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Wife was having an Affair - Cuckold Husband

By: Daniel & Lily


I've been dating my gf for sometime now and am now being cuckolded. I never imagined this would happen to me, but I guess I'm not surprised. I'm asian just like my gf. Before I met her I wasn't so good with the females.

She has been the first and only girl I ever had sex with. She's dated a few other guys before me and is definitely experienced. She got me comfortable with the whole sex thing. After a few years of fucking I realized my sweet Lily was exploring.

I found out while looking through her computer. I noticed a number of naked photos of her that I also put in this email, as well as her with my friend Rick. I checked the time stamp, it was only a month ago. I continued to look for more information and found at least a half dozen different pictures of Lily and Rick naked and a video clip.

I always suspected Rick had a thing for asian girls, especially Lily. He's talking about how he'd like to fuck an asian chick. I watched the clip and saw my Lily sucking Rick's white cock. I didn't know who was filming it at first, but soon realized it was one of Rick's buddies holding the camera. I met him a few times, but not much more than that. I couldn't believe it was my Lily filming a homemade porn flick of her and Rick fucking.

As I watched, my 4 inch cock got hard. She was sucking and licking Rick's large cock. He was way bigger and thicker than mine. Lily was enjoying it. I never imagined my girl doing anything like that, especially with my friend. As the movie progressed I noticed the camera man move in on a few occassions to grab Lily's tits and rub her pussy. Lily was receptive. As Rick continued to fuck Lily's wet pussy she unzipped Rick's buddy's fly, pulled out his cock and began to suck it.

I've seen two white guys fuck an asian girl in the porn movies, but I never imagined it would be Lily. They each took turns fucking her until they were ready to cum on her one at a time. They shot their cum on her tits and on her mouth.

After I finished watching the video clip, I checked through her emails to see what other communications she had with Rick. I quickly discovered that she had been fucking Rick on a regular basis for the past three months. She marked times and dates when they fucked. I even found an email that talked about me. She made a few remarks about how my cock was small and wished I could please her and felt bad about fucking Rick, but has things that need to be fulfilled. That made me smile, knowing she cares for me even though what she's doing was bad.

A few days later Lily asked me to look at her computer since it was acting up. As I worked on it a video of Lily and Rick popped up suddenly. Lily quickly closed the laptop lid. I asked her what that was she said it was nothing, but the cat was out of the bag.

I told her I wasn't going to get mad. She eased up and opened the laptop back up. She played the video. It was a new sex video of Rick and Lily. I asked her why? She had no answer. I grabbed her hand and told her it was ok. I admitted to her it was hot watching her fuck Rick. She eased up more and we both watched the video together. She got wet watching it as did I. She ended giving me an awesome handjob that day.

Later that night we talked about it all. I told her I know my cock was small and understood that Rick's cock was bigger, plus he was different. I mentioned just as long as you love me you can fuck Rick anytime, but under one condition I want to watch you from time to time without Rick knowing about it.

She paused, but agreed. A few days later she invited Rick over. I acted like I knew nothing. I pretended I was going to go out for a couple of hours and offered Rick to stay and chill out with Lily. I left through the front door and moved my car around the block and entered through the back door. As I watched, they just watched tv and chatted for a long while.

Rick moved closer to Lily and began to hug and caress her. He unbuttoned her top to expose her bra. She looked stunning. he continued to remove her jeans to reveal her black thong between the cheeks of her butt. She looked hot. Lily proceeded to remove Rick's jeans and pulled out his hard cock and began to lick, caress, and suck it.

After a few minutes Lily pulled out a ruler to measure his cock. Rick seemed unfazed with her action. He asked how big, she mentioned almost 8 inches, double my cock size. Rick let out a laugh, and said he only has 4 inches. Rick laid Lily on her back and proceeded to insert his cock in her, while she moaned with pleasure.

He pushed hard and long, while she requested Rick fuck the shit out of her. He then turned her over on all fours and fucked her doggie style. He slapped her ass a number of times. The look of pleasure on her face was heaven. I was watching every moment of Lily getting fucked. It was exciting and fulfilling to see my gf get fucked well by Rick's 8 inch white cock. Something about a white guy fucking my asian gf seemed right. He finished off Lily by creaming all over her back. I left through the back door quietly.

