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Great blog! My wife and I enjoy it together and read some of the stories while we are in bed. About 6 months ago we finished some renovations on a house we bought about a year ago. We almost gutted the whole thing and rebuilt from scratch. My wife and I used to like to play around with cameras sometimes when we were having a good time in the bedroom but due to angles and lighting the films always seemed to be somewhat less than perfect.

While the construction was in the framing stage, as a little present to her I hired a guy that worked for a video/sound business to design and install a system in our bedroom and den that would by his description, catch two flies fucking in a corner in an electrical outage. And he did his job masterfully. I was going to surprise her with this so it was done secretly.

All the video equipment was installed in an office I made for myself in cabinets that had rear compartments that were not visible if you didn't know they were there.

We moved in and the next day I was practically run over by a semi truck and was in the hospital in and out of a coma for 2 weeks and subsequent therapy and recovery for the next 2 months.

During our 7 years of marriage we enjoyed a very healthy sex life. This was the second marriage for both of us and we both like the same things in life especially during sex. She is multi orgasmic and can wear your ass out when in the right mood. Sex was never a problem with us and we had even toyed with the thoughts of bringing in another partner occasionally to even make things hotter. We had only discussed this and not yet acted it out but had decided that our relationship was stable enough to handle such things.

During the last stages of my recovery as I was healing enough to handle it she would come to see me and started out giving me hand jobs to help me along. She graduated to an occasional blowjob but would never let me play with her pussy in a return gesture saying only she would wait until she could get the real thing and until then she would just have to take care of things herself. I knew that being the little sexpot she was and not being able to get a hard one to relieve that pressure had to be frustrating her to no end. It had been at least 2 to 3 months since we had fucked and I knew she had to be horny as hell she was used to getting fucked on a regular basis and liked it that way.

The day I finally came home she told me she had planned a small party that evening to celebrate my returning and she left to pick up some things she needed and as she left she told me to turn on the video recorder and watch a welcome home message she had left for me on a tape. On the tape was her and another couple I didn't know all dressed up to kill. They were all having a glass of wine in a party atmosphere and all three of them looked at the camera smiled and said we are glad you're finally home and now the party can begin.

There was a short pause on the tape and then the scene moved to the den where the man was stripping the other lady who was exquisitely built, a pretty blonde with high riding firm tits and a perfectly shaved pussy. After she was completely naked he led her over close to the camera and instructed her to bend over and spread open her pussy lips and said that this is what was waiting for me when I returned home. The film then stopped and I sat there stunned. Nowhere on the tape did my wife appear except in the opening scene.

Then it hit me I had not had time to even think about the system I had installed and didn't even know if it had ever been turned on.

The system will film both rooms at the same time and had dual receivers each capable of recording onto 3 different tapes installed in each receiver so basically you can record up to 6 hours on each one. A red light was blinking which meant all tapes were full and the system was in standby until new tapes were installed.

I pulled up a chair and started viewing the bedroom first fast forwarding until I got to the good parts. The only thing on it was of my wife going to bed and getting up numerous times. There was one time she appeared to be using a vibrator on herself as you could hear it and see the motions but she had a sheet pulled over herself. I grabbed a den tape and stuck it in and as soon as it started there in front of me was numerous people all dressed up in our den partying and the only two I recognized was the couple from the welcome home tape. I then heard people talking as they were coming in the house and had to quickly stop before I was discovered.

I walked out to discover my wife along with the other couple in tow. She had a big grin on her face and asked me if we needed to talk now or wait until later and let the fun begin now.

We sat down in the den and she brought out the wine and they started explaining how this had been set up and that it was all up to me if it went any further. My wife came over and gave me a kiss and said she knew I always wanted to watch her with another man and she would like me to enjoy it. As we had discussed before the accident the possibility of different partners, this was her way of surprising me now.

I explained to them that I was totally shocked by all of this but was also delighted in the fact that this situation was being presented to me. I also told them that I had a little surprise for them and went to the office and retrieved the tape of the den and walked over to the big screen tv and inserted it in the player. Things got very quiet as the tape started and my wife asked me where that tape came from. I only said to hush and watch the film. Not knowing what was on the tape myself I was gambling that what little bit I had seen would progress much further into some full blown out affair.

I should explain the den cameras are wired to come on by a switch in my office and a switch that controls the "mood" lights in the den along with a motion detector, wheras the bedroom cameras are set up for motion detectors only. She must have tripped on the mood lights in the den when the party started. The lighting in that area is perfect for filming. Nothing was said for a while as the film showed only people moving around talking and having drinks. There were at best 12 people there that I could see along with my wife.I kept looking over at my wife and she would look at the movie and then nervously look at me and the couple. She started a couple of times to get up and move over to me but I asked her to remain still. She couldn't tell at this time if I was pissed or not and I wasn't letting on either way.

