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Girlfriend came Riding my Friend's Cock

By: QuickBurn

Wife and the Cuckolding Lifestyle


A few years into our relationship, I started mentioning watching my girlfriend have sex with other guys while we had sex. She would cum but after awhile it got boring. One day we were having sex and I could tell that she wasn't enjoying the dirty talk, and I told her I wanted to watch her fuck my best friend.

She immediately came. Flash forward a couple weeks, my friend and I were hanging out and I told him what happened. He was interested and we made a plan for a few days later. My girlfriend was nervous about it and was unsure if we would go through with it.

So we all got together and went swimming. Nothing crazy happened while swimming, but I did tell my friend to check out my girlfriend's ass. After swimming, we hung out in my room, and the tension was high. I broke the tension by kissing my girlfriend, after a minute she went and started kissing my friend.

It was so hot watching them kiss, and I could tell he kissed her better than I did which was an even bigger turn on. I fucked her first to loosen her up, then my friend took over. It was a weird experience at first, watching her ride, moan and cum on my friend's cock.

It was kind of surreal, but incredibly hot. He ended up cumming on her stomach and cleaning her off, and so did I, but she wasn't finished. At this point the post orgasm clarity was hitting hard and I was regretting what happened.

Especially since my friend was kissing her and rubbing her clit to give her one last orgasm. At the time I hated it, but looking back at it, it was incredibly hot.

The second time I shared her, the experience was a lot less awkward. My friend came over, and there was little time in between him coming over and us fucking. I laid next to them while my friend was on top of him, eventually they switched and she came riding him like three times.

We started passing her back and forth, her pussy felt amazing after his cock was in her. He took over and started pounding her to the point she was screaming. He came on her stomach again, but this time I had to clean her up. I came inside of her, but I could tell she wanted him to finish her off again.

The thrid time, he gave my girlfriend a creampie. I still can't believe it, that he filled my girlfriend's pretty little pussy. We had to be discreet since my parents were home (we're all in our 20s but can't afford anything in this economy) so they could only stay in missionary and she couldn't be loud.

But it was still amazing watching him on top of her, she was able to dirty talk a little which she never did before. Like the other times, I fucked her first, but when I got off of her, she made a motion with her hand as if to brush me away and said, "You can just watch."

She told him how good she felt and how she loved his cock. After he came inside of her, I immediately started fucking her and only after a few strokes, I came inside of her as well.

We've only been able to do it three times so far, but hopefully I'll be able to make an update post for the blog soon.


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