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Cuckolded on a Cruise Ship

By: Richie & Steph

Wife and the Cuckolding Lifestyle


I know this isn't the best story, but I had to share our real first time.

My wife and I have spent years talking about my cuckold fantasies. I honestly never thought we'd cross over into reality. We had a close call a while back, but the guy ghosted at the last minute. This really put her in the mindset of this is something that is only good in fantasy. I accepted that it just wasn't really meant to be. That was until the cruise we went on a couple weeks ago.

A little about my wife. She is definitely hotter than me and much more outgoing. I'm kind of reserved and shy while she is always open to meeting new people. She also loves to dance, but I have no rhythm, so I usually just watch her tear up the dance floor.

This brings us to the second night of our seven day cruise for my 40th birthday. My wife is 38. We decided to go to the club on the ship that night. We had been drinking a bit throughout the day, and she was really wanting to dance. We made our way down to the club.

I found my usual spot at the bar and watched her start to enjoy her night of dancing. She wore this tight little black dress with no panties which is very common for her. Not long after we were there, an older guy came up and started talking to her on the dance floor. I'd watched her dance with other men many times, so I didn't think much of it.

Their dancing quickly got closer and closer. It was pretty hot watching her enjoy herself with this guy. Then it all shifted. They were dancing close face to face, and he started kissing her. It kind of surprised me how quickly and passionately she kissed him back.

The dancing escalated to grinding on each other and making out the whole time. Watching her as her face flushed with desire was so hot. At one point, he went to get them another drink, and she burst texted me a question mark. I replied that she can do anything she wants.

Not long after he came back, I watched them dance and get more and more hands on. Then she threw her head back while dancing close to him. I knew the look on her face. He was definitely playing with her pussy.

He whispered something in her ear and she nodded. He grabbed her by the hand and led her off the dance floor. My mind was racing. I'd just watched my wife make out and get fingered by another man. Now she was gone. I quickly went back to our room to wait.

The waiting seemed like an eternity.

In truth, she was only gone about an hour. My mind raced. Moving from angst to intense arousal. How far would she take it with this guy.

When she walked in the door, it didn't take long to realize how far. She looked a mess. I was almost sure she'd fucked him. I sat on the edge of the bed as she walked over. She just took my hand and without saying a word placed it on her pussy.

Within seconds of touching her, I could feel his cum starting to leak out of her. I immediately had to reclaim her. The feeling of sliding my cock in her freshly fucked and cum filled pussy was the most amazing feeling.

I started fucking her.

Thinking of how she let him fuck and cum in her when though she isn't on bc. I didn't last long before I added my load to his. We laid there together. Cuddling. Both realizing that we had crossed that line.

We ended up hanging out with him a fair bit during the cruise and she definitely got more cum from him. I guess I'm officially a cuck now.


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