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By: Football Cuck & Sophie


By now, my wife has had her fair share of other cocks during our marriage but so far we've kept it to strangers. Nothing too close to home. However, since our very early discussions on the topic of her cucking me, I made it clear that I wanted to share her with my friends. Pretty soon, she had the names of a few that she was willing to be shared with and we started talking about how we were going to put it to action.

My wife has always been pretty popular with my friends and why wouldn't she be? Sophie is beautiful. And she dresses to show off her best features - low cut tops, tight jeans, short skirts, the lot. And on plenty of occasions I've found my friends staring at Sophie with lust in their eyes. Much to my enjoyment.

We agreed that I would invite three of my best friends round: Jackson, Gary and Mark. These friends were handpicked by Sophie and I had no complaints. I invited them over to watch the football and have a few beers with the idea being that Sophie had made herself scarce for the night, only to appear at some point in the evening in a state of undress, coincidently "forgetting" that we had company. And we'd take it from there. I was excited all week in the run up to the Saturday night where that fantasy would be put to the test. Obviously, there was no telling how the guys would react. We just had to rely on the beer flowing and on Sophie being wholly convincing in what she wanted.

Saturday night came and the evening was in full flow. The beers were going down well, we had some crisps on the table and were chatting and laughing while the game was on. I had no idea when Sophie was going to appear.

We reach half time. I hear the bedroom door open. I hear Sophie's light footsteps on the stairs.

The living room door opens. In walks Sophie. As luck would have it, she's wearing one of my football shirts. Almost as if it was planned, right? She rushes in then stops a few steps in, pretending to only just realise that my friends are there. She pulls the top down a little. Her legs are on full display.

'Sorry, I forgot you guys were here, I'll just be a minute,' she says as she rushes through the living room to the kitchen. And as she does, it becomes clear as the football shirt moves that she has nothing on underneath it. On top or bottom.

All eyes are on Sophie as she dashes into the kitchen. I try not to look but I can't help but smirk as they glance in my direction, perhaps wondering whether I saw them staring or wondering whether I was bothered.

Sophie returns from the kitchen with a glass of wine and a few more beers which she places on the table for us. Her nipples are fully erect and clearly visible beneath the shirt. As she places the beers down she knocks the remote control from the table. As she turns and bends over to pick it up, the shirt rides up, showing that bum to everyone.

She reacts quickly, pulling at the shirt again and looks genuinely embarrassed. She smiles at me, almost laughing, like she can't believe what she's doing.

'What you doing hidden away upstairs?' Jackson asks her. 'Don't you wanna watch the game with us?'

Jackson shifts on the sofa and invites her to sit next to him. It's at this point that I can feel myself beginning to really get excited. My cock starting to twitch and stiffen in my trousers.

Sophie sits in the newly created space, making sure to rub her legs against Jackson's as she sits down. Almost sitting on his lap.

But she doesn't stay long. The second half has only just started when she makes her excuse. And much to my excitement she says "I don't really fancy it but you boys enjoy yourselves. If any of you get bored and want to come upstairs instead, you're more than welcome."

She gives a little grin to us all and leaves.

I'm watching the clock in the corner of the screen and not five minutes pass before Jackson announces that he needs to go to the bathroom.

He puts his beer down on the table and leaves the living room door open as he makes his way up the stairs. I can hardly breathe at that moment. There is silence. The talking and the laughing from the first half has disappeared. As if we're all waiting to see if Jackson is really going to do what we all think he is.

We can all tell from the sounds above us. Jackson never makes it to the bathroom. Instead, I hear my bedroom door open. I can't make out the words but we all hear the voices. Sophie speaks. Jackson speaks.

And then we hear the moans.

They're Jackson's moans that we hear first, conjuring images of my beautiful wife on her knees sucking his cock. Nothing else could make a man moan like that, I recognise it so well. I know exactly what she can do with her tongue.

It's not too long before I hear Sophie moaning too. Jackon's fingers or his own mouth returning the favour.

Gary and Mark can hear the moans too. They're looking at me. Not quite sure what they're supposed to say. I just give them a gentle shrug and a little smile. Do they know that I'm enjoying it? Perhaps its too early to tell.