It didn't take long for the festivities to heat up a little as it began to become obvious that these people were here for one thing, sex. Kissing, hands moving around and then clothes coming off were the next things that came across the screen and the couple setting to my right were obviously the leaders of the group. They were the first ones naked and were moving around the room helping others get annointed. The lady had a unique way of greeting a man as she walked up, she wouldn't shake his hand she would grab his dick and wiggle it around as she planted a kiss on his cheek.

My wife was getting very uncomfortable at this time and stood up and said she wanted me to talk with her now in the kitchen. She needed to know my thoughts of this and did not want the tape to continue until we talked. I met her in the kitchen and she nervously took my hand and said she had also taped these events and had every intension of showing them to me. She sort of knew I wasn't mad at her and I think she was really relieved when I put my arms around her, kissed her and rubbed my hardon against her crotch. I told her I'm shocked but delighted and that I couldn't wait to see what kind of time she had while I was gone. She replied that it would get pretty wild before it was over and that if I wanted to continue she would only do so as long as I guaranteed her that I could watch her with several other men and not get upset.

As we walked back into the den the other couple asked if everything was ok and were happy when we said yes. My wife was now sitting beside me on a couch and curled up tight to me. The movie had been paused and was now started back. The scene on the screen had changed to a 4 picture split screen with all four cameras showing a different angle and different area. I had not yet seen my wife on screen except in some of the first scenes where everyone was still clothed.

There were 2 couples tangled together on the floor in front of the tv all involved with oral sex and forming somewhat of a double 69. There was a guy setting in my favorite chair getting a blowjob from a woman who was standing in front of the chair bent over and some other guy was giving it to her from behind, while another woman was playing with the ladys pendelous swinging boobs and at the same time getting eaten by a man who was laying on the floor.

There was an area of the room that wasn't on display. I guess one of the cameras wasn't working or wasn't pointed just right because there was at times a blank section on the screen and at other times it would show a too high shot of a wall. It dawned on the couple there with us that that spot is where they were that night along with my wife for a short period of time.

As the man stood up and got the others attention both he and his wife and my wife came into view of another camera. He announced that it was appreciation time for the hostess and that she has already been prep'd for the action. At that point my wife squeezed my hand and said here it comes and she would be alot more comfortable if she was laying on the couch with my dick in her mouth as this seen started, which got no fussing from me. We all disrobed what hadn't already been removed or loosened up already and I started back the film.

It was explained to me that the prepping mentioned was a full body massage given my the lady and about 20 minutes of pussy eating done expertly I was told my the man.

Two men entered the picture with a contraption that they unfolded into a weird chair. Unfolded it became a stirrup chair whose back would set up or recline flat with a cupped section for support of the head. The bottom section held two adjustable stirrups that when in position gave a doctors view of the persons lower region to whomever was in the position to see it.

My wife was helped into the chair and choose the laid back position. Then one by one each man took his turn in fucking her as long as he wished, removing his rubber, and walked around to the front of the chair where he either splashed his load on her tits or face at her choosing.

There were 5 different guys of all shapes and sizes that did some form of this, only one of them not cumming on her. Then the guy that was now sitting to my left, got up from getting a blowjob while all of the others had their turn with my wife slipped a rubber over a long rather thin dick and worked it into my wife's asshole. She was bucking and letting out little moans as he slid his dick all the way into her very much to her delight.

While all of this was going on in front of us my wife had been sucking slowly on my dick and I was having a hard time looking at the film and I told her that my stamina was definately going to need some working on and I was going to blow my only load of the night if she didn't stop. In hearing this the other lady got up saying that she remembered something about promising me some pussy and didn't want to go back on her word. She presented me her pussy by walking in front of me and jacking her leg up in the air to give me access to her as I was still setting on the couch. I gave it a few licks and then she turned around and sat down on my dick in one swoop. Her pussy was nice, in this position it gripped my dick very strongly as she raised up and down and it wasn't long before I was to the point of no return. As I unloaded I looked over and saw my wife doing the very same to her new partner.

He lasted much longer and finally shot his load in her, no rubber this time, and as she pulled off of him his wife leaned over and cleaned him up with her expert lips. Starting a session of deepthroating that was unreal I still don't see how she could take that long thing all the way down but did so with little effort. My wife tried the same but I wasn't able to respond, too much activity too soon. Then he was hard again and proceeded to pound my wife hard while I watched right beside them. It was great.

The evening ended shortly there after and the parting response from them was that they took care of the hostess but still had to initiate the host sometime soon.

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