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My Wife is developing a Cum Fetish

By: Kassi & Mack

Wife and the Cuckolding Lifestyle


Since I have been with my wife, she has known about my fantasies of letting others join. Two years into the relationship we had sex in which she preceded to try and make me jealous. While it happened, I have never felt so hard and came so much in my life as I did when she told me about her scenarios with other men. It seems to be better to not watch.

Since then I feel like it's been such a pleasurable experience having it in my mind while we do it, thinking about what she told me. My wife was hesitant at first, afraid of making me jealous during sex while she told me about her scenarios that come with being a hot wife, but says the idea of me being mad and watching turns her on like never before. I love the idea of her sleeping with more than one man at a time too.

It's not about the humiliation, I just get turned seeing her body being used and I wanna see her enjoy herself and her body since I have been her first and only. She only worries about maybe losing worth or dignity if we do a mfm, gangbang or blow bang. But after some reassurance, and encouraging her to watch porn from those categories, she has worried less about that.

But now, she seems to be developing a cum fetish.

Let me provide some background on this. I have been with my wife for about 8 years, as we met in high school. I have been her first for everything, from kissing to full on sex. A while in to our relationship, there was an occasion when we had sex and she attempted to make me jealous by asking me to imagine me and another guy fucking her at the same time, and essentially being spit roasted (is what she meant.)

I had never felt my cock that hard in my life, the edging and feeling I got was so intense while I was in her and she was telling me that. It made me shoot a huge load. Anyways, she said she got turned on by the idea of me being mad while other men fuck her.

Since then we have spoken about it on many occasions because the scenarios she tells me about, about her being a hot wife make me really hard and make me shoot massive loads. It's not about wanting to do it for the humiliation again, but more about my wife's pleasure. I love the thought of her being fucked by someone else while I join in or just watch, the idea we both have is to start with a mfm, and progressively go to mfmm, blow bang or even gangbang, finishing with everyone cumming on her body. She loves that idea. I love it too, but really I just want her body to be put to use, especially her large tits.

My wife loves all of these ideas and plans, but she just worries about maybe losing self-worth. She tells me not to worry about my adequacy if we actually were to do it because I'm on the larger side with my dick. She just wants to be used, mostly as a cumslut.

She has a huge fetish involving being drenched in cum, especially on her face and body. It's just her weakness seeing my massive loads spur out and over her naked body. It's never enough though. She always wants more and more, not just my load. I encouraged her to watch blowbangs, mfm or bukkake videos to let her sort out what her fantasy really is, and also so she doesn't worry about losing self-worth.

She also claims it's not about the race of the guy or anything but I would rather see her with a bbc. I've noticed she likes watching any cum from any guy spur out. Although there's been times she didn't tell me she masturbated to dicks without telling me, when I asked her what specifically she liked from it, she said she just like the massive girth, the veins and the way it just came so much.

Once she saw a porn scene with 2 large men. And she told me she had never been so jealous because she wanted to be in her in that girl's place, between the two big cocks in her mouth.

I also want to see her get completely covered in cum. She's been a great wife and deserves it, and I don't mind her doing this because I have been the only person that she's ever done it with as well, so I want to make her happy.

Let's hope I can do it.

Kassi & Mack

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