As the game goes on, we soon hear a knocking. I know exactly what it is. Unmistakeable. It's the headboard of mine and Sophie's bed knocking against the bedroom wall. We can hear the springs of the mattress. At that moment I'm unsure whether it's just in my mind or whether I can really hear the sound of their bodies slamming into one another.

The moans, though, are unmistakeable.

Sophie is moaning so loud now that it would be impossible not to hear. Over and over again. If there was even the slightest doubt before, there can only be certainty as to what is happening above us. Jackson, my best friend of fifteen years, is thrusting his cock into my wife.

Gary and Mark know it too.

With my own cock hardening in my pants, I glance at the crotches of my friends to see bulges growing there too. Mark has his hand on his lap, moving it slightly. He's stroking his cock to the sound of my wife moaning.

Sophie gets louder. Almost to the point of screaming. Jackson must really be hitting the spot.

When are the other two going to take the hint? Maybe they need a little encouragement.

Fuck. My heart is absolutely pounding in my chest, thumping my nerves away as I turn to my friends.

'You can go up too if you like,' I say.

Almost immediately, the room is vacated. Gary and Mark take the stairs together and I hear Jackson and Sophie welcome them in to the room.

I decide that I'll give them a few minutes without me, let them really get into the swing of things before I go and see what's happening. I love hearing Sophie get fucked. Sometimes I think listening to her is almost as hot as seeing her enjoying new cocks. She sounds incredible. Her screams soon become muffled as, I assume, she takes a fresh cock to the back of her throat.

It takes everything I have not to take my cock out and cum right then. But I can't. I have to be strong. I have to at least see her first.

As I climb the stairs I can hear everything clearer. Bodies slapping against one another. Sophie moaning and groaning. My friends moaning. I hear Gary call her a slut and I just know how much she would have liked that.

None of them even notice as I push the bedroom door open.

Sophie is sprawled on her back, Gary is almost sat on her face, his cock in her mouth. I can see her eyes are watering. As he takes his cock from her mouth I can see why. He's big. She's struggled to take it and its brought tears to her eyes. She looks beautiful.

Mark has Sophie's ankles in each hand and he's holding her legs up and spread wide while he thrusts into her. Jackson has his own cock in his hand and he's squeezing and slapping Sophie's tits with his free hand.

My wife has never looked hotter.

I can't believe it. Three of my best friends fucking my wife. Every single one of them getting the utmost pleasure from it. It's perfect.

I have to take out my cock at this point. I drop my trousers and move to stand beside Sophie, slowly stroking my cock.

As I reach the pillows I am just in time to see Gary spray his cum over Sophie's face. She has her mouth wide open. Some of it goes in her mouth, the majority of it seems to spurt over her face, over her forehead and into her hair. The bits that do go in her mouth she swallows.

Gary climbs off and is almost instantly replaced by Jackson. He thrusts his cock down Sophie's throat and she sucks on his cock as if she's not had one in her mouth for a long time, despite it being just a matter of seconds.

Mark is still thrusting his cock into her. He can't be far from cumming. I make eye contact with him as he thrusts deep into Sophie. He gives me a smile, like he can't believe his luck. I can't blame him. He lets out an animalistic groan as he nears his climax.

Jackson moans loudly. I instantly look back up top again and see cum dribbling from Sophie's mouth, running past her lips and down her cheek as Jackson pulls out and moves away. The odd drip of cum still spitting over Sophie's tits as he moves.

Then, Mark completes the set. He drops Sophie's legs and is about to pull out before Sophie hooks her legs around him and pulls him in tightly.

'Cum inside me,' she says.

And Mark obliges. His cock pulses inside of her, shooting his cum into my wife's pussy. Filling her up. Leaving something inside for me to remember what has happened tonight.

The four of us stand, looking at Sophie. My three best friends. One of them has cum on my wife's face, another in her mouth and one has had the pleasure of cumming inside my wife's pussy.

I have cum all over my hand while I watched.

Damn I hope it's not the last time this happens!

Football Cuck & Sophie

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