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Crazy how Lewd my Wife can be with Others

By: NY Cuck

Cuckold Wife in T-Shirt who wants to Play


My wonderful wife has asked me to write in to tell you about last week. It's a little embarrassing for me to do so, but it's admittedly very exciting for me also. My face is red and my heart beating quickly as I anticipate telling you, and I've already grown hard and wet.

You have to understand I'm a very straight-acting, competent, strong, confident man normally. But, I am also a guy with a submissive side that my wife loves to let out whenever she can. My wife (we'll call her 'F') also has a next-door quality. She's a very feminine girl although she's definitely no wall flower.

I sent in 2 photos in a separate email too. With me she's always been very loving and accepting, yet she's also had a rather stern and unapologetic demeanor throughout our marriage. This has recently taken on a powerful new phase as she's discovered cuckholdry, and taken a new young boyfriend.

Our last meeting with her new lover, C, more than a month ago now, was a rather standard mmf (if an mmf can ever be called a standard event). Both C and I enjoyed F fully, and she enjoyed us. But, during that experience something seemed to awaken in her. Typically she's been just a little reluctant around our male swing partners, preferring to put her energy and interest in the female half. This last time, without another woman in the room, she really got into her new boy toy. I helped him discover her.

Afterward, she immediately began talking about and making plans to see him again. As we've always spaced our swinging adventures out by a couple months or longer, meeting people only a few times a year, this was new territory. This time, neither of us could wait. This was different.

C is a strong, handsome, lean and very athletic guy that's 28 years old. "F" finds him dreamy. His fantastic muscle tone, strong legs, and hot round ass compliment his easy but firm nature. Then, there's his cock which we've both have come to know well. Not huge, it's a nice, medium sort of length and girth and strong like him, with a lovely straight shaft and well-formed head. Its power is not in its size but in the raw strength of man behind it.

We arrived at our hotel, and had just enough time to shower and shave before he called. We let him know the room number, and F reached for my ass plug. She knows I love this plug, and she's aware the power having something buried up there has over me. She asked me to put it in.

Both F and I were very ready for sex, having talked about it for days. C was ready, too, and he wasn't far off. I had gotten my little rubber friend fully inside me and F had just tied me in the chair when he knocked on our door. I was naked with my hands tied over the sides of a barrel chair sitting on my plug when she opened the door in her bra and panties. The two immediately embraced like young lovers who knew each other well. They kissed deep and long.

When you've been with the same woman as long as F and I have been together, you come to think you know what to expect. The passion of their kiss honestly surprised me. I could tell something special was going to happen. She really wanted him.

I immediately wanted to touch myself but couldn't. My upper body had some mobility, but I was definitely confined to a seated position. My wife and her new lover were completely free to do as they wished, and there was little I could have done had I wanted to change what was about to happen.

They didn't waste time. F lay back on the bed near me, putting her cute little manicured feet in my face. C hit the shower while I sucked her toes. She watched me all the while, but he was back very quickly, lying down naked next to her in just a few minutes, kissing her deeply again, me with her now wet toes in my mouth.

She moaned unabashedly, letting me know just how much she was enjoying being with the man she had begun that week calling her boyfriend. He fondled her unabashedly. She let him know exactly how much she wanted him, and that she was ready for him. But, he continued his aggressive foreplay, making her hotter, making her wait.

I could tell she didn't want to wait any longer. I was sure she would ask him at any moment to grab the condom on the night stand, and put it on. But, she didn't. I could no longer see them kissing, but I knew their mouths were locked. And his torso was now directly over hers.

I tied to join them, but the best I could do in my restraints was leaning forward and getting my lips on his ass and legs. With her legs around his back I could also occasionally get her toes into my mouth. The two of them cavorting naked in front of me, my hands tied to the chair with a plug deep in my ass, and me willingly, eagerly even, probing my wife's ass with my wet tongue.

On the bed, F had never been so eager herself. She was a girl completely ready to be fucked and practically begging for it. I couldn't see most of her, only hear her. They were, in fact, almost fucking already although I could see he wasn't in her. Not yet. Any swinging we had ever done always involved condoms, and we had never ever had a discussion about anything BUT sex with condoms. But, now if I didn't know any better I would say he was going to fuck her without putting that condom on! They were so hot together. So eager and wanting. And so fucking close! Then, I heard her whisper to him, "Fuck me. Fuck me, C."