A few weeks later I hung out with Rick and got a beer. We talked about sports, friends, and Lily. I asked him what he thought of her. He paused and said she was cool. I pushed for more. He thought Lily was attractive. I then asked if he ever thought about fucking her. He looked stunned and asked why. I brushed it off and asked again.

He finally admitted he thought about it on a few occassions. I asked him for details of how he would fuck my Lily. Rick lowered his guard and told me a few details of what he would do. We had a few more beers and Rick was a bit intoxicated as was I. We talked about Lily more. I told him our sex life was so so, wished I could fuck her better.

Rick blurted out if you want to fuck her better than I'll show you how. Rick paused and tried to explain. I told him it was ok, and hinted I'd take him up on it someday. Rick looked confused as I told him my answer. He asked what? I told him I'd like for him to show me how to fuck Lily. He asked when? I said what about now?

We went over to my place and Lily was watching tv. Rick move towards Lily and kissed her. She pulled back and I told her it was ok. Lily responded in kind. Rick took off his shirt and began to kiss Lily all over. I told her I just wanted to watch. Her removed her top and began to suck on her tits.

Her nipples were hard and swollen. Rick unbuttoned his pants to reveal his large cock. It seemed larger than before. Lily grabbed it with both hands and was sucking it. She's was a pro handling his large cock. He sat in the chair while Lily gave him an intense blowjob.

Within 10 minutes he blew his load all over Lily's mouth. Then Rick passed out. Afterwards Lily and I spoke about what happened. I told her it was ok. I perferred it to be out in the open, than hidden away.

A few days later we met up and talked about what happened. Rick apologized for his actions. I told him it was ok, and that he fulfilled a need for Lily I couldn't. We talked a lot and decided instead of sneaking around Rick would come over several times a week to fuck Lily if she wanted. Everyone seem to be good with that deal.

The first few months went on without a hitch. Rick got to fuck Lily. Lily got her orgasms. I was able to make sure Lily was happy. But all things change. Rick and Lily wanted to include a threesome into the mix. Lily liked having two guys fuck her in the previous video she created. She didn't want it all the time, but sometimes.

A few nights ago Lily mentioned she was going to do a threesome with Rick and his friend. I got all excited thinking about her and two cocks. Rick came over with his buddy; another white guy. He was blond and average looking.

We all had beers while Lily was getting ready. Rick's buddy Sam asked about our our arrangement. We chatted it up for a bit, until Lily came out. She was looking hot, wearing a short skirt and white tank top shirt. Sam couldn't help, but not stare at her. She sat next to me and talked to both Rick and Sam for a while.

We drank more beers, then she started to get a little horny. During the night I could see Rick and Sam were waiting to get their chance to fuck my hot Lily. She approached Rick and gave him a hug and kiss. Sam moved closer and wanted to get some action. Rick removed her clothes, leaving only her thong and bra on.

Lily always looked hot in her black thong and bra. Rick started to kiss her neck, while Sam sucked on her beautiful tits. I sat in the back, while my cock was getting hard watching. Sam and Rick both started to undress. Lily grabbed Rick's cock and started to suck. Then she proceeded to suck on Sam's cock.

His cock was just as big as Rick's. It was hot watching my girl sucking on two large cocks at the same time. She put both of them in her mouth as well as took turns sucking on them. Rick laid Lily on her back and started to insert his cock in her wet shaved pussy.

She moaned as he pushed all the while she was sucking on Sam's cock. I couldn't help, but think about all the asian porn movies, where two well endowed white guys are fucking a hot asian chick. It was a porn dream come true. They took turns fucking her sweet pussy and getting blowjobs from Lily. For the next 30 minutes they fucked the shit out of Lily and came all over her perfect body. She smiled at me and her fuck buddies.

I never would have imagined in my wildest dream, that my asian gf would have the body of a porn star fucking a white stud like Rick. I hope you guys like her. In the last picture she is sucking Rick.

Daniel & Lily

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