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I seem to have a pattern of being cuckolded in my life starting at the age of 19. I caught my first girlfriend in a car with a friend of hers from school. I was at home, expecting her because it was getting late, when I decided to check on her.

I knew they would be at a certain bar when her other friends there said she had just left. Walking back to my car I saw his car with two people in it from a distance. Sneaking up to it and because it was dark, I was able to get pretty close to the car.

They were making out when her head slid out of view and he was on the receiving end of a great blowjob. I just stood back and watched. When she raised up again they started necking. His hand was in her top and I imagine her hand was full of cock when they started taking off their clothes.

A little more kissing and then she climbed on him, and let me tell you when they started fucking, it was hot. I was hard watching her ride him like she rode me! It was fucking erotic. I left them when I knew they might be finishing and went back home and waited for her.

The next one at age 25 I caught also but she had, by then I later find out, been getting away with it for over a year! Mostly she would wait until I was out of town for work overnight and then arrange to meet him. This time however, she had told me her former college dorm mate was coming to their college town, about 70 miles away, and she and a bunch of their dorm friends were going to visit her, and she would stay all night with her because it would be too late to drive back all that way safely.

As it turned out I needed some important papers for a meeting early the next morning, and called the next morning early to ask where they were. Guess what! No friend staying there. So I called the friends home on the west coast to see where she was staying and she answered the phone! I woke her up. Bingo!

I am now currently 37 and married. Up until now she wasn't interested in the cuckold lifestyle at all but continued fantasy brought me to a moment last month that was truly exciting for us both. I had bought my wife one of those remote control butterflies and I waited weeks for the right evening.

I told her I was taking her out to eat and to wear something she felt sexy and hot in. Before we left, I gave her the present which she opened. Not 100% sure what it was, after explaining it to her, she put it on for the evening. You wear it like a pair of panties. I had the remote control and just tested it to make sure it worked and also to tease her a bit. She loved it. We went to a real nice resturant and I flipped the switch for short spurts when the waiter would come just to get her gitty.

I led the conversation to sex which always gets her going. After our meal which included a number of glasses of wine, we left. I suggested this strip club that has both guys and ladies taking it off. She had told me before that she didn't want to go to that place but she was in the mood tonight to see some other dicks so she happily went. After watching some of the dancers and talking, I learned which ones she liked.

I excused myself to get some more fresh glasses for our drinks when I saw one of the dancers head toward the bar. He was pretty well hung. I approached him and told him I wanted him to take her back in the corner and give her 3 straight table dances. I told him to pretend like he was fucking her and that I wanted her hotter than hell when he got through. I paid him with a tip in advance.

Shortly there after we made eye contact and I excused myself to the restroom. As soon as I left, he approached my wife and told her he wanted to dance for her and escorted her back towards this darker corner. As soon as he began to dance, I got close enough for the remote to work and turned it on. I left it on and watched unknowingly to her from a close enough distance.

She was having an incredible time keeping her composure but not when she came. She came twice that I could tell which turned the dancer on. The second orgasm she had was rather large. Her hips were even thrusting at his dick which was just inches away. She spread her legs to let him closer to her crotch, her eyes looked up at the ceiling as she bit her lips.

He was unaware of my secret butterfly plant so he was giving it his all to turn her on which worked beautifully. I returned to our table shortly before her and acted as if I had no idea where she had been. She thanked me knowing that I had set it all up and proceeded to fuck my brains out when we got home.

I plan on doing it again one day but somewhere new.






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