Her wantonness was shockingly lewd. I was astonished by it at first. Then, stunned even further when I heard her guttural gasp and moan that told me he was, indeed, inside her. His naked cock was now buried deep in my wife's hot slippery eager cunt. Right in front of my face.

I sat back a little, not wanting to interfere. And wanting to watch the spectacle in front of me. Had I been able to reach my cock I would have cum right then. There they were, my beautiful loving wife on her back, naked, and completely engaged with every thread of her being in fucking her hot young lover. Totally enthralled in taking his thrusting manhood deep inside her, milking it, and relishing every fleeting second of it pumping and sliding in and out of her hot, slippery, horny hole.

"Yes. Yes, C. Fuck me. Fuck me hard." Her legs wrapped around his torso, opening her inner sanctum wider to his onslaught. He raised up on his knees slightly to get a better angle to fuck deeper inside her. He thrust in and pulled back each time, and I could see the musculature in his hips, ass and torso working efficiently to stab his rod into her wet cunt. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen, and it made me love her even more.

As she was getting the fucking she wanted, I sat down hard on my plug and ached to touch my cock. I couldn't. My inability to control or even participate in what was happening was excruciating and scintillating at the same time. And, it was exactly what I always longed for.

He fucked her hard and finally grunted and came with his cock poking deep inside her. I could see it fully buried as he stabbed deep inside her spilling his hot seed deep within her belly.

I knew from previous experience, when C cums, he cums in buckets. Lots of hot thick semen. Knowing this, I wanted only one thing. The same thing I knew F wanted now that her lover had cum. me licking her sopping cream pie and making her cum.

We'd done this many many times, with my cum. Never with another's. Now, there it was before me as he pulled out. Her just-fucked cunt filled with cum and ready to be cleaned by her husband. As he lifted himself off her, I leaned my head forward and he slipped himself into my mouth to be cleaned off. I sucked him in and licked him quickly.

This was F's idea which she used to help bring out my submissive side like I mentioned above - but what I really wanted was my face in my wife's cum-filled cunt even more. He untied my hands easily and I fell forward into F's wetness. I could see his white cum begin to seep out just before I began licking. As soon as my mouth was on her, I could taste him. Powerful and pungent, a sharp yet smooth taste I devoured easily. F writhed beneath me. She'd just been fucked, and I knew she wanted to release her sexual energy. This woman needed to cum more than anything.

I quickly lapped up the cum I could and when I could taste no more I turned to lay on my back. F quickly got up to planted her shaven pussy right over my mouth to let the cum continue to flow. She was spread over me, looking down at me beneath her with lust on her face.

C cupped her breasts from behind, and kissed her neck. They played together further as she rubbed her slippery pussy over my face, his cum leaking out for me to clean up. He used his fingers to spread her lips wider, pulling back slightly to expose her clit further, rubbing the little nub with my tongue lapping greedily at her exposed hole. The three of us continued like this, her eventually thrusting her hips back and forth using my face and his fingers to make herself cum.

She came hard and loudly, grunting and jerking. I continued my sucking and licking to give her as much pleasure from it all as possible. As her spasms subsided I could look up to see F and C kissing. She really enjoyed him and he was equally into her. I was the third party at that point, there to make their sex naughtier and kinkier. To lick and lap and watch and witness. They had both cum wildly. I had not nor would I for a while.

They continued that early evening for several more orgasms until they were both totally spent. I was let to jerk off on her leg and clean it up after before C fucked my lovely F one more time, cumming in her one last time. I cleaned them up and waited on the bed while they showered together.

As they lathered each other, I could hear them laughing and talking easily, and I knew they were now really comfortable and relaxed with each other. They dressed, and I stood behind them naked as C gave F a long luscious, deep kiss goodbye, making promising to keep in touch and see each other again soon. Promises I know will be kept. Before he left, I gave the fully dressed C a quick hug and said I hoped he could meet F again soon. Next time, I'll have to ask to be free to take some photos. This is all just too exquisite not to share. F agrees.

We're meeting him again this weekend. They've both agreed that after I let C in, I am to leave the room and wait in the lobby. They want time alone. And, I want them to have that time. None of the three of us can wait!

NY Cuck

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