

In a couple of minutes, Meg opened the bathroom door and walked out in nothing but her super sheer white panties. You could see Frank's reaction as Meg's bush could be easily seen through her panties. As they kissed, Frank caressed Meg's curvy ass, feeling the cheeks of her fanny with both hands. She helped him out of his shirt, then unzipped and took his pants down. We both could not take out eyes off Frank's dick. It was as he described already leaking white cum.

Frank helped Meg out of her panties and in a blink, they were on the bed and Frank had slipped his cum covered cock in Meg's pussy. He fucked her for at least 30 minutes before grunting, slipping his dick full length into Meg's cunt and shooting a massive load of cum in my pretty wife's pussy! At this point, I thought how amazed I was at how I am married to two different women. Meg, the prim and proper church going mom and wife, and Meg, the nympho who is totally obsessed with big cocks and who would now remove her panties in a flash when confronted by a man who excites and appeals to her.

Then something new came along... a black guy locally who had his eye on Meg, and in fact, we timed a dinner at Ruby Tuesday's one night so, even after exchanging some notes with him and sending him some of her photos, he could see her in person. Wilson arrived after we did, and picked a table across from our booth where he could get a good look at her.

I commented to Meg that he seemed enchanted with her, and she remarked, "Yes, I am aware of that..."

With that, I suggested that she get up and go to the ladies room so he could get a good look at her. She responded with, "But, he's a black man. Would you want a black man to fuck me?"

I smiled, and with that, Meg slipped out of the booth and walked directly by Wilson's table, looking into his eyes as he gave her a complete up and down look. Once she was out of sight, Wilson looked over at me and gave me a thumbs up. I smiled and mouthed "Want some?"

He nodded and said back, "You know I do! Your wife is beautiful! I'd love to fuck that pretty white, married pussy!" With that, I responded with a thumbs up.

Wilson gave Meg another look, especially checking out her curvy ass when she returned to the table. I had heard how black men love fucking married white women in their ass. As she stood there for a second before slipping back into the booth, I said, "Give him a look at those leg's as you slip back into the booth, hon."

She responded to me, "You are awful!" but she did as I suggested and let her skirt ride way up on her legs, and then parted them and gave him a real flash getting back into the booth.

I got out my pen and wrote down our phone and address on a small piece of paper and passed it across the table to Meg. She looked at it and then at me, and with a look of surprise, asked, "What am I to do with this?"

"Give it to the black guy as we leave. Just smile at him as we walk by his table, and lay it down."

Meg was almost speechless. "But, he's black!"

"So what? Black men like fucking married white women, and you are perfect. Give it to him as we are leaving." I handed it to her, and as we were getting up to leave, Meg's eyes were locked on him as we walked by his table, she covertly dropped the paper by his fork and then just kept on walking. I was surprised that she did it, but with Meg, I realized long ago that I am living with a lady with two very different personalities. One is a very prim and proper wife and mom, and the other has, with a little coaching and pushing, become a total and complete slut for big cocks.

Once in the car, I turned and asked her, "How did that make you feel?"

Meg, reached over and grabbed my hand, and said, "Awful in some ways, knowing you'd want a black man to screw me, but then again, it did excite me. Don't make a habit of this, okay?"

"You do know he's going to call, don't you?"

"Yes, I know that...and I know you want me to let him fuck me, don't you?"

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